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Best Water Filter for Well Water with Iron



Clean, fresh, iron-free water. That's what you'll get with the Iron Max.
Clean, fresh, iron-free water. That’s what you’ll get with the Iron Max.

Living outside of the city limits has its perks. Solitude, natural beauty, peace, and quiet. But it also means you may have a different setup when it comes to utilities. Such as well water. Some well water tastes pure as a melted snowflake on your tongue.

Other well water might have minerals in it that make it taste a little off. So a good filter is key. Here’s what I found out to help people who have a lot of iron in their well water. You can usually tell if there’s a lot of iron in your water because you’ll smell a metallic tang and even taste it. In most cases, the water is a little reddish.

The best filter for well water with iron? I like this one from Rain Dance Water Systems.

The Iron Max iron, manganese, sulfur odor, and sediment filter

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According to the folks at Rain Dance Water Systems, the Iron Max uses a revolutionary hybrid media for the filtration of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide gas, and suspended solids. The unique media structure allows for suspended solids filtration to be approximately 3-5 microns nominal while providing low-pressure loss, high service flow rates for your home and irrigation water, and extended contaminant capacity.

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But how does the Iron Max work?

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The Iron Max is installed on your water line after your well pump, but before the water gets to your faucets. Water flows through the filter and contaminants are removed. This pump comes with a timer that will periodically wash away the contaminants that have built up.

Make sure you have your well water tested. Here’s a preliminary test you can do yourself with a kit from Amazon. But you’ll want to get your water tested in a lab as well.

Maintenance free

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Most well water filters require some maintenance and usually even require a filter to be replaced after so long. This is where the Iron Max differs from other well water filters. There are no chemicals or salts to add and the filtration media only needs to be exchanged approximately every 8 to 10 years.

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Rust and stain prevention

Due to the Iron Max only requiring a PH level of 6.8, this makes the filter exceptional at preventing rusts and stains. The Iron Max does not use chemicals or media such as catalytic carbon, greensand, birm, or others like them. That fact also plays into the rust and stain prevention.

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Enjoy the taste and smell of your well water again.
Enjoy the taste and smell of your well water again.

Multiple uses

The Iron Max is primarily used for residential homes that get their water from a well. But it has other uses as well.

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The Iron Max system is capable of handling whole house iron filtration and stain prevention. The system can also take on high flow commercial applications, small and large-scale irrigation water purposes, and is the perfect system to provide reliable pretreatment for a variety of filters that may otherwise be fouled by iron, such as reverse osmosis systems and UV disinfection systems.

Combine the Iron Max with this reverse osmosis filtration system for the purest water from Amazon.

In other words, this is the filter that people put in place on their water line before their other, more specialized filters.

Reusable water

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With the Iron Max filtration system, there will be no wasted water. Since you don’t add chemicals or salts to the water, the backwash water (the water that periodically cleans out the contaminants) is basically the same water as the water from your well (just with a bit higher concentration of minerals like iron or manganese). So you can use the backwash water to water your plants or garden.

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Features and specifications

  • Maintenance free
  • Rust and stain prevention
  • Multiple uses
  • Reusable water
  • No chemicals used
  • Timer options
  • Self-cleaning
  • Space saving single tank
  • Designed for the whole house, irrigation, and light commercial water treatment
  • NSF certified components

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What customers are saying

Most of the consumers that have purchased the Iron Max water filter love how suddenly water without iron has stopped staining their basins and tubs. Some customers have reported that the Iron Max makes a huge difference in the color of their clothes after washing. The chemical-free feature is a huge hit with people too.

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Maintenance free is a big selling point. There’s enough to think about these days, without having to worry about your well filter every month.

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Who should buy this product?

If you’ve noticed a metallic taste (honestly it tastes a little like blood, which makes sense as blood contains a lot of iron) you may have a high concentration of iron in your water. While iron alone is not harmful (in fact, it’s a necessary element in our bodies) it does affect the taste and color of your water. Picking up one of these filters is a great way to get clean clear water.

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Who shouldn’t buy this product

The Iron Max functions best for people with well water. People on city water don’t need this, as municipal water supply arrives at your house already treated for these minerals. If you just want to improve the taste of your water, you’ll want something along the lines of a Brita Filter. Amazon sells a good one.

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Commonly asked questions

Some people are surprised that the Iron Max can work without chemicals. How does it do it?

The filtration material in the Iron Max System oxidizes and absorbs iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gas from your water and traps it within the filter. Then the backflow feature washes the collected sediment away. And you only have to think about the filter every 8-10 years.


With little to no negative buzz, the Iron Max has a lot going for it and seems like a great solution for people that have well water. Of course, the chemical-free aspect sets your mind at ease. Not to mention, the reusable water feature makes for less waste.

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