Product Reviews

Cast Iron

I have a little fetish for cast iron. I started with Lodge but then discovered the vintage stuff - Wagner is my favorite right now.  Click Here for more...

Knife Sets

Every kitchen needs a great set of knives. I like to build my collection one blade at a time, but there are dozens of great knife block sets on the market. Click here to read more...

Food Processors

A good food processor might be the most useful thing in the kitchen. We tested big ones, small ones, cheap and expensive... Click here to read more...

Knife Sharpeners

If you have a knife, you need to have a knife sharpener. A dull knife is bad news and should not be tolerated. Okay, that's just my opinion but still...keep your knives sharp! Click here to read more...

The Review Process

We have reviews on many different products. We test everything we can first-hand but sometimes we have to go on the experience of others. If we can't test the products with our own hands, we gather all the information we can and even analyze 100s of reviews by real owners.  

The Blog

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