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How Long Does Fruit-Infused Water Last?

Just about as refreshing as you can get.
Just about as refreshing as you can get.

Nothing says summer like fruit-infused water. It’s a delicious and fruity cold drink. Even better: it’s low-calorie and low-cost.

So you’re thinking of making some but are wondering how long that refreshing concoction is going to last.

The good news:

Fruit-infused water can last anywhere from a few days to about a week. It really depends on the fruit and herbs you’re using. If you notice the fruit is starting to look a little bad, it’s probably time to start fresh. Just remember to keep it in the fridge and always start with the freshest fruit possible.

Read on for more info about making and drinking fruit-infused water, some tips on keeping it good, and I’ll even share a few recipes!

Why it’s great

On a hot summer day, I often find myself reaching for a soda to quench my thirst and give me that sweet, sugary fix. But really, soda is expensive and not super great for you. Fruit-infused water can be similarly tasty, but without any of the negative sides of soda.

Fresh fruit and herbs are also often cheap and easy to come by in your average grocery store. You can rely on old favorites, or try whatever is on sale to really keep things interesting and cheap!

One of the best parts of buying ingredients for fruit infused water is you’re unlikely to go really wrong. You may find a new combination that isn’t your favorite, but you never know. Maybe that fresh pineapple you’ve been considering trying would be the perfect match for the mint you saw on sale! (No guarantee, I haven’t tried that combo myself…)

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How to make it

To make fruit infused water, all you have to do is combine various fruits and herbs in a pitcher, and pour water over them. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 2 hours. Leave it overnight if you want a stronger flavor.

You can also try “muddling” the ingredients. Essentially you gently mash the herbs and fruits with a spoon to release more of the flavor into the water. You don’t want to completely mash them up, you just want to bruise and bump them around the pitcher to release more flavor.

Cut your fruit on the right board. I found the best cutting boards here.

How to make fruit-infused water last longer

If you’re drinking a lot of your infusion, you can actually reuse the fruit. Let’s say you made a pitcher with blueberries, raspberries, and mint. You may drink the whole pitcher in two days but have the ingredients still. Feel free to make another pitcher! The fruit may need to soak a little longer to give the same amount of flavor, but it’s unlikely the fruit will have gone bad by then.

Monitor the freshness of your ingredients and treat them like any other fruit in the kitchen. Toss them out if they start going bad.

Keep in mind, they’ll last longer if you keep the pitcher in the fridge.

Lemon, lime... What combos will you try?
Lemon, lime… What combos will you try?

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Fruit-infused water recipes

If you’re ready to try making your own fruit-infused water, you may be looking for some ideas for where to start.

Remember, you can make as much or as little as you want, and can change the amount of each ingredient to fit your tastes. Try adding extra fruit if you’re looking for something very sweet, or maybe just a little extra rosemary if you’re hoping for an earthy, herby flavor.

You can even try making it with seltzer water. You’ll have a carbonated, refreshing drink that will really help you kick that soda habit.

Here are some flavor combinations to help spark your fruit infused water creativity.

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Watermelon and mint

Try a few cubes of watermelon with some mint leaves. This is great if you’re making a lot because 1 watermelon can provide a ton of flavor.

Lemon and raspberry

Give this a try for a much less sugary lemonade taste! Most people know that adding lemon to water can be a tasty addition, but adding more fruit just makes it better.

Citrus and cilantro

Now here’s one you may not have thought of before. Get creative with your herbs and spice things up!

Mason jars are a great way to drink your infusions. I picked my favorites here.

Blueberry and lavender

Another creative mix, try an edible flower (make sure you research to confirm it’s edible) in the mix and see what new flavors that bring forward!

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Strawberry, lime, and cucumber

You can add as many ingredients as you want. Try cucumber for that fresh, cool, summery flavor.

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Making fruit-infused water is such a fun, affordable way to get you to drink more water, and love being in the kitchen.

Now you have some ideas, it’s your time to get out there and start making yourself some delicious, healthy, fruit-infused water. Get creative, and have fun!

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