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Best Lunch Containers for Adults



lunch containers for all your snacks and goodies.
Get the right lunch containers for all your snacks and goodies.

Lunch is the time of day that everyone looks forward to, but according to USA TODAY, “lunch hour in America is on the endangered list.” It makes sense I guess – we only spend so many hours out of the day at work, and we need to be as productive as possible during those hours.

My favorite lunch box at Amazon.

In most cities, leaving the workplace and getting a good meal is nearly impossible in the afternoon. That is why so many people in today’s workplace are beginning to bring their lunch from home.

That means finding a lunch box that won’t just fit the food you are bringing with you, but one that makes a statement, and lets everyone in the office know: THIS IS MY LUNCH – DO NOT TOUCH.

Because who wants to bring basic brown paper bags, or plastic containers with sauce stains from the spaghetti you cooked last Wednesday?

For that reason, I have scoured the internet looking for some of the most unique and coolest lunchboxes around. These aren’t your kid’s superman or Princess Jasmine lunch boxes either.

But if you happen to be looking for a kids’ lunch box too, this post goes over my suggestions.

These lunch boxes are pure, unadulterated AWESOMENESS.

The Marlowe Lunch Bag

Remember the “boring, basic, brown paper bags” I spoke about earlier? This is a clever adaptation of that idea without the boring and basic aspects. The Marlowe Lunch Bag is a “hipster” lunch bag, if I have ever seen one.

It is a reusable 15 ounce waxed duck canvas lunch bag. It has an exterior pocket for….maybe ketchup packets? I’m not sure, but it’ll probably come in handy. There are eight different color options, and it is available with organic leather monogrammed tags.

Because it is made of waxed canvas, you can write a message on it, wipe it off, and write another one the next day, which is a pretty unique feature.

Want to see the Marlowe lunch bag? Find it at Amazon.

Should you get the Marlowe?

This is an awesome idea, and I think it’s one that will catch on. If you want to be the one to set the trend in your office, you should probably pick this up before it gets too popular. They look beautiful, are incredibly durable, and aren’t over the top. Just a simple design that works.

Yumbox Tapas 4 compartment bento lunch box

The Yumbox is a much nicer version of the four compartment plastic containers that you get at the grocery store. It is leak proof, so you can pack foods like yogurt or ranch dressing in it without having to worry about it spilling out of the container or bleeding into one of the other compartments.

There is an “easy open latch” (the days of struggling to open your lunch containers are gone), and a removable clear tray. The compartments allow those picky eaters to combine different types of food and they won’t spill over and blend.

See this lunch box at Amazon.

The box is made of plastic that is BPA free and phthalates free, meaning it is safe for prolonged contact with your food. It is dishwasher safe, although they recommend keeping it on the top rack only. You should wash the outer shell by hand, so the silicone seal does not go bad.

Should you get the Yumbox?

The Yumbox is good for those who don’t pack very large lunches. If you typically only have a sandwich and maybe some fruits or vegetables, then you’ll be pleased with this lunch box.

If you’re looking for a lunch box specifically for the purpose of keeping your meal cold, check these out.

It looks okay. It is compact, and it keeps the food well presented. But, I’m not sure it is something that I would carry around because it looks a bit “cartoonish” to me (the bright colors is what turns me away), but maybe if you have a more colorful and bubbly personality, then this is a lunch box that would fit your personality nicely.

If you want to compartmentalize your meal, make sure your lunch box comes with containers that fit perfectly inside.
If you want to compartmentalize your meal, make sure your lunch box comes with containers that fit perfectly inside.

JapanBargain Sakura Lunch Bento Box

I first saw one of these lunch boxes when I was watching a Korean Drama show, and I thought it was one of the coolest ideas for a lunch tote that I had ever seen. This is guaranteed to be completely different than any lunchbox that anybody in your office has (and being different and original is what this whole article is about).

If you’re looking for awesome chopsticks to go along with your bento box, look no further.

It looks like a game (to me) more than it looks like a lunch box, and that is why I like it so much. It has three containers that can hold significantly more food than it looks like it can.

There are three compartments in this lunch box, and it comes complete with a carrying frame and chopsticks. It is great for anybody who enjoys sushi rolls, rice, or kimchi and dumplings (basically any cuisine that comes in small portions but is packed with nutrients).

Find this lunch bento box at Amazon.

Fill it up with rice on the bottom and put some sushi rolls in the middle, and fresh fruits in the top and you have a full meal that won’t leave you hungry, but also won’t result in a midday crash.

Should you get this box?

If you’re a man… Maybe not. Again, I love the idea, and my fiance loves the lunch box, but it is not for me. However, if it had some other design instead of flowers, I would get this. If you do choose to get it, remember that it is not leak proof, so you should be aware of where and how you set it down.

When you get it, don’t be alarmed by the seemingly small size of the boxes. If you use it for the types of food it is meant for, you will have more than enough to eat for the day.

Wrap – Up

Whether we are trying to save money, eat healthier, or just don’t have the time to go out and buy lunch during the work day, bringing lunch to work is something that more and more of us are beginning to do.

If you’re a meal prep kind of person, check out these awesome scales to measure your food.

Don’t be the guy or gal going to the office with a plastic Kroger bag and a Ziploc bag full of chips with a sandwich. Get yourself a nice lunch box that shows some personality, and if you like Asian Cuisine, get the Sakura Lunch Bento.

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