Best Food Scale for Meal Prep

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New scales might not look as cool as these, but they are much more accurate.

New scales might not look as cool as these, but they are much more accurate. The Ozeri Touch Scale on Amazon

Food scales are a great addition to your kitchen appliance arsenal. They help with weight control in terms of measuring portion size, calorie counting and meal prep.

In a rush? I like the Ozeri Touch II Digital scale. 

They are also great tools for cooking and baking in terms of proper measurement of ingredients, as well as waste reduction. Below are several different popular food scales with a wide variety of features to make meal prep easy and accurate. Find the one that suits your unique cooking style and preferences!

Nourish Digital Scale

The Nourish digital scale is one of the most comprehensive food scales you can find on the market.

Tells you more than just weight

It has the regular weighing features of a typical food scale, but on top of that, this model comes pre-programmed with nutrition facts for up to 2,000 food items. This makes it easy to track and potentially cut back on factors like fat, sodium, carbs, etc.

Look at the Nourish Digital Scale here on Amazon. 

Add your own entries

In addition to this extra information, the Nourish Digital Scale also lets you customize up to 99 extra nutrition entries. If there’s an ingredient you use that’s not one of the pre-programmed items, program a new item once and it’ll remember the nutrition facts for next time .

Etekcity Multifunction Kitchen Scale

The multifunctionality and special features of the Etekcity scale make it worth the price.

Here’s the Etekcity on Amazon. 

Removable bowl

For meal prep purposes, the Etekcity has a removable bowl that is great for measuring both dry and liquid foods and ingredients for your recipes. This removable bowl feature also makes cleaning a breeze.

Unique extras (like a kitchen timer)

It has precise digital weight sensors and an LCD screen with large font, as well as a stainless steel finish which ensures durability. The Etekcity also comes with a built in temperature sensor to tell you how hot it is in your kitchen (good to know when baking) and a kitchen timer. I don’t know about you, but when I’m making a big meal, I always seem to need one more timer.

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On the large side

One of the only drawbacks of this model is its size. It takes up a decent amount of counter space, and although the bowl is removable and that can remedy this issue to a point, finding storage may still be an issue.

Drop Scale Connected Kitchen

Drop Kitchen offers you one of the most innovative features of the bunch.

See the Drop Scale Connected Kitchen on Amazon. 

Bluetooth connectivity

It has a bluetooth connected app that gives you hundreds of cooking tutorials, recipes, visual guides, and more. It also tracks the progress of your recipe with a hands free option, using the sensors and weight of the scale.

Phone & app required

The only catch with the Drop is that there’s no display on the scale itself, so your phone and the app is required for use.

Kitchen scales have come a long way. This one is not bluetooth connected.

Kitchen scales have come a long way. This one is not bluetooth connected.

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Ozeri Touch II Digital Scale

This white (or red or aqua), minimalist scale is one of the most accurate available.

Head to Amazon to see the Ozeri II scale.

Accuracy and capacity

Its sensors measure the weight of the food or ingredients down to a twentieth of an ounce. On top of that, it can handle up to 18 pounds. It has an automatic shut off feature, saving you on battery life, and also features a backlit screen.

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Food safety feature

One of the unique features of the Ozeri is also its emphasis on cleanliness. It has antimicrobial agents built right into the scale itself that stays on and keeps working  even if you scrub it clean. This prevents bacteria from building up and ensures freshness and protection for your food.

Salter Bamboo Kitchen Scale

The Salter bamboo kitchen scale is all about clever convenience. It looks like a regular, high quality bamboo cutting board, but a sneaky display slides right out from underneath, showing the weight of the ingredients on the cutting board. Chop up your ingredients and weigh them in one easy step! It also holds up to 11 pounds, so it can handle basically all of your meal prep projects.

See the Salter scale on Amazon. 

AccuWeight Digital Scale

As the most affordable option on the list, the AccuWeight  is a simple scale that will measure accurately. With a standard digital display, an automatic shut off feature, and an 11 pound capacity, you get a lot of bang for not so much of a buck with this handy food scale.

Check out the AccuWeight scale on Amazon.

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