It’s hard to stay comfortable in the winter months, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Whether you work a job that requires you to be outside for several hours at a time, or you enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and any other outdoor hobby, one thing is sure. I like this THERMOS Stainless one [...]

When moving into a new home, putting in new cabinetry, or simply trying to dress up your kitchen, you may want to seriously consider putting down shelf liner in order to prolong the life of your cabinets. The type of liner that is correct for you is dependent on what you are using it for. [...]

Keeping your beverages cold is essential in the summer’s scorching hot weather. If you have ever been nearly dying of thirst so badly that you found the nearest water bottle and dumped the water into your mouth as fast as possible, only to realize the water had reached a temperature so high your body rejected [...]

Yogurt is easily one of the healthiest snack options that you can eat. It is packed with protein (great for those who count their macros), usually low in sugar, and rich in healthy fats. My choice? Spirit’s digital thermometer on Amazon. Because of that, it is no wonder that yogurt has become such a popular snack [...]

Ice is the most basic need for almost any drink that you enjoy. It takes your drink from moderately cold to frigid temperatures almost immediately, and it keeps your beverage cooler for longer. My choice? Midea ice maker at Amazon. Unfortunately, the only times that we realize how important ice is to our drinking experience is [...]

Growing up, my grandfather used to make fudge every time we visited him. To this day, fudge (of any variety) is one of my all-time favorite snacks because of that. Now that I am an adult, I make this delicious treat at least once a month. My choice? Mauviel pot here on Amazon. If you too [...]

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