Knife Sharpeners

A sharp blade is critical for the performance of your knife and your safety. This applies to any type of knife – chef’s, paring, pocket, survival, switchblade, or even a machete. Click here to see our full, comprehensive guide to choosing the best knife sharpener for your needs.

Cast Iron

One of the main reasons why people choose a cast iron skillet for cooking is because cast iron cookware can be used for almost anything. Click here to learn more about cast iron.

Best Knife to Carve Prime Rib

When it comes to kitchen tools, there is only one that needs to be as good as you can afford, and that’s your “go-to” knife. You may have a substantial knife collection filling up a drawer, or a nice set in a block, but you almost certainly have a favorite. I’m talking about the knife [...]

Best Electric Knife for Cleaning Fish

Everyone loves a new gadget in the kitchen, and most people like a nice fillet of fish, so using a new electric knife to clean a freshly-caught salmon or flounder sounds like a good way to spend some time in kitchen. If you don’t usually clean your own fish, consider this: getting up close and [...]

What’s the Best Seasoning for Steak

Many of us love steak, but it isn’t something we get to eat every day (sadly). Steak is a special dish that should be treated with great respect. A global favorite, it’s a meat that can be prepared in many ways to suit any beef lover’s palate. Whether fried, grilled, or barbecued, it’s going to [...]

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