Keeping your kitchen clean and organized can be a challenge, especially if you have a large family for whom you cook regularly. The kitchen is the social hub of any household. Meals are cooked, served, and consumed in the kitchen. All this activity can leave you with quite the mess on your hands. We’re all [...]

Many of us have families that include a special, furry friend. We adopt them, love them, and think of them as as one of our own. We learn to appreciate their unique personalities, and we also learn to develop those personalities. Like children, our dogs need discipline every now and then. They’re not perfect, just [...]

Non-stick pans are a staple of any kitchen. We simply can’t cook without them. A non-stick frying pan is coated with a thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This coating allows food to brown on the surface of the pan without adhering to it. This means we can use less oil and not worry about ruining the [...]

When we buy lettuce, it needs to be consumed quickly. We somehow never manage to use it all before it wilts. Plus, when you’re looking for a quick snack, chopping up and washing lettuce can be a real pain. You might be inclined to make a salad with it, but not have time to get [...]

Have you joined the ranks of the health-conscious and started blending up healthy juices and smoothies? If you haven’t, this is the perfect time to start! Blending your own smoothies with fresh fruits is a great way to start the morning. Vegetable juices make for tasty, nutrient-dense snacks. The container into which you pour your [...]

The conventional way of cutting a watermelon is to cut it horizontally in half, then cut the halves into wedges. Alternatively, you can simply slice the melon into disks and cut off the thick rind. Either method leaves you with a few large pieces that are messy and awkward to eat. If you’re going to [...]

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