Knife Sharpeners

A sharp blade is critical for the performance of your knife and your safety. This applies to any type of knife – chef’s, paring, pocket, survival, switchblade, or even a machete. Click here to see our full, comprehensive guide to choosing the best knife sharpener for your needs.

Cast Iron

One of the main reasons why people choose a cast iron skillet for cooking is because cast iron cookware can be used for almost anything. Click here to learn more about cast iron.

15 Degree Knife Sharpener

shun-chefs-knife-760 copy

  As most serious chefs and knife enthusiasts are aware, there is a big distinction between the edges of Western knives as opposed to Japanese knives. Western-style knives are sharpened to a 20 degree angle, whereas Japanese knives are sharpened to a steeper 15 degree angle. Expand your knowledge on the importance and variety of [...]

What is the Best chef knife for under $100

The chef’s knife is a chef’s most crucial tool. Consider how much time this tool spends in your hand. A proper knife can mean the difference between an enjoyable cooking experience and an unpleasant struggle. Many chefs recommend purchasing the best knife you can afford, however, this is vague and often confusing. What makes a great [...]

5 Best Chef Knives for under $150 post image

5 Best Chef Knives for under $150

Looking for the best chefs knives under about $150? You are in the right place. The great part about this price range is that basically ALL of the knives are pretty darn good. They have high quality, hard stainless steel and are made by well known brands. You can't go wrong... Finding the right chef’s [...]

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