In recent years, nut milks such as almond, coconut, and cashew have become undeniably more popular among consumers. While nut milks have always been a good alternative for vegans and people with lactose intolerance, they also offer many additional health benefits. Almond milk, for example, has 50% less calories than cow’s milk, as well as [...]

A tiled kitchen is a homemaker’s dream. They’re aesthetically beautiful and ergonomically functional. Spills will become a minor clean up job. And you’ll never worry about staining the carpet again. Because of their durability and all-around easy maintenance, tiled kitchen floors have only increased in popularity. What’s best about tiled kitchen floors is that they [...]

Despite its relative obscurity in the 21st century, kefir has been consumed for hundreds of years. In fact, a legend exists among the people of the Caucasian Mountains that Mohammed first gave kefir grains to the Orthodox people and taught them how to use those grains to make kefir. According to the legend, if the [...]

With the summer coming to an end, you’ve had a ton of time to get out there and catch the big one. When it’s time to get that fish on the fire, trying to figure out what to cook it on its its own challenge. Grill baskets are the perfect answer. There are a ton [...]

The mixing bowl is one of those “must have” kitchen items. It’s their versatility that is probably their greatest asset. From cakes to mayonnaise, there’s really not much they can’t do! Obviously, the requirements you have for the bowl will affect which bowl you buy. Do you want nesting bowls to reduce space? Do they [...]

A cookie press is a cylindrical tool with a plunger on one end and a hole on the other. The plunger pushes cookie dough out from the hole. At the end with the hole, various interchangeable perforated plates with different shaped openings can be attached. This is so that the dough is pushed out in [...]

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