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3 Techniques to Master to Use Honing Steel Like a Pro

Many people often mistake honing with sharpening and it is easy to see why. Sometimes, the words “honing” and “sharpening” are used interchangeably. Unfortunately, this also means that some people are using the wrong process (sharpening), when their knives actually need to be honed. There’s a distinct difference between sharpening a knife and honing it. … Read more

Dishwashers and Knives: The Never Again Story

five knives lined up in order of size on black countertop

Let’s be honest: dishwashers are lifesavers in these modern times. They allow us to say goodbye to the tiresome chore of hand-washing dishes and pots and pans, buying us some time to accomplish other needful tasks. Every homeowner is thankful for their dishwasher’s existence, in one way or another. On the other hand, good knives … Read more

The 10 Best Vegetable Knives [2021 In-Depth Review]

​A vegetable knife can be a good investment, so you need to know your options when choosing the best knife for cutting vegetables for you. With so many choices available in the market, it is understandably hard to pick the best one for your needs.  It becomes even more complicated to choose because vegetables come … Read more

7 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Use A Knife

Does your little chef like to help you out in the kitchen? If your child is your sous chef in the kitchen, you need to teach them how to use the knife safely. Even if your child has no interest in cooking, a quick lesson on how to use a knife properly is still necessary. … Read more

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners [Updated 2021]

Electric knife sharpeners have the advantage of speed due to the automation of the grinding, usually 1 to 2 minutes from start to finish. If the knife just needs a touch up, then the process may only take under 30 seconds! This is one of the reasons that electric knife sharpeners are ideal for kitchen cutlery applications, even gourmet cutlery made with very high quality metal.

Know Your Knives (infographic)

As you know, here at The Kitchen Professor, we are all about the right tools – especially when it comes to chef knives. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, knowing what’s the right knife for the right task is an important skill, affecting flavor, mouth feel and the results of your hours … Read more

Best Cheese Knife in the World

Cheese is easily one of America’s favorite foods. From cheeseburgers to lasagna, no matter which way you slice it, there is no denying that when it comes to food, our motto is the cheesier, the better. Wanna cut to the chase? The best in the world is the Cheese Knife cheese knife.  But some of … Read more

Best Electric Knife for Cutting Bread

Best Electric Knife for Cutting Bread

  Looking for the best electric bread knife? You’re in the right place! For the industrial kitchen, bread slicers are nothing new. Large machines exist in bakeries around the world to turn a full sized loaf of rye into perfectly even deli slices in one fell swoop. You can see my favorite pick of electric … Read more

Best Knife for Cutting Ribs

    When preparing ribs (especially for competition ribs), you are going to want to square off the ribs. But what does that actually mean? Just the facts? Victorinox Fibrox Pro from Amazon is my pick.  Squaring ribs is just what it sounds like, you turn your spare ribs from an odd looking, somewhat oval … Read more

Best Electric Carving Knife for Brisket

sliced brisket on cutting board surrounded by herbs and other ingredients

    Cutting your food properly after it has been cooked is an art form, and if you want to perfect that art form, you are going to need a knife that is capable of handling the job. My favorite? The Cuisinart electric knife at Amazon. There are many different knives that you can choose from … Read more

Best Knife To Cut Cooked Chicken

    Not all knives are made to do the same thing. If you really care about cooking and perfecting a recipe, you need to cut your meats with an adequate knife. My favorite knife for cooked chicken? Victorinox – Find it at Amazon Cooked chicken is no exception. For this, you’ll need a knife … Read more

Best Carving Knife for Brisket

Growing up in a 1/2 Jewish household, I don’t recall much red meat being served. Except for my mother’s brief fling with vegetarianism, poultry and fish were the primary proteins on our plates. My favorite? I picked the Victorinox Fibrox Pro from Amazon.  However, usually around the high holidays (Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, and Passover) … Read more

Best Knife For Trimming Brisket

You made a perfect brisket. Trim it with the right knife.

Trimming your brisket is an extremely important step toward creating a delectable piece of meat. The way that you trim and slice your brisket actually has a big influence on the final taste of it. Considering how long it takes to prepare and cook your brisket, it doesn’t make sense to ruin it right at … Read more

Best Knives for BBQ Competition

    Like most other refined crafts, there is a market for competitive barbecuing of various meats. Brisket, chicken, and ribs all have a lengthy history of stylistic variations in their barbecue. It makes sense that those who are particularly invested in barbecue would seek recognition for their innovation and craftsmanship. Check out my favorite … Read more

Best Knife for Trimming Meat

pile of eight knives on black background

  The right knife is important. You don’t use a bread knife to slice an onion. You don’t cut dinner rolls with a paring knife. So what’s the right knife for trimming meat? Cut to the chase: I like the WALLOP Boning Knife.  Often times, people will buy an entire set of knives and only … Read more

Best Knife to Cut Whole Chicken

    I love chicken because it is so versatile. Eventually, though, purchasing pounds of chicken breasts, chicken legs or any other body part of a chicken gets very expensive over time. My remedy… Buy chickens whole and butcher them myself. And it is actually much easier than you would think. All you need is … Read more

Best Butcher Knife For The Money

    For a chef, your sidekick is your chef’s knife, but for a grill master, your sidekick becomes a butcher knife. Some might think they are the same knife, but actually, they are different in size, weight, and shape. Spoiler alert! My pick is the F. Dick Butcher Knife from Amazon. Curved blade A … Read more

Best Santoku Knife for the Money

    Santoku knives are a type of general purpose knife from Japan. The word “santoku”roughly translates to “three virtues” or “three uses” in English, which is a reference to the knife’s three main purposes of slicing, dicing, and mincing. These are the three main tasks the Santoku performs particularly well. Here is my favorite … Read more

What’s the Best Honing Steel for Global Knives

You must have heard of honing steels before, but if you haven’t, they are also known as, well, steels. I have visited a lot of homes and almost all of them have one stashed away in their knife block or kitchen cupboard. In case you forgot how it looks like, it is a metal rod … Read more

Best Electric Knife for Cleaning Fish

    Everyone loves a new gadget in the kitchen, and most people like a nice fillet of fish, so using a new electric knife to clean a freshly-caught salmon or flounder sounds like a good way to spend some time in kitchen. Why should I clean my own fish? If you don’t usually clean … Read more

Best Knife to Carve Prime Rib

man's hands using knife and fork to cut prime rib

    When it comes to kitchen tools, there is only one that needs to be as good as you can afford, and that’s your “go-to” knife. You may have a substantial knife collection filling up a drawer, or a nice set in a block, but you almost certainly have a favorite. I’m talking about … Read more

What Are the Best Kitchen Shears?

black kitchen shears in front of raw chicken on white background

One of the best tools I have for my kitchen are my kitchen shears. A good pair of shears can cut cleanly through almost anything, including meat, gristle, and bone. If you have a garden, you can even use them to cut and de-thorn flowers. The pair I own is sharp enough to slice through … Read more

Best Honing Steel for Japanese Knives

Your kitchen knives are the most important tool in your kitchen. As such, it’s crucial to keep them in good condition. Like the saying goes, “a dull knife is a dangerous knife.” Steeling is an interesting method of knife sharpening. Unlike a conventional sharpening rod, which chisels the blunt from your knife to sharpen it, … Read more

15 Degree Knife Sharpener

As most serious chefs and knife enthusiasts are aware, there is a big distinction between the edges of Western knives as opposed to Japanese knives. Western-style knives are sharpened to a 20 degree angle, whereas Japanese knives are sharpened to a steeper 15 degree angle. Expand your knowledge on the importance and variety of knife … Read more

What is the Best Chef Knife for a Bargain

The knife is a chef’s most crucial tool. Consider how much time this tool spends in your hand.  Here’s my current favorite, the Okami Knives Chef’s Knife. It’s a bargain! 67 Layers of Damascus, VG10 Stainless Steel. See the latest prices at Amazon.  Why? It’s not a big name brand but it has better steel than … Read more

5 Best Chef Knives (without breaking the bank)

What is my primary chef’s knife? The Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife with Scallops (Amazon) and it a sweet blade… I really like it because it fits my hand & grip perfectly. It is due to the unique handle, so when I rock the knife to chop or slice the back of the blade will … Read more

What’s the Best Knife Set? [The ULTIMATE Guide]

Looking for THE Best Knife Set? If so, you’re in the right place!  Check out my favorite on Amazon. It’s clear that you can save a great deal by purchasing a knife set over purchasing individual knives. However, with all of the choices available today it can be tough to know where to begin. A … Read more

Chef’s Choice 120 vs 130

This is the Chef’s Choice M130 from Amazon, a premium model. But how different is the M120?? If you’re reading this, you’re most likely in the market for an electric knife sharpener and you narrowed it down to the Chef’s Choice 120 vs 130. When it comes to electric knife sharpeners, Chef’s Choice is my … Read more

5 Best Kitchen Knife Sets

Money is always tight, but having dull kitchen knives can make your cooking life miserable.  I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I can’t get a solid slice out of a tomato, or end up crushing that delicious peach because you’re knife just can’t cut it (see what I did there?!). I’ve … Read more

AccuSharp 015C Scissor Sharpener Multipack

The AccuSharp 015C Scissor Sharpener Multipack has you covered as it combines 3 of AccuSharp’s most popular items in one package, an exclusive for Amazon only to be found at Amazon.

Our Kapoosh Knife Block Review: Comprehensive Guide to Their Blocks

five knives on black background in order of length

ARY markets its products under to brand names, Kapoosh and Vacmaster. One of the newest is the Ary Kapoosh Batonnet Knife Block. This is a unique knife block that lets you mix and match different sets of kitchen knives to practically store your knives, or any utensil, easily.

Review: M.O.C. Board Magnetic Knife Strip

Knife storage is a critical point when you consider ways to keep your knife sharp. Why? If you store your knives in a drawer (like I used to), then you are subjecting your precious knives to a harsh environment where they can become damaged. Knives in a drawer are bumped into by other utensils, other knives, and anything else that is in the drawer.

The Honing Steel or Sharpening Steel

The sharpening steel is also called a sharpening stick, sharpening rod, butcher’s steel, chef’s steel, and honing steel. But, the word “sharpening” is inaccurately used for this item. Honing steel or honing rod is a more accurate description. But what is it to hone a knife?

Totally Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Block Review

Totally Bamboo was launched and quickly became the première manufacturer of bamboo products. Today we’ll be taking a look at the in-drawer knife block, a wonderful gadget that lies right inside your kitchen drawer and frees up your precious counter space.

Best Survival Knife Sharpener

When you’re in a survival situation or even just a camping trip, you might need to touch up or even sharpen your knife. One of the keys here is portability and the ability to operate without electricity. You will need something small that can still actually sharpen a blade, not just hone it.

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife

One of the handiest tools one can keep in their pocket (or purse for that matter) is a pocket knife. But, if you carry a pocket knife on a regular basis, it might be your most neglected knife since, if it is “out of sight, out of mind”, it is easy to forget.

KnifeDock: Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Block Review

KnifeDock offers a line of ingenious Bamboo knife storage systems that allow you to safely tuck away your entire collection of kitchen cutlery in a drawer, freeing up your valuable counter space.

How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife

Serrated knife is mainly used for slicing type cuts especially for slicing bread. Read this comprehensive guide to learn how you can sharpen a serrated knife.

The Top 5 Best Knife Sharpeners over $100

This table contains a list of the top 5 best knife sharpeners costing over $100 as reviewed by actual users, with consideration to the features, durability, and cost.

What is the Best Knife Sharpener For the Money?

Overview on Knife Sharpeners Eventually, it happens. Your once pristine set of steak knives have lost their surgical sharpness. Your kitchen scissors can no longer cut a penny the way the salesman showed you. The bottom line: it’s time to get a knife sharpener. Here is the definitive guide to knife sharpeners – it’s long, … Read more

Is My Knife Sharp

How To Tell if Your Knife Is Sharp Ask any professional chef or longtime cook what the most important tool is to have in the kitchen. Hands down the answer will be a quality, sharp knife. A hunter will come up with the same response, behind his rifle or bow of choice, of course. As … Read more

What is the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Global Knives

If you are reading this, you are probably the proud owner of a set of Global knives. All knives get dull and having a high quality sharpener is just as essential as having a Chef’s knife! Global knives are a serious investment that will last a lifetime with proper care. Check out all the Global … Read more

What is the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Japanese Knives?

Overview of Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Japanese Knives Anyone who has used both Japanese and western style cutlery will tell you that these types of knives each have a different character and feel. The edge of western style blades are sharpened at a 20º angle, while its Japanese style counterparts are sharpened to 15º. Learn more … Read more

What is the Best Home Knife Sharpener

To a degree, the best home knife sharpener is a matter of personal preference. It will depend on the types of knives you use, how often you sharpen them, and your budget. When I was selecting the best home knife sharpener, I considered two things: 1. Convenience If you cook as frequently as I do, … Read more

What’s the Best Knife Sharpener for Wusthof Knives?

Wusthof knives are not just any old set of knives. They are an investment. And you’re here today to find the best knife sharpener to protect your investment. Here’s my favorite knife sharpener for Wusthof knives at Amazon. If you’re on a knife’s edge trying to decide which sharpener is right for your Wusthof knives, … Read more

Best Knife Sharpener [updated 2021]

  Looking for a sharpener at a GREAT VALUE? Let’s look at the very best economic knife sharpener… If you’re wondering about what sharpener to get at a bargain price, you’re in the right place. I didn’t need one for a while but here’s what happened… Some years ago, when my wife and I were … Read more

Chef’s Choice M1520 vs Trizor – Sharpener Comparison

Should I get the Chef’s Choice M1520 vs Trizor? The features seem to be the same, right? Let’s take a deep look… Are you trying to figure out if you want the M1520 vs the Trizor? Yep, it’s not an easy decision. Any enthusiast knows sharpening knives is no game. When you finally decided to invest … Read more

What Is The Best Japanese Knife Sharpener

five knives lined up on black background

    No matter how careful you are with your Japanese knives, they dull over time. Anyone who has used both Japanese and western style cutlery will tell you that these types of knives each have a different character and feel. The edge of western style blades are sharpened at a 20º angle, while its … Read more

What is the Best Whetstone for Kitchen Knives?

If there’s one thing anyone who works with knives knows it’s that keeping knives sharp is just as important, if not more so than the quality of knife you have to begin with. Without a sharp knife, you can forget about finely chopping delicate foods, and anything that requires precision and accuracy is next to … Read more

Best Fillet Knife Sharpener

This guide provides the necessary information to make an educated decision about the best knife fillet sharpener for you. When you are cleaning fish and you need to have a safe, sharp knife, a convenient and fast knife sharpener is what you need.

Best Knife Sharpeners (that won’t break the bank)

A sharp blade is critical for the performance of your knife and your safety while using the knife. This applies to any type of knife – chef’s knife, paring knife, pocket knife, survival knife, switch blade, or even a machete. A sharp knife is important for safety since a dull knife blade requires more force to do the job than a sharp knife blade.

Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

This should be a subjective choice since each person’s needs will be a little different depending on their knives, interest in knives, interest in sharpening those knives, available budget for sharpening, and probably a couple other matters that are specific for each kitchen chef. Well, I will make a stand on this one and pick out my favorite sharpener for kitchen knives.

Sharpening a Kitchen Knife

A dull kitchen knife is extremely hazardous, which might be contrary to instinct, but, a dull knife requires greater force to use thus, can be more prone to slippage and accidents. Learn how to sharpen your knives so you can be safe and will not have to rely on sending your knives to a professional knife sharpener.

Best Hunting Knife Sharpener

A knife is one of the most important tools that you can carry out on a hunt. Click here now to learn about how to pick the best hunting knife sharpener.

Chicago Cutlery Magnetic Knife Storage Strip Review

In 1969 Chicago Cutlery finally entered the retail market with a brand new line of cutlery. Today, they remain a well known and one of the most trusted names in the cutlery business. The focus of this review is their magnetic knife storage strip.

Henckels Knife Block Sets: With or Without Knives? We Pick

eight knives piled on black table

The Henckels knife storage block is one piece of fine wood that can fit in any kitchen. It would not require a specific place to put it, but it would be best to place it in areas where you can easily access it especially when you prepare your meals, but could not be easily reached by small hands.

A Guide to Knife Sharpening Angles

The average household knife block or drawer is filled with an assortment of knives with different sized and edged blades designed for various cutting tasks. Over the years, each culinary culture has implemented their own designs for knives to suit the functions of their individual cooking needs. The blades on knives like cleavers and large chef’s knives are thicker and heavier and made to cut through bone, tough meat, and fruits and vegetables with thick rinds.

Best Electric Knife

Our choice for the best electric knife is the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife. Cuisinart is one of the premier companies manufacturing high end kitchen appliances and have been a fixture in the American kitchen since 1972 when they introduced their food processor.

The Definitive Guide to Knife Edges

Kitchen knives are easily one of the most commonly used tools on the planet. They are simple, yet used for a variety of culinary tasks on a daily basis. But the very cutting edge that we rely on—and the source of the knife’s power–is nearly invisible to the unaided eye, a reason why we seem … Read more