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Best Electric Knife for Cutting Bread



Best Electric Knife for Cutting Bread
Electric knives make slicing picture perfect bread easier than ever before!

Looking for the best electric bread knife? You’re in the right place.

For the industrial kitchen, bread slicers are nothing new.

Large machines exist in bakeries around the world to turn a full sized loaf of rye into perfectly even deli slices in one fell swoop.

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In fact, the basic electric knife dates all the way back to 1939. This original model featured a knife blade with a ‘motor mounted therein,’ not too unlike today’s models.

Although, today’s models are more pleasing to the eye. And much easier to handle too!

In the postwar kitchen, housewives reveled in the new technology, facilitating the easier preparation of sandwiches.

From the cutting of the meat to the slicing of the bread; the electric knife had a place in every kitchen.

However, the honeymoon phase for the electric knife rapidly ended when the masses began discovering the extra inconveniences that this newfangled ‘convenience’ introduced to their lives.

Serious injuries, rusted blades, and malfunctioning electronics led to a return of the traditional knife, much to the pleasure of established cutlery brands of yesteryear.

Until fairly recently, the electric knife market has existed quietly, maintaining a place mostly among gadget-lovers and meat-carvers (although many would still use traditional slicing knives to carve meat).

Best Electric Knife for Cutting BreadPictureWhy We Like It
1. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife Cuisinart Electric KnifeThis model comes with an extra meat blade (depending on version) and a nifty wooden storage panel.
2. Black and Decker EK700 Electric Knife BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife, Black,This relatively expensive option’s serrated blade cuts through meat as well as bread.
3. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife, BlackIt’s dishwasher safe and the blade is stainless steel.

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

basket of bread on table
With an electric knife, you can slice through bread like a hot knife through butter.

As minimalist tendencies have been on the rise, so too have all things gadget-y.

With electronic innovation having reached a zenith of development, the former bugs of yesterday’s gizmos are consistently driven away.

Electric knives offer more control and greater accuracy than their conventional counterparts.

Unless you are a skilled chef or other food industry worker, you probably understand the drawbacks of uneven slices or even slices in your hand!

With the improved technology of electric knives, these setbacks can be avoided or at least reduced.

Of course, the increased power of the electric knife is a nice feature for many. Although bread is generally not too tough to cut.

Frozen loaves and other foods can present a serious struggle for the unassisted knife. For these reasons, it’s advisable that the serious cook considers investing in at least one electric knife.

Interestingly, many high-performance electric knives are still cheaper than equivalent traditional knives, which require sharpening.

Electric knives include replacement blades which can easily be found and purchased online. So you will always have the option of upgrading to a sharper, newer blade.

The Best Electric Knives for Slicing Bread

While there are many varieties, you’ll want to consider a few things first. Do you prefer the consistent, dependable power of a cord, or are you willing to risk power for the convenience of wireless?

Also, the included blades are an important factor. Some kits are merely for carving meat, and may not accommodate bread slicing.

Others offer a variety of blades. You must consider the tasks you regularly face before choosing the ideal electric knife.

The design of the handle is another important consideration. After all, it’s the part of the electric knife you will be touching most.

It should be comfortable, easy to clean, and able to keep your fingers safe.

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife may well be the new industry standard for electric knives. This is a corded model. Although the four-foot length should prevent most spatial limitations typically incurred by cords.

The included bread blade will be the proverbial hot knife through butter on any loaf, from the fluffiest white to the toughest levaines.

The ergonomically designed handle will fit comfortably, providing hours of easy cutting. Also included is a sleek wooden storage panel and (depending on the model), another stainless steel blade, designed for carving meat.

Black and Decker EK700 Electric Knife

For pure value in an electric bread-slicing knife, look no further than the Black and Decker EK700.

Its 9-inch offset stainless steel blades will effortlessly saw through the toughest loaves, leaving you with even and consistent slices.

The ergonomic handle promotes comfort and control. The included safety button prohibits use when switched on. This knife plugs straight into the nearest wall outlet, to supply limitless cutting power.

If you’re looking for fantastic cooking experience in the kitchen, then this tool is must have for you. Food preparation is the most vital thing, and you need this knife for you to make your delicious meal. It comes in different sizes and design and it can be challenging to choose the best that’ll suit your needs. However, if you know what you want to do with your bread or meat, then there should not be any problem. When you have this knife in your kitchen, you’ll never have to worry about cutting bread, meat or any other food you need to cut. The blade is very sharp which cuts through any meal with ease and precision. It requires less effort to cut through any ingredients in the kitchen.

It has a comfortable handle that allows the user to hold it firmly ensuring that it doesn’t fall off from your hand. It also offers comfort when using it, and your hand won’t numb when it holds the knife for an extended period. Besides, the handle is slip-free ensuring that it doesn’t slip when you hold it with wet hands

It comes with serrated blades that are long and perfect that cuts through the meat at ease. They are made of stainless steel material which is durable and resistant to corrosion.

The stainless steel doesn’t get stained easily after prolonged use. You can immerse it in a dishwasher without the worry of the knife getting damaged.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

For the best in cordless design, we return to the near-perfect kitchen engineering of Hamilton Beach. Their versatile electric knife offers a set of commercial grade stainless steel cutting blades, ready for any cutting task.

The adjustable slicing guide helps all users maintain the proper angle for consistent cuts.

A dedicated bread blade separates this delicate job from all other cutting jobs, which can be performed with the meat/ other food blades.

All included components fit nicely into a sleek carrying case along with a fork, making this electric knife as portable as it is effective.

This tool is both a time and life saver as it allows the user to cut various foods such as hard cheeses and steak quickly and efficiently. It’s a useful tool for cutting bread and other different delicate foods. Besides, it offers conveniences in cutting various foods, it’s also easy-to-use, clean and its compacts size ensures that it occupies small space. It has the following features;

This electric knife comes with a stainless steel blade that is serrated which is perfect for cutting bread along with also being able to cut through delicate foods. Since it’s stainless steel it’s also dishwasher safe and resistant to corrosion.

The ergonomic design on the handle lets you use it comfortably in either hand. It prevents the occurrence of an accident since it’s equipped with a safety locking system that ensures that you are safe when using it.

It comes with an elegant looking case that grips the handle and the blade perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a replacement blade for my electric knife or should I get a sharpener?

If your knife has serrated blade, you can take it to a professional sharpener to have it honed. If the motor is sounding normal, and the blade is dull, you can replace it with a new edge. An abnormal sound in the motor is a sign that there is a problem with the electronic components. You should remove the air on the lower side of the knife and avoid hitting hard bones. If you want to cut a hard bone, I would advise you to use a filleting knife.

What should I look for when purchasing an electric knife?

The electric knives come in various sizes and styles. The size and type you want will depend on the food you’ll frequently be cutting. If you’re going to cut fish, choose a small knife with a thin blade since it will slice the fish quickly. For turkey and animals with hard bones select a knife that has a long and durable blade. The longer the edge, the more comfortable and quicker it will cut the meat. Look for a knife that has a well-designed safety feature that will be difficult for the kids to use such as double or locking trigger. The electric knives available on the market have two different options of power; battery operated and electric. You can’t carry the electrically operated knives to picnic, but they are powerful compared to the battery operated. The battery operated blades are portable, and you don’t have to carry the cords. However, you need to recharge it after a few minutes of use.

How do I clean my electric knife?

The electric knives feature adjustable blades which let you disassemble it and wash it by hand. You can use warm water with mild soap. In most cases, the manufacturer does not recommend immersing it in a dishwasher, but you can consult to determine whether it’s possible. If you want to clean the motor unit and the handle, wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly

Do I need to sharpen my electric knife?

Mostly, the electric knives come with serrated blades and they tend to retain their sharpness for a longer period compared to other traditional blades. That is the main reason that some manufacturers don’t recommend sharpening them. However, some brands do recommend sharpening using a rod. I would advise you to consult your manufacturer to determine whether the sharpening is appropriate.

What safety measures should I take when using an electric knife?

I would advise you to ensure that the knife is wholly locked until when you’re ready to use it. Otherwise, it can accidentally turn on when you’re not ready to cut which can lead to serious injuries. As with the conventional knife, avoid keeping your fingers near to the blade.

What is the working principle of an electric knife?

The electric knives come with two serrated blades that are attached. When the user turns it on, the motor receives current thus resulting in the movement of the blade in lengthwise motion thus cutting through the food efficiently.

The Power Assisted Slice

With so many near-perfect electronic devices on the market, the time has come to reevaluate the positioning of the electric knife in today’s modern kitchen.

No longer just a nostalgic relic to kitchens past, the new generation of electric knives are ready to diligently serve you and your family with years of even, effortless slicing of bread, meat, and everything else you’d like to eat.

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