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What is the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Global Knives



If you are reading this, you are probably the proud owner of a set of Global knives.

All knives get dull and having a high quality sharpener is just as essential as having a Chef’s knife!

Global knives are a serious investment that will last a lifetime with proper care. They have some really great block sets at a fraction of the cost of buying the knives individually.

The cutting edge is set to the traditional Japanese angle of approximately 15º, meaning that while it is sharper than traditional western knives, it will need to be sharpened more often.

It’s important to use an appropriate knife sharpener to keep your knives at peak condition and prevent damaging their precision edge.

An Electric Sharpener is the best option for people that want to spend more time cutting, slicing, & chopping, and less time sharpening.

(For those of you who may not know, Global is a Japanese manufacturer of fine quality kitchen knives. They produce stainless steel kitchen knives with a hollow stainless steel handle – They look awesome and completely unique. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and very sharp.)

Let’s take a look at some points to consider when purchasing an electric sharpener for Global knives. And you can read more about Japanese sharpeners. If you are in a hurry, I personally prefer this one, Chef’s Choice 1520 from Amazon.

Considerations for selecting the best sharpener for Global knives

It is important to distinguish between the sharpening angles of Eastern and Western style knife edges. One way to do this is to get a dedicated sharpener for each type of blade.

Some sharpeners, however, such as the Chef’s Choice 1520 (my full review of the M1520), let you sharpen at 15º and 20º, and can work for both types of knives. Either way, ensure you’re using the appropriate angle for the traditional Japanese knife. This way you’ll preserve that important angle that makes Global knives so surgically sharp.

The Chef’s Choice Trizor sharpens to 15º so if you want all your knives that sharp, then it is the best choice. I favor this option over a 20º angle for my kitchen knives.
Here are reviews of the

Read all the reviews if you are undecided.

When it comes to knives with a Japanese edge, there are two schools of thought.

  1. One says that the knives should be lightly sharpened, or stropped, before each use like a straight razor.
  2. The other says that they should be sharpened after every few uses when they start to become noticeably dull.

Either way, you should expect to spend more time sharpening this type of knife compared to your standard American knife set. Make sure that the sharpener you choose is comfortable to handle, since you’ll be using it more frequently.


As with all knife sharpeners, the abrasive surfaces are the most important feature of your sharpener for your Global knives. Look for sharpeners that have multiple sharpening stages, moving from a coarse grit to a finer one. The Chef’s Choice models, for example, uses a diamond abrasive and its coarse grit stage and a stropping disk for its fine abrasive. These separate stages provide a beveled edge that will last longer than single stage sharpener.

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Since Global knives are extremely sharp, it’s important that your knife sharpener is comfortable to use so that you are able to maintain control of both your sharpener and your knife during the sharpening process.

The Chef’s Choice Model 1520 comes equipped with rubber feet to prevent slipping. Make sure that the sharpener you choose feels solid and stable so you can confidently keep your Global knife set in peak condition.


Global knives are some of the finest kitchen knives on the market on the market and it’s important to care for them properly. The main thing to bear in mind when selecting an electric sharpener for your Global knives is to focus on high-quality abrasives set to the appropriate angle. A good electric sharpener will quickly return a Global knife to the type of fine edge that can shave arm hair without snagging. Remember, take care of your knives and they will take care of you.

A good electric sharpener will quickly return a Global knife to the type of fine edge that can shave arm hair without snagging. Remember, take care of your knives and they will take care of you.

There are dozens of electric sharpeners out there… the 5 BEST electric sharpeners overall and the best sharpeners for the money.

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