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Best Mops for Tile Floors



Tile floors can be a burden to clean. Make the process simpler with a great mop.
Tile floors can be a burden to clean. Make the process simpler with a great mop.

If you have tile floors, you may have noticed that they seem to attract scuff marks and dirt stains pretty easily, especially if you have a combination of kids, pets, and light colored flooring.

Best of the bunch? The Hurricane Spin Mop system at Amazon.

I understand that feeling, and that is why I decided to put together a list of mops that work wonders on your tile floors (have hardwood floors instead? I have you covered). The days of getting down on hands and knees to scrub those stains will be gone.

Types of mops

The mop that fits you best depends on what mop you prefer to use. There are 4 different styles of mops you can get for the floors – traditional, spin mop, scrub mop, and a steam mop. Each is good in its own way, and it almost always comes down to how much you are willing to spend.

Now that you know what types of mops there are to choose from, let’s take a look at the list we have put together for you.

Best traditional mop: O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System with 2 Extra Refills

Traditional mops are your basic mops, there are no frills or thrills with these, and that is precisely why people who use them love them. The O-Cedar Microfiber is a traditional mop with easy to clean microfiber bristles. See it at Amazon.

Because there are no extra components, other than the handle and mop head, it is unlikely to break and very easy to use.

Pros of the O-Cedar Microfiber

  • Simple, yet durable mop
  • Microfiber bristles pick up more dirt than string mops
  • Mop head is machine washable
  • Has a long four-foot handle
  • Adjustable mop handle
  • Microfiber is easier to wring out

Cons of the 0-Cedar

  • You will have to purchase a mop bucket separately
  • Doesn’t remove scuffs from the floor very well


Traditional mops are not for everybody, but if you’re a minimalist, or you just don’t want to buy a mop with a bunch of gadgets on it, then you will probably be okay with this. It makes an excellent emergency or backup mop.

Best spin mop: Hurricane Spin Mop Home Cleaning System

Hurricane Spin Mop Home Cleaning System by BulbHead, Floor Mop with Bucket Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Spin mops are mop systems that use a wringer in the mop bucket that rotates to spin the water out of the mop head. Some systems activate the spinning mechanism by using a hand lever, while others use foot pedals.

They generally have sturdy handles that let you add extra pressure when mopping up stubborn stains. One of the major benefits you get with spin mops is that they come as a complete set, so there is no need to buy any additional parts as you do with many traditional mops.

Pros of the Hurricane

  • Sturdy handles let you apply pressure without the worry of breaking it
  • 360-degree rotating mop head that is machine washable
  • Very easy to wring out the water, you can get the mop head as dry as you wish
  • Has 2 different water reservoirs for clean and dirty water
  • Comes with 2 mop heads, a bucket with the spinner, and the mop handle

Cons of the Hurricane Mop

  • Short handle at 44-46 inches
  • The microfiber bristles on the mop are extremely thin
  • There are several moving parts, making it a product that may break easier


Spin mops are very good for hardwood and tile floor use. The flexible handles let you put greater amounts of pressure on the mop than you typically would. But, having such a short handle adds an element of frustration for those of us who are a little taller.

Overall, this spin mop is among the best we’ve seen. See it at Amazon.

mop on floor
Some mops have different features to make them more efficient, like a spinner head or a scrubbing element.

Best Scrub Mop: Libman 547 Floor Scrub brush

Libman 547 Floor Scrub with Built-in Scraper, 1-(Pack), Multi

Scrub mops are great for removing stubborn stains on tile floors, but before you get one, you should be sure that your floors can handle the tougher bristles that come with these types of mops (most can).

These mops are scrub brushes with handles on the end, making it infinitely easier for you to clean grit out of the tiles. This particular mop offers maximum strength handles, along with sturdy bristles to let you scrub in the hard to reach places of your home.

Pros of the Libman:

  • Sturdy bristles that are strong enough to remove tough stains, and gentle enough to keep from scratching the tile
  • Scrubber has 360 degrees of swivel
  • Strong handle allowing users to add more pressure

Cons of the Libman:

  • Doesn’t actually mop floors. Instead, it scrubs them
  • The swiveling head can be somewhat obnoxious at times
  • Short handles make it difficult to use for long durations


Scrub mops are very useful to have to lay around, especially if you have tile floors because they can remove all the scuffs, sticky patches, and grit tiles that other mops simple cannot get. The Libman is a good purchase but will need to be combined with another more traditional mop. Thinking about purchasing this mop? Find it at Amazon.

Best Steam Mop: Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer, Tile Cleaner, and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1940, Blue Powerfresh

Steam mops are a tile floor owner’s best friend. They offer terrifically clean floors and leave them glistening in the light. Because they use steam, they eliminate nearly all germs on the floor making them great for households with little ones crawling everywhere.

Pros of the Bissell:

  • Steam cleaning leaves no water streaks on your floors
  • Kills 99.9 percent of germs
  • Flip-down scrubber lets you scrub sticky spots on the floor
  • No need to purchase chemicals

Cons of the Bissell

  • Pretty high price for a mop
  • Much heavier than traditional mops


Steam mops, though expensive, are very efficient and can be counted on to leave your kitchen floors spotless. The Bissell comes with a lot of bells and whistles, including Febreze pads for the mop to freshen your home up while making it sparkle. See the Bissell mop at Amazon.

Wrap – Up

If you have tile floors and you don’t have a mop you should probably hurry up and get one. Kitchen floors get dirty very fast. Looking for other ways to keep your kitchen clean and organized? Look no further.

The best mop to get is really up to you, but the most versatile is easily the Bissell 1940. If you don’t want to spend that much on a mop, then your next best option is probably a combination of a scrub mop and a traditional mop.

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