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Best Mini Fridge for Beer



Good beer is cold beer. Keep yours frosty with your own beer fridge!
Good beer is cold beer. Keep yours frosty with your own beer fridge! The NewAir Beverage Cooler at Amazon.

Every serious beer drinker knows that warm beer is absolutely unacceptable. If you were unaware before, then you simply haven’t been paying attention.

Icy cold temperatures are a must when it comes to your brew. We all want our beer to be cold (and I mean REALLY cold), and there is only one way to make that happen.

So what is that way?

Well, you put it in the fridge–duh!

But how often do you go to put your brews in the fridge only to realize you have to move around a bunch of crap just to find a suitable spot for your cans? Or, you want to serve ice-cold beers to friends who suddenly dropped by. That is, if you can find them under all the other stuff inside the kitchen fridge–especially right after you’ve gone grocery shopping.

Well, eventually I decided I should spring for a mini fridge to store my drinks in. You know, something that is just mine. Something that won’t be stacked to the brim with useless stuff like… fruits and vegetables. Something that can contain my beer and nothing else. In my very own man cave, preferably.

In my search for the best beer fridge, I came across a lot of brands and models. I’m sharing the best beer fridges I could find in an effort to maybe help others who, like me, want to buy and dedicate a mini fridge exclusively for beers.

The Best Mini Fridge with Double-Paned Glass Door

Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator Cooler-120 Can Mini Fridge Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine – Glass Door Small Drink Dispenser Machine Touch Screen for Home, Office or Bar, 4.5cu.ft.

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Despite its size of 4.5 cubic feet, the Antarctic Star has the capacity to hold 60 beer cans. That’s more than enough to enjoy a game night with even a dozen friends! Its size makes it perfect for your home, office, or even garage, but we imagine this baby will go straight to the man cave.

This model runs quietly, so it won’t be a disturbance to anyone. But what’s best about this beverage refrigerator and cooler is that it has the best double-paned glass door out of all beer fridges out there. You can constantly see how many beverages you have left inside, and it just looks cool–especially with the soft LED light bulb.

The Antarctic mini fridge has a digital temperature control panel that is located on the exterior. You don’t have to worry about hot air entering the fridge when you need to make adjustments to the temperature settings.

Having said that, the temperature of the Antarctic will only go as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This is adequate to keep your drinks chilled, but not super cold.


  • 60-can can capacity
  • Double-paned glass door
  • Exterior digital temperature control panel
  • Runs quietly


  • Lowest temperature it can go is 41 degrees Fahrenheit only

The Best Mini Fridge with LED Showcase Lights

Danby DBC117A1BSSDB-6 Beverage Center

Danby DBC117A1BSSDB-6 117 Can Beverage Center, 3.1 Cu.Ft. Freestanding Drinks Refrigerator for Basement, Dining, Living Room-Bar Fridge Perfect for Beer, Pop, Water, Black/Grey

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This 3.1 cubic foot Danby beer fridge is a winner in terms of design and efficiency. It has an attractive tempered glass door with stainless steel trimming. An aesthetically pleasing blue LED lighting illuminates the interior to fully showcase your drinks–and to remind you when you need to restock!

The door is equipped with a lock that is useful if you have someone, such as your children, whom you do not want to have access to your beverages.

This is an eco-friendly model since, besides the fact that its LED lights that can last for decades, it has a low energy consumption of just 368kwh/year.

This Danby mini beverage cooler has a large capacity, holding up to 117 regular beer cans easily on its three shelves. Its mechanical thermostat has a wide temperature range of 35.6°F to 50°F.


  • Long-lasting LED lights that can last for decades
  • Temperature range that is suitable for all kinds of beverage
  • Integrated lock on the door
  • Adjustable shelves for more convenience


· Heavy for its size; cannot be moved by one person

The Best Mini Fridge for a Man Cave

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity - Mini Bar Beer Fridge with Right Hinge Glass Door - Cools to 34F - AB-1200BC1 - Beers of the World

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This is for serious beer lovers who want to store their potables in their man caves. It comes with a custom-wrapped “Beers of the World” graphic that adds fun and flair to its sleek stainless steel design.

The NewAir cooler’s large capacity interior can hold up to 126 standard cans of beer. That is equivalent to 21 six-packs, so you’ll never again have to go on a beer run in the middle of a party!

The compressor on this model runs at a whisper level, which makes it perfect for shared spaces or even the office. It is by far cooler than most standard beer fridges, since its temperature can go down to a frigid 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

A manual knob keeps temperature settings pretty consistent. This beverage cooler would be even better if it had a digital gauge instead. That said, if you really want one, it’d be a cinch to install one inside the fridge.

This beer fridge is the perfect accessory for any beer lover. It’s designed to be a standout wherever you put it. But it isn’t just for show–it’s efficient and made to last for many years.


  • Can hold 126 standard cans of beer
  • Compressor runs at whisper level
  • Lowest temperature is at 34°F
  • Sleek stainless steel design


  • Manual knob used for temperature setting

The Best Mini Fridge in the Coolest Colors

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Lime

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The RCA/Igloo mini fridge has most of the must-have features that everyone is looking for in a beverage refrigerator and cooler. Want a small freezer? It has one. An adjustable thermostat to keep your cold items at the optimum temperature? It’s also included.

This beverage center has two interior racks that can be adjusted to accommodate all your cans and bottles. There are also shelves and beverage holders in the door to provide you with more storage options. It is no wonder that it can hold 50 beer cans.

It has a reversible door that makes it possible to place anywhere you like it, even in a corner. Plus, its back is flat, so you can push it right up against a wall. It doesn’t need a space between the unit and the wall for air flow as many other mini refrigerators do.

All in all, this is ideal for anyone who wants to cool and freeze items in one compact unit. It comes in eight cool colors, including the above shocking lime attention-getter, that will make it a standout anywhere.


  • Comes with a built-in freezer
  • Adjustable two interior racks
  • Reversible door
  • Comes in eight different hues


  • Freezer is quite small

The Best Mini Fridge with the Quietest Compressor

Coollife Mini Fridge Cooler with Glass

Mini Fridge Cooler with Glass, 60Can Beverage Refrigerator with Reversible Door for Beer Soda or Wine-1.6cu ft Small Drink Center Dispenser Perfect for Office/Basements/Home Bar

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This counter-top mini fridge doesn’t take much space and yet it has plenty of storage area. You’ll be able to chill 60 cans of beer or soda cans or 17 wine bottles in this little guy. You can also store other items like fruits and veggies, if you wish–but who wants to do that?

The Coollife’s storage space is great, but that’s not meant to be its best feature. This mini fridge is equipped with a powerful yet quiet compressor that ensures extra-fast cooling: great for when you need to chill that beer or wine quickly.

Its sleek black cabinet design makes it look more expensive than it actually is. It’s sleek and modern and perfect to display in a bar, office, kitchen, or–you guessed it–a man cave.

The double-pane glass door helps maintain the humidity level inside while also blocking harmful UV rays. The door is also reversible and so can swing easily from either the left or right-hand side.


  • Big storage area
  • Powerful and quiet compressor
  • Makes no noise
  • Double pane glass door


  • Doesn’t come with instructions or seller information

The Best Mini Fridge with a Retro Vibe

Frigidaire EFR376 Retro Bar Fridge

Frigidaire EFR376-BLUE 3.2 Cu Ft Blue Retro Bar Fridge with Side Bottle Opener

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If you want to make a statement about how big a beer lover you are, this Frigidaire retro bar fridge is for you.

This model comes in seven different eye-popping colors (including blue, red, and even pink!) with a silver, vintage lettering of the brand name. There’s even a decorative accent of a wing at the bottom of the door.

To complete that retro vibe, a bottle opener has been installed on the left-hand side. The Frigidaire mini fridge also has an interior freezer compartment that can actually make ice, unlike other mini fridges. An ice cube tray keeps ice on the ready for anyone needing an extra chill to their drink.

This mini fridge comes with two spill proof and slide-out glass shelves that you can adjust according to your preference. The door opens to the right and inside has a built-in eight can beverage holder, in addition to three other racks where you can store your other drinks.


  • Beautiful retro design
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Adjustable shelves and racks
  • Can freeze, not just chill, drinks


  • Items may freeze when kept on the lowest temperature setting

The Best Mini Fridge for Beer and Wine Lovers

Sinoartizan Wine and Drink Fridge Cooler

30 Inch Wide Sinoartizan Wine and Drink Fridge Cooler, 33 Bottles and 70 Cans

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What does a beer lover do if he has to share a beverage center with a wine lover? Why, get one fridge with two separate compartments that have their own temperature controls, of course!

This mini fridge is the one for you and your wine-loving partner. You get the right side compartment that can hold 70 cans of beer. The left compartment will also delight the wine lover–it will fit up to 33 wine bottles.

Your precious drinks will be protected from UV light by the double-layer glass door. The interior white light automatically turns off after 10 minutes in order not to disturb the optimum environment for any wines chilling in the fridge.

The Sinoartizan has a powerful compressor that is highly efficient and quiet. It is also frost-free, so you’ll never need to manually defrost this unit.

I like the ergonomically designed curved handles that are comfortable in the hand, making it very easy to open the door. Speaking of, the door is also lockable so you don’t have to worry about anyone underaged getting access to your favorite drinks.


  • 2 compartments with separate temperature controls for both beer and wine
  • Frost-free
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Lockable door


  • Door sometimes bounces back when you close it

The Best Mini Fridge that is Totally Portable

Chefman Mini Portable Black Personal Fridge

Chefman Mini Portable Black Personal Fridge Cools Or Heats and Provides Compact Storage For Skincare, Snacks, Or 6 12oz Cans W/A Lightweight 4-liter Capacity To Take On The Go

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The Chefman portable personal fridge is very popular choice because of its portability. It is very small and handy, but it can hold an amazing 12 cans of beer! But if you want to store something bigger than beer cans, you can do so by removing its shelves.

There are so many things I like about this compact beer fridge. The first is that it is unique in its versatility. With a flip of a switch, the mini fridge is set to keep your stored items either warm or cool. So, aside from storing anything from beers to skin-care products, you can keep your soup and meals warm.

Another thing I love about this model is that it comes with two power plugs. You can conveniently plug it into your standard home outlet or into a 12-volt car charger when you take it with you on the road. Finally, I love the fact that the Chefman doesn’t use freon, making it eco-friendly.


  • Very portable
  • Can be set to either keep stored items warm or cool
  • Can be plugged in outlets and car chargers
  • Freon-free


  • Cooling fans can be noisy

The Best Mini Fridge with a Message Board

RCA Fridge

RCA 3.2 cu. ft Fridge, Black Erase Board Refrigerator with Neon Markers

View on Amazon

RCA fridges are some of the first I looked at, as their reputation is simply great. Plus, this one is on the bestseller list at Amazon.

This model is a 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator with a built-in freezer compartment and slide-out glass shelves (tempered glass) and ice cube trays, as well. The fridge section will hold around 60 cans of beer.

The door is able to be reversed for left or right side opening, and the adjustable thermostat lets you tailor the temperature to your liking.

Here is my favorite part about this refrigerator: the door doubles as a dry erase board and the fridge even comes with some neon markers for you to use. This is great if you like doodling or if you want to leave a message of warning to anyone who may be tempted to pilfer your frosty ales.


  • Reversible door
  • Tempered glass door
  • Door is a dry erase board


  • Freezer section is very small

Get your own beer fridge and you can proudly display this.
Get your own beer fridge and you can proudly display this.

Wrap – Up

When I started searching mini fridges, I started with the assumption that it would be an easy decision to make. It turns out, it wasn’t. But eventually, I was able to whittle it down to just three refrigerators that will do the job I ask, without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, I think that the New Air fridge (see it at Amazon) is the best beer fridge choice, even if it ended a bit pricier than the others. All I really wanted from a mini fridge is that it can reach near freezing temperatures (34 degrees) and possibly with the highest holding capacity. I got them both with my pick. Now I know I’ll never run out of cold beer again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many beers fit in a mini fridge?

Don’t let the word mini mislead you. The higher capacity models like the NewAir fridge can hold up to 126 cans of beer! This is possible because it has five removable racks that allow plenty of customization.

It might take a lot of hits and misses before you find the perfect arrangement to fit in this many beers, but it will be totally worth it. Just imagine, 126 cans are equivalent to 21 six-packs. You will never have to worry about running out of beer again.

Which brand of mini fridge is best?

Any of the NewAir beverage mini fridge variants can be the best mini fridge to buy. It can hold 126 cans which gives you an idea of how much it can accommodate for such a compact unit. This is made possible by a modular shelving design that can double its storage.

Other features that you will love are the double-paned glass and durable stainless-steel doors that together provide a stylish look. And, it has a locking system that will prevent your kids from opening it with all your alcoholic drinks inside.

Actually, any one of the units we reviewed can be the best one for you. You just need to know why you are getting a mini fridge in the first place. There is a wide range of choices depending on what you need.

Is having a mini fridge in your room bad?

The only reason a mini fridge is bad in a room is if you sleep there and it makes a lot of noise. It may cause a disturbance in your sleep but otherwise, having a mini fridge in a room is safe.

Mini refrigerators have become more popular to have in different rooms of the house because they don’t occupy much space like regular refrigerators. Some have smooth backs that can easily be put against the wall. There are countertop models and some that can be placed under the counter.

Having a mini fridge in the bedroom is common for those who live in studio apartments or dorms. In fact, it is an indispensable part of dorm life for some.

Will a mini fridge increase the electric bill?

You can actually lower your electricity consumption with a mini-fridge. Do you know how you keep on opening the regular kitchen refrigerator just to get a beer can? Your big fridge loses a lot of cold air every time you open it. Due to its small size, a mini-fridge loses a lot less cold air when you open it which makes it more energy efficient in the end.

Another way a big fridge loses a lot of the cold air is when you’re trying to look for that beer can that has become hidden under tubs and stacks of food and leftovers. This would mean the door being open more than necessary, and the longer it remains open, the more efficiency is lost.

This won’t happen with a mini fridge. You immediately know where everything is with the glass doors they usually come with. And, since your favorite drinks are already chilled, you won’t have to use ice anymore. You can turn off the ice maker to save even more.

Can a mini fridge catch fire?

All electrical appliances have a risk of catching fire and a mini fridge is no exception. This is why you need to take precautions to reduce the risk.

Always plug the appliance directly into an electrical outlet and not to an extension cord or adaptors. There is no reason why you can’t do this with a mini fridge since you can easily place it where there is an outlet.

Be sure that there is plenty of air circulating in the coils and vents to prevent it from overheating. Be sure that the vents and fans are not clogged by dust buildup. Do not put items like cereal boxes on top of the mini fridge. This could also block the heat from escaping.

These practices cannot only pose danger but they make the mini fridge work harder. And if it does, it will consume more electricity.

What should you not put near a mini fridge?

You should not put a mini fridge under direct sunlight or very near a heat source such as a furnace, stove, or water heater. Also, do not place it near a window.

Extra heat will cause the mini fridge to work harder by running more frequently. This will add to your electric bill and your fridge will wear out sooner.

If your mini fridge comes with a built-in freezer, do not put it anywhere that is unheated in freezing weather. If the temperature goes down below 60°F, the compressor will run less which means it may not be able to keep food or ice frozen.

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