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Best Flask for Scotch



Flasks are a great way to transport all your favorite drinks.
Flasks are a great way to transport all your favorite drinks.

Scotch has long been a staple of masculinity, of culture and the barometer for who is the manliest man of all men.

My choice? The 8 oz. Gold Hip Flask- see it at Amazon.

The taste profiles of scotch are as numerous as the companies who make and distill it. One of the only constants I have found that all scotch will have in common is that it must be distilled in Scotland to be a “REAL” scotch.

But today isn’t about the history or the characteristics of scotch. It’s not even about which scotch taste best or which gets you the tipsiest.

This day is going to be about how to make your scotch, or any liquor really, more portable while also being stylish while doing it.

The last few days I have been scouring the net trying to find the right flask for a hiking trip I have coming up. I want something large enough to carry enough of my favorite drink but not so large that I am adding unnecessary weight and taking up tons of space in my rucksack.

Let’s look at some of the coolest flasks that I have seen during my studies.

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Personalized 6-Piece Custom Engraved Flask

A perfect gift for that special person in your life who enjoys a sip of scotch every now and again. This personalized kit comes with a six-ounce flask (with a custom message) and four shot glasses, and a funnel. The packaging is beautiful, sturdy, and something that you will be proud to display.

You have fifteen different customization styles and the ability to put a personal message on the front of it. It’s constructed of premium 5-millimeter thick stainless steel and the laser etched message looks incredible.

If you are looking for an awesome gift to give to an awesome somebody who loves whiskey, this is a great option.

You can find this gift set at Amazon!

Stone Cask Shot Flask

The Original Shot Flask - 8oz Hip Flask with a Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass - Stainless Steel with Premium Bonded Leather Wrapping (Pink)

This flask is really cool, and in a way, it can serve two people at once (although if you’re like me, you probably want all 8 ounces to yourself), because it comes with a collapsible shot glass. The shot glass screws into a quarter inch indention on the side of the flask and creates your own makeshift mini bar anywhere you go.

The flask is stainless steel, holds eight ounces of scotch (any liquid) and the shot glass is stainless steel and holds two ounces. You can get this flask in either pink or black, and it is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

See the Stone Cask flask at Amazon.

The cap of the flask is leak proof (an absolute necessity for anything that is holding my precious alcohol) and very easy to grip, making it perfect for taking on trips where you will be exposed to frigid temperatures.

It is brushed with a chrome finish and also has a leather wrapping around it for an easy grip while sipping.

There are all different types of flasks available on the market.
There are all different types of flasks available on the market.

Should you get this whiskey flask?

This is a cool idea, the addition of a collapsible shot glass is something that adds a nice touch to the flask, but it wasn’t executed very well. When you screw the shot glass into the flask, it rattles every step, because it is continuously hitting the metal of the flask it is housed in. A simple felt liner on the inside would remedy this, but who wants to have to make modifications to their flask? I know I don’t.

Also, it doesn’t conform to your body the way that many flasks do, so if you are the type that likes to have their alcohol with them in your coat pocket, this will be very uncomfortable for you.

Flimicc Flask Gift Set

A gorgeous gift set for that person that is difficult to shop for. The combination of the polyurethane leather sheath and the top-quality stainless steel used in the flask simply looks amazing. The set goes a step further giving you four stainless steel shot glasses (with a PU carrying case), a bottle opener keychain, corkscrew pocket knife, and a pen.

The pen and the pocket knife aren’t that great of a quality, but they also aren’t things that will be consistently used in the first place. Everything else is about as high quality as you will find.

Check out the Flimicc flask gift set at Amazon.

Concealable NES Entertainment Flask

Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment System Flask – Looks Like a Retro Video Game Cartridge – But It’s a Flask with a Hilarious Label (Fine Ale Fantasy)

This one is for all the gamers out there, who are also drinkers. The hilarity of this flask is why it makes the list, more so than the quality of it. The flask looks exactly like a Nintendo Entertainment System video game but holds liquor rather than a video game.

The titles are inspired by actual games, but their alcoholic counterparts. Some of the game titles to choose from:

  • Drunky Kong: Donkey Kong
  • Bottle Toads: Battle Toads
  • Kega Man: Mega Man
  • Fine Ale Fantasy: Final Fantasy

There are several other titles to choose from, these are just some of my favorite.

The flask holds roughly 4.25 ounces of your favorite drink, but because it is designed to look like an NES game it is made of practice. It is a food grade plastic but I wouldn’t recommend holding alcohol in there for very long. Again, this is much more of a novelty item than it is a long-term flask.

You can find the concealable NES entertainment flask at Amazon.

Maxin Hip Flask Set 5-ounce and 8-ounce

maxin Hip Flask 5oz and 8 oz with One Handy Funnel, 2 Packs Stainless Steel Leak Proof Liquor Hip Flasks with Funnel for Storing Whiskey/Alcohol.

The Maxin flask set is a low-cost option but packs quite a punch for your dollar. With this purchase, you’ll get an eight-ounce and a five-ounce flask, both made from high-quality stainless steel.

This has a beautiful polished finish, that is corrosion resistant. It will look great for a long time to come, and having an option of a large and small flask to bring with you is (of course) a giant plus. Another thing, I really like the box that it comes in. It is very sturdy and looks a lot like a hardcover book. It’s a small thing sure, but it’s something that I’ll proudly display on a shelf somewhere.

You can find this Maxin hip flask combination at Amazon.

Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift-Set

Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift Set - 2 Cigar Holder and 2 Oz Stainless Steel Flask Combo - Includes Cigar Cutter and Funnel - Great Groomsmen Flask

Sometimes you want your flask to hold more than your choice alcohol. These moments call for the Perfect Pregame Cigar/Flask combo. Holding 2-ounces of your favorite drink, it’s perfect for those high-stress days where you find yourself needing that drink.

The flask only holds roughly over a shot, this is good because it doesn’t give you the opportunity to “overdo it” but provides enough of your favorite drink for those moments that call for it.

Yes, there is a cigar holder too, it can house two 6-inch cigars or anything else you can roll into a “cigar”. It’s legal now in some places!!!! You’ll also receive a high-quality stainless steel cigar cutter with this set.

Take a look at the Perfect Pregame Cigar/Flask gift-set at Amazon.

Vapur Incognito Flask

Vapur AfterHours Flexible Flask For Wine And Spirits 300ML/10oz (Grey Color)

In order for a flask to be considered good, it has to check a few boxes first.

  • Sturdy
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Portable (duh)

The Vapur checks all of those boxes and then some.

The Vapur incognito is a new spin on the old fashion flask, and similar looking to the wineskins people use to carry back in medieval times. It is foldable lightweight, freezable, and very easy to conceal (hence the name incognito). Take this with you when you go anywhere that doesn’t let you bring in your own beverages.

You can get this in 350mL or 750mL. Yup, you heard that correctly. You can fit an entire bottle in one of these flasks. Great for long hiking trips.

You can find the Vapur Incognito flask at Amazon.

8oz Gold Hip Flask

8oz Gold Flask for Liquor + Funnel Set. Proven Gift for Men or Women. Engraved Well Deserved. Hip Flask in a Classy Black Satin Packaging. Wedding, Groomsmen, Congratulation, Boss. by Well-Deserved

Gold is a symbol of prosperity, it never goes out of style and will always glisten in the right lighting. Of course, this isn’t made of pure 24k gold, but the gold plating certainly adds a level of prestige to the flask.

The message engraved on the front, “well deserved” for me acts as a reminder to, only sip from this only when it is deserved.

Let’s talk about the packaging this flask comes in. I’m a big proponent of; great packaging is equally as important as a great product. This flask from simpler life certainly fits the bill of great packaging. Coming in a black box with a black satin cloth enveloping the flask making it that more prestigious.

You can check out the 8oz gold plated flask from Amazon.

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

Cork Pops Stainless Steel Pocket - Sized Portside Flask

When I was a kid, I always wondered why they said portside and starboard side on ships in the movies. Now I know that it is left, and right, respectively in nautical terms and this flask is great for those who spend time at sea in the open waters.

Looking for this flask? Find it at Amazon.

It is made to look just like a porthole (window on a boat or submarine) giving you a view of how much liquid you have left in your flask. This isn’t very concealing and lets everybody know that you are drinking scotch in the middle of the day, but let’s be honest with ourselves. You’re drinking from a flask, we all know it’s not “sweet tea” you’re sipping on.

This flask can carry up to 4 ounces of your favorite drink, that is the equivalent of 4 standard shots – also known as – 2 grown man shots. It is made from polished stainless steel and has an easy grip screw at the top of it.

Taking this flask with you on a picnic date? Find out what else to bring here.

This is a great gift for boaters, and if you live most of your life at sea, it is probably something that you would enjoy. My only real issue with it is that it only holds 4 ounces (maybe I am in the minority with this one). Other than that it is a very cool idea and I wouldn’t mind owning this flask.

True Fabrication Binoculars Flask

Collins Binocular Flask Hidden Alcohol, Barware Accessory, One Size, Black

Do you enjoy going to baseball games but aren’t really all that interested in the game? Maybe you just got dragged along to one, or maybe you are going with some friends, and you need a way to sneak your favorite beverage (scotch) in the stadium. Sound like you? Then this flask is going to be your best friend.

See the True Fabrication Binoculars flask at Amazon!

It is made to look just like binoculars and does an excellent job at it. But instead of high-powered lenses inside it, it has 2 – yes 2 – 8-ounce liquor reservoirs in each eyepiece. Plus it comes with a funnel and shoulder strap.

Should you get the Bino flask?

Yes. Yes, you should. It is the only way you are going to save yourself from spending an infinite amount of money on beer at a sporting event. It lets you and your friends sip on your favorite beverages during the game, and that makes it awesome.

Do not drive to the game if you are going to be drinking.

Looking to keep a cold mixed drink cool for hours? Try these insulated tumblers.

Etiquette for your whiskey flasks

Flasks are making a comeback from a several years hiatus, so it’s natural that most of us aren’t sure of the proper “flask etiquette”. Needless to say, there are some guidelines that should be followed when using this portable alcohol carrier.

A fine line between “I’m an Alchie” and “I enjoy a whiskey on occasion”

So you’ve got your own personal shot dispenser in your jacket pocket. That doesn’t mean you should be taking every opportunity to lift your flask and take a swig.

Let me explain if you’re sitting in a meeting discussing quarterly goals, it may be a good idea to keep that flask tucked away in your coat pocket.

The point is, carrying a flask on you is a great way to take advantage of some downtime you may get during the day. But discretion is vital, choose your sips wisely. Besides, you only have a few ounces.

Right for the Occasion

Going for out for a day on the trails is a bit different than going to a formal party. Make sure the flask you carry with you, matches the company you will be keeping. There is no greater faux pas than being at a black tie event with a giant, cumbersome flask with a silhouette poking out the breast pocket in your blazer.

Instead opt for a flask that doesn’t shout “I have an alcohol problem”, trust me, your significant other will be grateful.

Whiskey, Vodka, Cognac?

The spirit you put in your flask really isn’t an issue. What is important is that you only keep alcohol in it, no Jack and Coke mix.

First of all, we carry flasks so that we can discretely carry our favorite beverage. You don’t need to “discretely” carry sodas. Besides, carry 5 ounces of Tennessee Bourbon in your flask, and you can have 2 Jack and Coke’s throughout the day, so just add the coke later.

Second, you don’t want to have any sugary substances inside your flask. These tight space are very difficult to clean out and once mold begins to grow in your flask, you are not getting it out.

Nonchalance goes a long way

In the same way that you enjoy a whiskey with a smooth finish, those around you will appreciate that you aren’t flamboyant and obnoxious about your “hip new flask” (remember, everybody hates hipster).

It’s fine to be spotted taking a swig from your flask or adding some “pick me up” into your coke. Do it without fanfare so as not to irritate those around you, and to keep a collected – nonalcoholic – persona.

Also, share a bit of your drink with someone around you. Whiskey drinking is best as a communal event.

Cleaning your flask

It should come as a surprise to no one that keeping your flask clean is crucial for longevity (and preserving the taste). And I’ll make sure to give you some pointers on keeping it clean. But before I do, let me say this. Do not keep your drink in there for too long. A day, maybe two tops.

To clean it, get some warm water and mix white vinegar in it. Using soap is a big – negative. Soap is difficult to rinse out of tight places and you’ll end up taking a shot of soapy nastiness rather than that smooth Crown Royal Vanilla.

Once you’ve got your vinegar in the flask, aggressively shake it to remove anything in it, then rinse thoroughly. Then, set the flask upside down and let it air dry.

There we have it gents, you’ve got the low down on flask etiquette plus several awesome pieces to choose from. If your shopping for a special somebody, opt for one of the gift sets. If you’re shopping for yourself, well, I’m sure you already know which sticks out most to you.

Happy flasking!!

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