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Looking for the best insulated tumbler? Here are my picks.

Looking for the best insulated tumbler? Here are my picks. The Yeti Rambler at Amazon. 

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Looking for the best insulated tumbler available on the market? This is the guide for you. Tumblers are great because of their incredible temperature regulation abilities. They keep your warm drinks hot for hours on end, and can keep cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours!

Who’s the winner? I’m a fan of the Yeti Rambler at Amazon.

They’re great for traveling, hiking, long days at the office, or just hanging around the house with a perfectly warm cup of tea.

But what qualities make the best insulated tumbler? You’ll want to keep in mind a few different elements when looking at the available tumblers. Then make the best pick to get the most bang for your buck. Read on to see what these are, along with a few recommendations that received the best online reviews.

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation

You’ll see this feature on most tumbler descriptions, and it’s very important feature for maximum temperature regulation. The inside layer or wall retains the temperature of the drink inside, while the outside wall keeps your hand at room temperature. With two layers of regulation, the drink isn’t affected by the outside temperature.

The Yeti Rambler’s double wall vacuum is a classic of temperature regulation (Amazon). 

As a bonus, your drink is always comfortable to grasp. It won’t burn your hand for hot drinks, and won’t leave your hand covered in condensation or sweat from a cold drink. Some even have triple vacuum layered insulation, but you’ll probably be just fine with double.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the absolute best material to look for in an insulated tumbler. It creates the environment for insulation, with superior heat conductivity and the ability to retain coolness like a freezer.

This RTIC tumbler is durable, effective stainless steel. See it at Amazon. 

Aside from its temperature regulating assets, stainless steel is also stain and rust resistant, perfect for coffee or other drinks. Look for “food-grade” stainless steel, or better yet BPA-free stainless steel, to ensure the healthiest container for your drinks. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing.

Rubber Grips

If you can find an insulated tumbler with some sort of rubber grips, that’s a great feature as well. While your hand won’t get burned or sweaty due to the double wall insulation, stainless steel can still be somewhat slippery, so finding some sort of rubber grip around the perimeter of the tumbler can prevent any potential dropping or other accidents.

The Yeti Rambler has a DuraCoat colored coating on the outside that improves grip. (Amazon) 

Some come with rubber grips around the bottom as well to make sure they don’t slide off surfaces (Such as when you rest the travel mug on the roof of your car while packing it up in the morning. A tumbler with no grip slides off and causes a huge mess and a delay to the rest of your day.). To avoid these messes and the potential loss of your drink, look for rubber grips on the bottom of your tumbler as well.

Keep that tea as hot as when you first brewed it... Get an insulated tumbler.

Keep that tea as hot as when you first brewed it… Get an insulated tumbler.

Lid Features

Many people believe that the only way to truly keep a drink insulated at the right temperature is by putting a lid on it. Any exposure to the outside temperature, even with double wall insulation, can compromise the internal temperature. Therefore, you’ll want the strongest and most effective lid available. Glass or plastic lids usually do the trick, and allow you to look into the cup to see how much of your drink is left.

The clear lid on this Ozark tumbler from Amazon will tell you when its time for a refill. 

Make sure the lid of your insulated tumbler has some sort of safety feature as well. These include a splash proof lid, an auto lock feature, easy slide closure, or some other built in secure closing feature to make sure it doesn’t accidentally open and spill the drink everywhere.

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Think about your own needs and habits when looking at the size and capacity of different insulated tumblers. How much of your drink do you usually have during the day? Since these make the temperature and freshness last for hours, think about your all day consumption habits. Do you want to share with friends? Some of the much larger tumblers are made for that!

Generally, tumblers range in size and capacity from 16 ounces to about 40. This is perfect for two cups of morning coffee, all the way up to sharing a delicious, cool smoothie recipe with friends. Based on your habits, choose what works for you.

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