Best Fillet Knife Sharpener

The best fillet knife sharpener for you?



This guide provides the necessary information to make an educated decision about the best fillet knife sharpener for you.  When you are cleaning fish and you need to have a safe, sharp knife, a convenient and fast knife sharpener is what you need. Learn about how to tell whether your knife is sharp enough!

In a lot of cases, one needs to review how much time is available for knife maintenance.  I know for me, I want to spend my time taking care of fish on the boat and keep the sharpening time to a minimum.

Clean your fish quickly with the best electric knife for cleaning fish!


My grandpa, well, he was from a different time, a slower time.  Grandpa had a slower pace and less urgency about him – that’s just another way to say, Pop Pop had some time to sharpen his trusty fillet knife by hand with a stone from Arkansas.  He did ever sharpen it fast but it was always sharp.  When I sharpen his fillet knife, I do sharpen it by hand.

So take a few moments. Do you want to sharpen your fillet knife in just a few minutes?  Like under 90 seconds?

Do you want to spend some time with your knife and stone?  Maybe you do have a few minutes when you have your line cast and you’re enjoying a cold beverage…  Do you know what category you fall into?  Well, I think you do see what we’re getting at here.

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The Electric Fillet Knife Sharpener

If you need a sharp fillet knife with a minimum amount of fuss, well, what you need is an electric knife sharpener.  The main player in the electric sharpener game is, of course, our friends at EdgeCraft that produce the Chef’s Choice line.

See the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station at Amazon.

If you have seen an electric knife sharpener, it was probably a Chef’s Choice.  They have a tremendous number of products, from the most basic manual sharpeners to professional level sharpeners that could service a full arsenal of knives from a culinary school.

Okay, you’re not here to have me wax on about Chef’s Choice so I’ll make it quick.  Our top recommendation is the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening Station. The M130 is a fine piece of machinery and you’ll be proud to have it sharpen your knives. See our full Chef’s Choice M130 review here.

The reviews from Amazon are outstanding and speak for themselves. Check out over 350 reviews here.

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Manual Knife Fillet Knife Sharpener

For the fisherman with a little more time to sharpen fillet knives, we recommend the Smith’s 50008 8-Inch Diamond Tri-Hone 1 at Amazon..

See the Smith’s 50008 8-Inch Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone at Amazon.

Smith’s has consistently lead the knife sharpener industry for 125 years. The reason for their success has been their single-minded focus to provide “customers and consumers with the best value in an easy-to-use and effective knife, scissors, and tool sharpening products.”

They started from modest beginnings as an Arkansas “Novaculite” stone company in 1886.

The set comes with the best of both worlds – diamond embedded stones and some fine Arkansas stones.  The stones are: Coarse Diamond 325 Grit, Fine Diamond 750 Grit, Natural Arkansas Stone 800-1000 Grit.

The set also comes with a micro-tool sharpening pad for small tools, Premium Honing Solution, and a Sharpening Angles Guide.  Basically, this is a sharpening system that can sharpen your fillet knife and all the rest of your knives, tools, and other sharp objects!

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You might also be interested in one of the best manual sharpening systems on the market – the Lansky Diamond Sharpening System.

Equipment for the avid fisherman

With a sharp fillet knife and some fresh wild-caught fish, you are on your way to preparing delicious, healthy food for you and your family.

photo credit: Mr.TinDCthe new world from flickr creative commons.