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AccuSharp 015C Scissor Sharpener Multipack



Among the many items around the house that need sharpening, those that always seem to be missed are scissors and garden tools (around our house anyway). Then, one day, you take them out and bingo, they are as “dull as ditch water.”

Once you’ve noticed the problem, it’s time to get sharpening. To do this, consider using the AccuSharp 015C Scissor Sharpener Multipack to get your scissors back in working order.

Scissor Sharpeners for Every Use

See the AccuSharp 015C Knife, Garden Tool, and Scissor Sharpener Multipack at Amazon.

The AccuSharp 015C Scissor Sharpener Multipack has you covered as it combines 3 of AccuSharp’s most popular items in one package, and you won’t find those everywhere.

These sharpeners can be ordered separately at Amazon too. If you were to order these items separately, you would be getting the 001 AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener, the 002 ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener, and the 006 Garden Tool Sharpener.

The price point may sound high but, the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener tested as one of the best manual sharpeners on the market, in a 2006 Cook’s Illustrated review, which means you are getting a very high quality group of products for your money.

If you do have a little more cash, check out the Electric Model by Chef’s Choice.

Tungsten Carbide Abrasives

The abrasives are what sharpen the blades.

Sharpening blades for each unit are crafted from diamond-honed tungsten carbide, one of the hardest materials on Earth. AccuSharp’s unique design lets you reverse the blade to double its life span; most report an average of 5 – 10 years between blade replacements.

AccuSharp sharpeners don’t rust, and they can be cleaned easily with soap and water or in the dishwasher.

Easy to Use

AccuSharp sharpeners are extremely easy to use: simply place the dull item on a flat surface with the cutting edge up, hold the unit securely with one hand, then let the “V”-shaped notch on the sharpener straddle the blade. Using your thumb, apply light pressure to draw the sharpener down past the point of the blade.

It may take a few strokes to establish an ideal angle, but once it’s reached, it should take just two or three quick passes to put a sharp edge back on the blade.

Big Easy to Use Handle

Each sharpener has large, ergonomic handles, which fit either hand, and feature a full length finger guard to protect your precious digits. No need to drag out your sharpening stones every time you need to sharpen and no more excuses as these sharpener will only take a few minutes out of your allocated weekend chore time.

1. The 001 Knife Sharpener

See the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener at Amazon.

It’s a unique design lets you reverse the blade. It sharpens most blades in around 10 seconds without the need for mess-making oil or water for lubrication. Replacement blades are available but, as mentioned earlier, you might not replace blades for 5-10 years, if you reverse the blade once one side has worn out.

This sharpener is easy to carry in your field gear and convenient in the kitchen, when a quick sharpening job is all that is needed. If you need a field knife sharpener, like for your survival knife then check out the Smiths. If you do have the budget and you have some nice kitchen knives, then an electric sharpener will be the best option.

2. The 002 ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener

See the AccuSharp Shear Sharp Scissor Sharpener at Amazon.

You will never have dull scissors if you keep this item handy item in your kitchen tool drawer and it will keep a sharp edge on hedge trimmers and tin snips as well. ShearSharp will not rust and is dishwasher safe.

3. The 006 GardenSharp Tool Sharpener

See the 006 Gardensharp Garden Tool Sharpener at Amazon.

The GardenSharp Tool Sharpener is designed to sharpen all of those challenging, single edged items in your tool shed, such as lawnmower blades, pruning shears, limb loppers, hoes, shovels, and scythes. All can be sharpened to a razor edge quickly and easily with GardenSharp.

The full length finger guard protects fingers while the reversible Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide blade puts your cutting edge in “good as new” condition. GardenSharp will not rust and is dishwasher safe. Florists, landscapers, and gardeners of all kinds will love the GardenSharp Tool Sharpener as well.

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