What Are the Best Kitchen Shears?

Kitchen shears are versatile tools that can cut through meat and bone!

Kitchen shears are versatile tools that can cut through meat and bone!

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One of the best tools I have for my kitchen are my kitchen shears. A good pair of shears can cut cleanly through almost anything, including meat, gristle, and bone. If you have a garden, you can even use them to cut and de-thorn flowers. The pair I own is sharp enough to slice through bacon strips, and snip raw vegetables. It cuts through gift wrap, and even penetrates armor-plated clamshell packaging!

Why You Should Own a Pair of Kitchen Shears

A good knife (or knife set) is an investment, so realizing you’ve dulled the blade is a real bummer. Unfortunately, carving or cutting meat from the bone may blunt your kitchen knives. Dull knives are potentially dangerous. If you’re not careful, you may end up carving a finger instead of that zucchini! Given that being safe in the kitchen is a priority for all of us, kitchen shears should be used for any tricky cutting tasks.

When I found out what I could do with kitchen shears, I ended up using them as often as my knives! It’s super useful to have a quality pair of shears that can perform all sorts of household tasks. There are mainly two types of kitchen shears. The first are poultry shears with curved blades (this allows you to cut around bones and hard-to-reach areas of a chicken). The second kind are straight-bladed multi-purpose shears.

Best Kitchen ShearsWhy We Like It
1. KitchenAid KC351OHOBA Shears stainless steel blades come with protective guard
2. Chef Remi Latest Kitchen Scissors these scissors come apart for easy cleaning
3. Shun Premium Kitchen Shears Shun's model is made with quality, high-carbon stainless steel
4. Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears can be used in either right or left hand

What to Look for in a Pair of Shears

Some kitchen shears come with features that allow you to open jars and crack nuts or shellfish.

Some kitchen shears come with features that allow you to open jars and crack nuts or shellfish.

If you are interested in buying a pair of shears, there are certain things you should look for as you are shopping for them. The best shears will be balanced, sharp, and constructed using durable materials. They should also be easy to open and close with minimal effort. Some models also come with cool extra features, like nutcrackers and bottle openers.

The Handles

The handles should comfortably fit your hand. Avoid buying a pair that is too small for your hand, as this will reduce control and force. Shears with rubber or plastic handles are the best because you have better grip when you are cutting through bones or tough materials.

KitchenAid KC351OHOBA Shears with Soft Grip Handles, One Size, Black

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If you have weak wrists or hands, purchase a pair of shears that have ergonomic, soft, large handles with loops or grips that can accommodate all your fingers. This way, you can utilize your whole hand to apply force and cut through anything with ease.

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The Blades

Look for shears that have a bone notch on one of the blades. The notch serves to grip poultry bones for easier cutting. Mine comes with a lock, which is useful on spring-loaded models—the lock holds the blades safely closed any time you are not using them.

Shun Premium Kitchen Shears; Stainless Steel Construction with Elastomer Grips for Comfortable Use; Notched Blade Convenient for Cutting Stems and Small Bones; Blades Separate for Easy Cleaning

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Check out the Shun Kitchen Shears

A quality pair of shears will sometimes have a tightening mechanism, such as a bolt, which you can use to keep the blades closely aligned. To check whether the blades are well-aligned, close them and look to see whether blades meet closely and cleanly.

Pull-apart shears can be separated for easy cleaning. This is extremely handy, especially if you’ll be using your shears for meat preparation.

Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears, 8", Black

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Check out the Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Shears are very versatile, and you can do plenty of things with them. So, find a pair that is multi-functional. I recommend having a second pair dedicated to food preparation, however, in order to keep your kitchen tools hygienic.

Looking After the Shears

Shears can last a long time but, like any items you have in the house, you need to store them properly. Most shears come with their own cover. If they do not, you can wrap your shears in a cloth or sheath to protect the blades. Or, you might choose to store the shears in a knife block.

Do not put the shears in your dishwasher, even though most of them are labelled dishwasher-safe. It is best to clean shears by hand and wipe them dry thoroughly before returning them to their sheath or cover. To sharpen them, you can use a honing steel or take them to a professional.

With a quality pair of shears, you’ll be cutting through chicken, turkey, and anything else you can think of with ease! Don’t be afraid to shell out a few extra bucks for a quality model, as the best shears will last a long time and pay for themselves many times over in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best kitchen shears for cutting chicken?

The best shears for cutting chicken are ones that are super-sharp, separate for easy cleaning, and combine maximum cutting power with the least hand strain.  Your poultry shears will be doing a lot of tough work cutting through joints, so you want to look for ones that are powerful but also maintain a good grip on the slippery skin of the chicken.  Look for stainless-steel or carbon steel blades that curve to help you cut hard-to-reach areas of the chicken, and for a handle lock to keep the scissors closed during storage:  safety in the cooking area is always extremely important to a good chef.  Excellent poultry scissors will always inflict the least stress on your hands as you use them, so kitchen shears that have ergonomic handles are always a plus.

What are the best kitchen shears for people who are left-handed?

Left-handed people will prefer kitchen scissors that are made just for them, but which are also simple to use and have the same high-quality characteristics of other shears, such as stainless-steel blades that last a long time and that can be used for other purposes, like opening cans or cracking nuts.  Seki Japan Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors at Amazon are a great pair of left-handed kitchen shears guaranteed to help all the southpaws who love to spend time cooking good things to eat.

What do you use your kitchen shears for? Leave a comment below and tell me what interesting uses you’ve found for this multipurpose tool!

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