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What Can You Serve with Tamales?

close up of pile of tamales

  Maybe you’ve heard of tamales from friends or seen them on your local Mexican restaurant’s menu, yet you’re not quite sure what these are, exactly. Well, tamales are typically made of corn dough and filling, wrapped in steamed corn husks or banana leaves. Tamales originated in Mesoamerica, as the area  between North and South … Read more

What Can You Serve with Chicken Pot Pie?

close up of chicken pot pie on white plate with parsley

    Chicken pot pie is one dish that comes to mind when you think of comfort food. It’s almost a complete meal in itself, having tender chicken, fresh veggies, savory gravy, all topped with a flaky crust. It can be hard to figure out what to serve with chicken pot pie. It has everything … Read more

How to Make Granola Everyone in Your Family Will Love

close up of granola on wood table with card that says homemade granola

We grew up hearing over and over that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, that lesson sank in. We don’t take breakfast lightly. The most well-loved breakfast recipes we often choose from include waffles, eggs, pancakes, and of course, granola! Granola is a nutrition-packed cereal rich in fiber, protein, and micronutrients … Read more

Making Your Own Hummus: The Complete Step-By-Step Checklist

yellow bowl filled with hummus

Sure, you love hummus. It’s delicious and healthy and trendy, too. We’re sure you’ve tried lots of different store-bought types of hummus, but have you tried making your own yet? If you haven’t, then you’re definitely missing out on some great stuff. We share our favorite, best hummus recipe in detail so that you can … Read more

What Can You Serve with Mac and Cheese?

close up of white bowl with mac and cheese

  Mac and cheese is, without a doubt, in the top ten of everyone’s favorite  comfort food list. We can never say no to its creamy and cheesy sauce melded together with the soft and chewy macaroni. The best part is, you can choose to make it from scratch or purchase a boxed version of … Read more

Applesauce DIY: Everything You Need to Know

glass bowl of applesauce on wooden table with apples

Everyone loves applesauce, from babies to great-grandparents. But it tastes even better when you make it yourself in your own kitchen. Homemade applesauce has a rich flavor and can be as sweet or tart as you like it. It almost tastes like that all-American apple pie filling that we love. Store-bought applesauce simply cannot hold … Read more

What Can You Serve with Sloppy Joes?

two sloppy joes on cutting board

  A sloppy joe isn’t just a sandwich for most people. It brings back memories of school lunches and how much fun it was eating this messy but delicious meal. Alongside those sloppy joe memories are baked beans, macaroni salad, and potatoes in different forms. Then and now, these are the classic side dishes that … Read more

How to Make Pickles–3 Rules You Can’t Break

white bowl of pickles surrounded by dill weed

Making homemade pickles couldn’t be easier. A little prep work with pretty basic ingredients can yield very tasty results. Some of you who are not new to making pickles know that you can end up with some disastrous results when pickling cucumbers for the first time. Pickles can easily turn out too soggy, too sour, … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to the Best Steak Marinades

sliced steak on plate

If there’s one well-loved food that never gets old, steak is surely on top of the list. No matter where you are in the world, steak is prepared in various ways, and the taste never disappoints. Whether served on a special occasion or for just a weeknight family dinner, steak is typically the special dish … Read more

What Can You Serve with Enchiladas?

close up of enchilada with cilantro and sour cream

You and your family love enchiladas, but do you find it kind of hard to figure out what to serve with them? You are not alone. Enchiladas are surely one of everybody’s favorite recipes to prepare for a special gathering or just a simple everyday meal.  The most typical challenge with enchiladas is finding the … Read more

What Can You Serve with Jambalaya?

jambalaya served elegantly in white casserole dish

If you look for a dish that has protein, carbs, veggies, and lots of flavors combined, then you must find out more about jambalaya. Jambalaya is a rice dish consisting of meat and vegetables in rice. The meat usually  includes sausage, pork, chicken, and seafood. The vegetables follow Cajun’s “holy trinity”:  onion, celery, and green … Read more

What Can You Serve with Quiche?

close up of quiche

If there is one French dish that we should include more often in our meal plans, quiche is undoubtedly it. Quiche is a savory French custard made with eggs, milk, and cream with a flaky crust shell. However, you can include tons of add-ons to make it even more delectable: ham, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, spices, … Read more

What Can You Serve with Perogies

white casserole dish with perogies and vegetables

    Perogies are delicious stuffed dumplings that have a classic filling of white cheese (or cottage cheese), mashed potatoes, and fried onions. They can also be stuffed with sauerkraut, mushrooms, spinach, cabbage, and meat. Pierogies are boiled and once cooked, they float to the top. Some like to pan-fry them with a little butter … Read more

What Can You Serve with Fajitas

fajitas in blue bowl with knife lying on wood table beside bowl

    If there is one Mexican food that I simply can’t resist, it has to be fajitas. The combination of meat, veggies, cheese, caramelized onions, and spices is simply irresistible. Since they are a meal on their own, though, it is sometimes hard to come up with what can you serve with fajitas. Here … Read more

What Can You Serve with Meatloaf?

four slices of meatloaf on white plate

    There’s no meal more comforting and that reminds us of home more than meatloaf. What you can serve with meatloaf isn’t much of a problem either, since it pretty much goes with anything.  But if you’re tired of the same old, same old side dishes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are … Read more

What Can You Serve with Stuffed Peppers (Quick Side Options)

multicolor stuffed peppers in pan

With a filling that’s a combination of grains, meat, veggies, and cheese, stuffed peppers can stand on their own as a meal.  But as delicious and balanced as stuffed peppers are, they look lonely on a plate by themselves.  This timeless, classic entrée needs a tasty side dish to complement its savory flavors. So, what … Read more

What Can You Serve with Chicken Cordon Bleu

sliced chicken cordon bleu

    Chicken cordon bleu combines three of the favorite foods of many people–chicken, ham, and cheese. The result is an unbelievable depth of flavors that one cannot get enough of. There is only one thing that can make chicken cordon bleu even better than it already is, and that’s to add side dishes that … Read more

What Can You Serve with Chicken Piccata?

white plate on wooden table with chicken piccata and green beans

    Trying something new for dinner tonight?  Chicken piccata i s a great, tasty, different entrée–but what can you serve with it? Below are 12 quick and easy to prepare side dishes you can serve with chicken piccata. As you will see, they are just as classic and well-loved as the main dish itself. … Read more

How To Make Dumplings From Scratch Without Baking Powder

bowl of chicken dumplings

Dumplings are a versatile and fun food to make:  you can use them as an appetizer, entrée, or even dessert, and you can stuff dumplings with almost anything you have in the fridge! But what if you’re inspired to make some Japanese dumplings or chicken and dumplings and realize you have no baking powder in … Read more

Cheap Fish to Eat

  Some fish may be cheaper than others, but that doesn’t mean it’s less healthy than more expensive seafood.  Cheap seafood can also be very beneficial for your health, since it often contains high amounts of protein and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as being rich in calcium.  Fresh fish is usually … Read more

10 Ways to Use Up Heavy Cream

Whether it’s a dollop of cream with apple pie or a white swirl in tomato soup, cream makes any food taste decadent and delicious. Just seeing the fluffy white goodness on your food can spark a feeling of joy and warmth inside you. There are many different types of cream with the key difference lying … Read more

7 Delicious Recipes You Can Make In a Rice Cooker

We all have a few kitchen appliances that we believe are only made to serve one purpose and hence, they remain underutilized. A rice cooker is one of them. In addition to helping you cook the perfect rice, every time, the electrical pot can be used to prepare a wide variety of foods that can … Read more

Heat and Sweet: Delicious Grilled Desserts

If you didn’t know about grilled desserts before, then you’ve been missing out on some of the tastiest food on earth. The tastiest grilled desserts on this earth can go toe to toe with the best non-fried non-heated, cold desserts out there. You just need to find the right ones. Grilled Pineapple Sundaes This looks … Read more

How to Cook Baby Back Ribs in the Oven

    Barbecued baby back ribs are a legend, but many shy away from making them out of fear. Roasting them in the oven makes the process long, but it is really as simple as making sugar bread (buttered white bread with sugar). Rib meat is tough, so a long cooking time is essential to … Read more

Best Homemade Pizza Dough (without Yeast)

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” This sage wisdom applies to just about everything, and that includes pizza. In 500 BC, Persian soldiers were baking flatbread on their shields in the field, topped with cheese and dates. There’s evidence tracing pizza back to everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks, depending on your definition. … Read more

The Best Way to Cook Lobster Tails on the Grill

Nothing you put on the grill says lush, decadent, buttery better than lobster. But, these delightful, 10-legged crustaceans weren’t always the delicacy we consider them today. Native Americans on the Northeast coastline often used lobsters as fertilizer. Colonial Americans regarded them as fit for children, the poor, and indentured servants. In fact, by the 1800s, … Read more

The Best Way to Prepare Pork Chops for the Grill

You’ve got to be loving it: the sweet smell of grilling pork chops, the tender, juicy, mouth-watering taste when they’re piled on the plate in front of you. But there’s a lot of you who are afraid to grill pork chops, and that’s just not right. Grilling pork chops is no more difficult than grilling … Read more

Best Way to Cook Salmon on the Grill

There’s a lot of us who answer “salmon” to the question, “What’s your favorite fish,” and that’s because of its unique buttery flavor, the tenderness, the intense color…. Well, we could go on and on, couldn’t we? You can bake salmon, pan fry it, poach it… …but one of the best ways to cook it … Read more

Best Way to Grill a Whole Pork Loin

There are some people who are afraid to grill a whole pork loin. I know you’re out there. You cut it up into slices, grill the outside, and then shove it in the oven to finish. No, no, don’t hide, come right out. Today is your day. There are, of course, some secret tips to … Read more

Best Appetizers to Pair with Champagne

  Some people think champagne is just any old sparkling wine. And while a very good sparkling wine may taste almost exactly the same, the term “Champagne” designated to those from the, you guessed it, Champagne region in France, where it is produced under a very strict procedure. Champs and Apps Champagne is usually a … Read more

Easy Hors D’oeuvres Recipes for a Crowd

Hors d’oeuvres are perfect for parties, no matter what size. They satisfy your hungry dinner guests until the main dish that’s still cooking, while demonstrating your chef’s prowess. There are so many hors d’oeuvres options, some very difficult and some quite easy, all shapes and sizes of delicious bites. Depending on your dinner party, your … Read more

How to Cook a Pig in the Ground

Good food and good company. This is what makes ground roasted pork great!

Pork is one of the most widely consumed meats around the world. There is a very good reason for this—it’s because pork is delicious! Whether it be in the form of bacon or sausage for breakfast, deli ham for lunch, or a roasted loin for dinner, pork can be eaten morning, noon, and night. Many … Read more

What are the Best Foods for a Picnic Date

On a warm summer’s day, what’s a more romantic way of impressing a new date than taking them to your favorite spot for a picnic? Accompany them to a high point with a good view, secluded but not isolated, and impress them with your homemade spread of delicious foods. It’s a sure way to move … Read more

Best Soup Recipes for a Sore Throat

When winter strikes, there’s always the inevitable cold, accompanied by the infamous sore throat. You’ll spend a week or so miserable, croaking away to your friends about how your particular cold is far worse than anyone else’s. When you stop receiving sympathy and start receiving disgruntled looks each time you wince or bring up your … Read more

What’s the Best Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide Cooking

Cooking sous vide is much easier than it sounds, but with gourmet results!

    Picture this scene. The weekend is looming, you have a dinner party to prepare. Of course, you want to impress your guests. There is just one problem. Life is busy and you have no time for extravagant cooking. I have the solution for you—sous vide (pronounced ‘soo veed’) cooking! What is cooking sous … Read more

Best Recipe for Smoked Salmon

Salmon has come full circle in the last few hundred years, from a cheap and plentiful source of protein that needed to be preserved, to a high-priced delicacy, and now a food that can be bought at any supermarket. Salmon is certainly here to stay and, whether paired with scrambled eggs for breakfast or caviar … Read more

Best BBQ Appetizers

A good grill or barbecue should be more than just good times and meat. A balance of flavors is important at any meal. Some of your friends may even be vegetarians (not that there’s anything wrong with that). So, while you are slow cooking a prime piece of brisket (see my recipe for a great … Read more

Best Smoked Salmon Brine

There has always been a certain romance associated with salmon. Whether as part of a Christmas breakfast and served with scrambled eggs, or as the main course at a lavish banquet, there’s something special about salmon. There is an old Irish story that recounts a legend of a salmon who possessed all the knowledge of … Read more

Best Smoked Brisket Rub Recipe

Everyone knows that a smoked brisket is only as good as the rub that seasons it. To really achieve the most flavorful and tender meat, it’s important to select a rub recipe that hits all of the major flavor profiles without masking the wonderful flavor and texture of the meat itself. Throw caution to the … Read more

Best Way to Fry Chicken Wings

Whether it be roasted, grilled, or pan-fried, chicken is one of the most widely consumed and tasty meats available. Its flexibility in recipes is a huge draw, making it a popular choice of protein. That being said, there’s really only one way to get the best flavor out of your chicken. From wings at your … Read more

Deep Frying Bacon

strips of bacon on wire rack over pan lined with aluminum foil

It’s not a surprise that almost all of us love bacon. No matter what day or time it is, week day or weekend, we’re always delighted to see bacon on our table. The next time you make bacon, if you feel curious and want to experiment with how else you can prepare bacon, why not … Read more

Top 20 Cast Iron Recipes for the Super Bowl

There isn’t anything more American than the Super Bowl. And, when I think about the hot competition on the Gridiron, my mind wanders a bit to other hot iron. CAST IRON. Our Founding Fathers settled this land with their wagons loaded up with provisions and cast iron. Let’s honor them this Sunday by using some cast iron.

Recipe: Calzones on the Grill on a Cast Iron Skillet

I love pizza. Or, pretty much anything that has most or all the components of pizza, such as a calzone. Today, I will be sharing my experience making calzones on the grill and some reasons why you might want to do this. About 50% of the time, you can see a ball of dough in my refrigerator resting, slowly rising, and developing great sourdough like flavors, waiting to be kneaded (pun intended).

I might bake a loaf of bread, na’an, pita, pizza, or flatbread. Once, I even made some cinnamon rolls with Nutella spread over the top. The recipe for the dough that I make varies slightly but our cast iron pizza recipe has a good one to start with.

Recipe: Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

Do you want to make some homemade pizza but you don’t have the “required” pizza stone?

Don’t worry!

Just make a Cast Iron Skillet Pizza instead.

There are a few alternatives to help you get your pizza fix without having the requisite pizza stone and we’ll discuss how to use a cast iron skillet or griddle.

How To Cook a Steak In A Cast Iron Skillet

One of the best ways to cook a steak if you can’t make it out to the grill is on a cast iron skillet. You can’t beat the sear from the massive surface area that the skillet provides.

It is really nice to cook over a live fire, whether is charcoal or a real stick burner, but if you’re limited and must stay indoors this method is the way to go. In fact, this method might be the preferred method if you’re in a pinch for time.

And, I would say this cast iron steak recipe would beat out a gas grill – sorry!

But you may as well broil your steaks if you’re going to use a gas grill (in most cases anyway), and there isn’t anything wrong with that but the point is that a gas grill is not ideal.

Recipe: Colossal Sea Scallops (Seared on Cast Iron)

scallops in cast iron pan

Get some fresh Colossal Sea Scallops (more information below on selecting the right scallops).

Remove the scallops from the refrigerator, unwrap them, rinse them in very cool tap water and allow them to drain on a fresh paper towel. Gently dry the scallops and set them on a plate, leaving space between each scallop.