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Hunting Knives Made In The USA

Buck knives are an American classic.
Buck knives are an American classic.

Some of the many uses for your cutlery involves outdoors activities. Whether you’re a hiker, fisherman, or a hunter, any outdoorsman will have a few knives in their EDC. So, let’s talk about US made hunting knives.

Buying a hunting knife is a personal decision, like any knife purchase. Purchasing something that was made in the USA is very important to me, and I know it is something that a lot of other people think about too.

The days are gone when everything you buy was made locally. Nowadays, you are more likely to see that an item was made in China. Walmart and other discount stores are filled with products sourced from outside the USA.

You’ll need to clean your new hunting knife regularly. Learn How to Clean a Hunting Knife.

Pros about US made hunting blades:

  • You get the highest quality possible.
  • Your hunting knife might be made by a person that you can call up and talk to on the phone.
  • Your new blade supports the economy of the USA – You won’t be sending your money overseas to another country.
  • The materials will be a high quality – you should be able to sharpen your hunting knife less often.

There are some cons too:

  • The hunting knife will be more expensive.
  • The blade may be a collector’s item so that could deter you from using the knife in a hunt.

The List of USA Made Hunting Knives

Quality COTS knives available from the US and custom options.
In addition to the quality COTS knives available from the US, there are a multitude of custom options.

There are many more knife makers in the US that have hunting knives for sale. I listed a few of my favorites that are fairly widely available. This list is not exhaustive. There are many others out there, especially in you go to gun and knife shows.

Here are a couple of good vendors that sell knives Made In The USA:

  1. Knife Country USA – North American Knives
  2. Knife Center – American Made Knives

If you are in the market for custom made knives, then there is almost an endless supply of craftsmen that can make just what you need. It is likely that you can get a good deal for such a knife considering the time involved.

Here’s a great video about this history of Spyderco.

With most of the brands mentioned earlier, you can go to a good outdoor store and buy a knife off the shelf. Personally, that’s more my style.

Information for the outdoorsman

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Keep your tools sharp and ready for action!

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