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What’s the Best Pizza Peel for Big Green Egg



Little peels are the best peels.
Little peels are the best peels.

The folks at Big Green Egg don’t hold back on quality. They have gained a notable reputation in their industry as one of the best grills and smokers on the market, due to the quality and versatility. You can grill meat, smoke meat, and even cook a pizza with this eggcellent machine, you’ll just need a pizza peel. This list shows the best ones I’ve found for your Big Green Eggcellent pizzas.

Pizza Peels

One of the oldest tools in the bakers’ armory is a peel. It’s essentially a flat shovel used to safely retrieve bread, pizza, and pastries out of extremely hot ovens. In terms of pizza, a good peel will let you keep a nice, crisp crust without burningyou, or the pizza.

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Obviously you appreciate quality if you’re using the Big Green Egg, so match it with the best accessories. The ‘pros’ use a long one (nearly three feet), but unless you have a flare for the dramatics, you’re probably in the market for something a bit smaller. No judgement if you really want to take a pizza off your personal grill from three feet away, but if that’s your goal, this list may not be so useful.

Keeps your pizza crispy and delicious!
Keeps your pizza crispy and delicious.

Your best options

ABC’s Valueline Wooden Pizza Peel is a very attractive and effective option. It’s made out of wood, which is one of the best materials for peels. Even the stickiest toppings tend to slide right off. They do, however, require light maintenance: just carefully dry after cleaning to avoid warping and rub after each use with a neutral mineral oil to avoid it from absorbing unwanted stains and odors.

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The Natural Pizza Peel by Epicurean Cutting Surfaces is a very nice composite plastic peel. If wood peels are a little too thick for you, you’ll love the thermoset plastic. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Epicurean Pizza Peel, 21.5-Inch by 14-Inch, Natural

See the Epicurean Pizza Peel at Amazon

Either of those will get the job done, but there is really no alternative to metal peels for a Big Green Egg. The Offset Pizza Peel by Outset is hard to beat. With a short handle and a wide pan, it almost looks more attractive without a pizza on top! (Hard to believe, I know.)

Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel with Collapsible Rosewood Handle, 20-Inch Overall, 12-Inch x 7.75-Inch Spatula Area

See the Outset Stainless-Steel Pizza Peel at Amazon

The Aluminium Pizza Peel by American Metalcraft deserves a mention for its length and durability. It’s made in America, has a face wide enough to hold at least a 14” pizza, and its design is truly noteworthy with a mix of both wood and metal.

American Metalcraft 3714 37" Aluminum Pizza Peel with 21" Wood Handle, 14" x 16" Large Blade

See the American Metalcraft Pizza Peel at Amazon

Peel pizza perfect

Hopefully, this list helped in your search! The perfect peel is really the one that works best for you. What is your favorite peel for your Big Green Egg? You might also want to check out this post on the best lump charcoal for the Big Green Egg, as well as pizza stones ideal for Kamado grills!

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