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How to Batch Prep Grab n’ Go Smoothies



Everyone loves fruit smoothies. Shakes and smoothies are just universally loved since they’re such a good snack to have and are also healthy to consume. However, there’s a lot of processed sugar and other additives that can make these smoothies high in calories, and these manifest by going right to your thighs.

So, instead of depending on processed food, why not make your own smoothies? It takes a little bit more effort than ordering them to your home, but the effort will be worth it when you see the results six months from now.

How to Make the Best Homemade Smoothies

It’s very easy to make your own healthy smoothies

This process is easier than you think. All you need is some fresh fruit and some other ingredients and you’re good to go.

There are literally thousands of different combinations out there that you can experiment with, but here are a few to start with.

Green Smoothie

You’ll need almond milk, kale/spinach, bananas, almond butter, and chia seeds.

Begin by freezing the bananas for at least half a day. It’s preferable to peel fresh bananas and wrap them in plastic and store them in the fridge before you begin.

Take 1 cup of almond milk or regular milk if you prefer, 1 cup of baby kale or spinach leaves, 2-3 ice cubes if you like your smoothies chilled, 1 tbsp of almond butter or peanut butter, 1 tbsp of pure chia seeds and ¼ tbsp of pure vanilla extract, and a pinch of ground cinnamon. Once you have all the ingredients at hand, blend all of them together.

Almond milk gives this some creaminess so I’d recommend going with that. I’d also recommend going with a good blender since you want everything to be liquidated and no chunks when you swallow the smoothie. Also, you should change this recipe depending on any allergies that you may have.

Cherry Limeade Smoothie

The ingredients you need for this are 1 ripe nectarine, 1 cup of fresh or frozen cherries, 2-3 ice cubes if needed, ¾ cup of almond milk for creaminess, 1-2 medium limes, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, and a handful of spinach.

Blend these ingredients together and you’re all done.

Wild Blueberry Banana Smoothie

There are so many delicious and healthy ingredients that you can put into this smoothie that will not only be filling for you but will taste incredible.

The ingredient list begins with 1 cup of blueberries which contain 24% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C. Next, add 1 tbsp of nut butter, 1 tsp of chia seeds, 1 tsp of hemp seeds, 1 tsp of flax seeds, 1 chopped banana, and 1 cup of milk of your choice. You can add almond milk for more creaminess or stick with regular milk if you’re a purist.

The seeds are a great source of fatty acids which are an essential part of your diet and the banana will help to regulate potassium and sugar levels. It also contains anti-oxidants that can improve digestive health and keep you young.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Begin with half a banana, ½ cup of strawberries which have been frozen beforehand, 1 tsp of chia seeds, ¾ cup of milk (regular or almond milk whichever you prefer), ½ cup of plain yogurt (or flavored if you prefer, you can experiment with this if you want).

Blending these together will produce a great tasting snack that is filled with healthy fats and sugars which will keep you fit and also energized for the rest of the day.

Storing Smoothies

To store smoothies for later consumption, you can use a variety of containers. You can either buy special smoothie containers online or use mason jars which can work extremely well. You can also use plastic jugs to do this. Just don’t use glass containers since you will likely damage them when you place them in the freezer.

Another way to store your smoothies is to invest in some good quality ziplock bags. Just be sure to get all the air out of the bags before you store them in the freezer as contact with air interferes with and slows down the freezing process.

The Health Benefits of Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a great way to get a tasty and healthy snack

Smoothies can be a great source of nutrients for you since they contain all-natural ingredients.

If you learn how to make healthy smoothies at home, you will get all the juicy goodness of the ingredients and will rid yourself of the excess sugar and processed waste that usually comes with junk food.

The best benefit of making smoothies at home is getting rid of the processed sugar that is in regular smoothies.

Since table sugar, or sucrose, isn’t as easily digestible by our digestive systems as other natural carbohydrates, fruit smoothies help our systems avoid unnaturally high blood sugar levels and thus lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The smoothies will also help our systems get some or all the daily doses of Vitamins A, B, and C as well as other elements the body needs like potassium and iron. They will also counteract free radicals and protect cells from ionizing damage.

If you learn how to make healthy smoothies, it will greatly affect your lifestyle and help you overcome a lot of fatigue and health issues simply because you’re eating and drinking the right stuff. And since it’s a tasty snack to boot, you’ll be giving your taste buds what they want as well.

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