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How Long Does Celery Last In The Fridge?



Celery is a part of daily life for many people. Its taste and aroma make it a delicious addition to salads, soups, fresh celery juice, cooked dishes, and stews.

The crispy, juicy texture combined with the bitter, spicy flavor is perfect for a refreshing snack. But how long does celery last in the fridge? Read the article to find out!

how long does celery last in the fridge

Celery is a low-calorie, keto-friendly, gluten-free vegetable with high water content. It’s a good choice for those going for a healthy lifestyle.

Even if you use this veggie every day, there can be times when it stays in the refrigerator for a long period. In that case, you need to be sure that you can keep your celery fresh even after you take it out.

stalks of celery on a chopping board
Stalks of celery on a chopping board.

The answer depends on the conditions under which your celery is being stored. However, whole raw celery will generally stay fresh for three to four weeks in the refrigerator.

If you’re trying to store cut celery, it’ll last for about two weeks, but the packaged option won’t go longer than 4 days. You can store cooked chopped celery for a week and frozen celery stalk for 6 to 8 months.

How To Know If Your Celery Has Gone Bad?

rotten celery
Rotten celery on a light background.

The first thing to notice is the way it looks. Fresh celery has a light green color, whereas cooked celery might be a little more dark and translucent.

It’ll be firm upon holding, and you’ll hear a clear, loud snap when you break the stalk. It has a very light herbal aroma that may seem unpleasant to some people.

In terms of taste, fresh celery has a juicy, watery bitterness to it with hints of spice on the tongue. Some people describe it as having a softer spinach flavor.

Here’s what happens when celery goes bad:

  • If your celery begins to stale, the color will turn whitish.
  • The middle part of the vegetable will start getting hollow, and the stalk will bend as it gets soft.
  • You may even see yellow to brown-black spots indicating that the vegetable is near the end of its life.

If you have them stored in a bunch, you’ll notice that the whole thing will spread out when it goes bad. Rotten celery has a really bitter taste, or sometimes it doesn’t taste like anything.

If the celery smells pungent along with the rest of these signs, it’s time to throw it out.

How Can You Make Celery Last Longer?

celery being washed
A stalk of celery being washed in a sink.

To extend your celery’s shelf life, you can wrap it in a damp paper towel followed by aluminum foil or plastic wrap and place it inside your fridge’s vegetable bin. You can also seal it in a plastic bag or ziplock bag and store it in a container made for celery.

You might also see some savvy people fill a mason jar with water and throw their celery or cut carrots into that. This also works, but it must be eaten within a week.

Can You Freeze Celery?

mixed frozen veggies with celery
Mixed frozen veggies with celery.

Yes, freezing celery will keep it edible for up to 8 months.

Keep in mind that before freezing to store celery, you have to blanch the stalks and put them in a freezer-safe container or freezer bag. This step will help preserve the flavor for a longer time.

Here is how you can freeze your celery:

  • Start by cleaning the celery stalks under running water. You can wash it thoroughly using a vegetable brush.
  • Next, cut off the leaves and the white part. If you see any fibers or discolored sections, remove them as well.
  • Take a sharp knife and chop your celery to the length you prefer. If you are going to make a stew or soup, you can dice them to save time.
  • Take a big pot and boil some water. Put your vegetable in the boiling water for two to three minutes and take it out.
  • Fill a large mixing bowl with ice water and place your boiled celery inside. This will help stop the cooking process.
  • Drain your celery and pat it dry using paper or kitchen towels. Make sure you remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Place the celery on a baking sheet in a single layer. Freeze it overnight. Then, toss it all in an airtight bag and mention the date. You can freeze this bag for 6 to 8 months.

You can watch this video for further help:

Once you take them out, only use them in cooked meals because they’ll lose their crisp, and you won’t get the same texture in salads.

How Can You Restore Limp Celery?

celery with some dipping sauces
Celery with some dipping sauces.

If your celery is getting soft and bendable but seems fine, you can make the stalks crisp again.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Slice up your limp stalks into sticks.
  • Fill a glass with ice water and put the sliced celery inside.
  • Place your glass in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight, and you’ll find your celery crunchy again.
  • You can keep the celery in a glass of ice water for about three days. After that, the veggie will get waterlogged.


What happens when you eat bad celery?

Eating old celery that is rotten can lead to food poisoning. You can experience mild to severe stomach aches, diarrhea, and vomiting.

What can you do with celery that’s about to go bad?

You can make a vegetable broth. It doesn’t require your celery to be crunchy and have a juicy, firm bite, which means you can use it when you are done storing celery.

This can include both the celery stick, celery leaves, the celery root as well as blanched celery.

All you need is the flavor. You can add celery along with other vegetables to a pot of boiling water and prepare your broth.

This will last in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week. You can use this broth as a soup base or for rice.


Celery is a healthy, delicious vegetable that you can use in several dishes. You can store it in multiple ways depending on your needs.

Generally, celery will last for 4 weeks in the fridge and 8 months in the freezer. You can restore limp celery using ice water or use it to make a vegetable broth when it’s coming to the end of its life.

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