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Different Types Of Mayonnaise



Did you know that you can have different types of mayonnaise? So, if you’re tired of eating the same mayonnaise each time, you’ll be happy to know that you can bring variations to it and enjoy new flavors!

While there are great brand choices for the condiment such as American mayonnaise or Japanese mayonnaise, the well-known and popular kewpie mayo, we are thinking of more naturally spiced mayonnaise options for all the lovers there.

American mayo is well-loved for sandwiches whereas kewpie mayonnaise can be used as a sushi topping or mixed with sriracha for that viral TikTok salmon menu.

Mayonnaise is a condiment from vegetable oil, vinegar, and raw egg yolks. It also comes with various spices and has a smooth and creamy texture that adds flavor to different recipes.

However, you can enjoy different types of mayonnaise by bringing variations in the spices you add. So, let’s see the types of mayonnaise!

1. Herbed Mayonnaise

Herbed Mayonnaise
Herbed Mayonnaise.

Herbed mayonnaise gives a fantastic flavor due to the addition of different herbs in it. If you want some unique flavor in your homemade mayonnaise, adding some herbs can be of great help.

However, you need to be careful with the quantity and combinations of herbs you add to the mayonnaise. It will basically depend on the dishes in which you’ll add the mayonnaise later.

The most common herbs added in herbed mayonnaise are:

  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Chives
  • Basil
  • Parsley

You can combine two herbs and add them to the mayonnaise base. Due to the herbs, we also call it green mayonnaise.

2. Spicy Mayonnaise

Spicy Mayonnaise
Spicy Mayonnaise.

Due to its spicy yet citrus taste, spicy mayonnaise has become the favorite condiment of most people. You are more likely to find this type of mayonnaise in restaurants, as they continuously use it to add flavor to their dishes.

The spicy mayonnaise is made with a combination of a few sauces. It usually includes Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce or any other hot sauce.

You can add them in equal quantities to the mayonnaise, and your spicy mayonnaise is ready.

3. BBQ Mayonnaise

BBQ Mayonnaise
BBQ Mayonnaise.

The BBQ mayonnaise is famous, and that’s why it’s given a specific name, “Mayocue.” This sauce is yummy and can be the perfect condiment if you want to add a spicy and tasty flavor to your boring dishes.

The BBQ mayonnaise consists of BBQ sauce added to mayonnaise. While this is a simple recipe for BBQ mayonnaise, you can blend fried Spanish onions and brown sugar, and add them to the sauce for a better taste.

4. Chive Mayonnaise

Chive Mayonnaise
Chive Mayonnaise.

As the name suggests, chive mayonnaise is made of chives added to any homemade mayo or store-bought. However, to enhance the taste, you can also add garlic.

Chive mayonnaise can also be called herbed mayonnaise if your mayonnaise only contains chives. Some people also prefer adding ground black pepper and mustard powder.

But, it all depends on your taste.

5. Cajun Mayonnaise

Cajun Mayonnaise on chicken skewers
Cajun Mayonnaise on chicken skewers.

Cajun mayonnaise is one of its kind when it comes to flavor. Everybody who loves Cajun seasoning in their food will surely love this type of mayonnaise as a condiment too.

Cajun mayonnaise is simply made by mixing Cajun seasoning in mayonnaise and adding olive oil to it. However, if you don’t have it, you can also make the Cajun seasoning yourself.

This can make the best food even more elevated!

6. Smoked Lemon Mayonnaise

Smoked Lemon Mayonnaise on a salmon burger
Smoked Lemon Mayonnaise on a salmon burger.

If the sharp taste of mayonnaise isn’t enough for you, you can try the smoked lemon mayonnaise. The added citrus of lemon makes it super yummy and gives an extraordinary taste to the food.

You can make the smoked lemon mayonnaise yourself by smoking the lemon in the smoker and then squeezing the juice out of it. Then, add it to the mayonnaise.

For added flavor, you can also use chopped tarragon.

7. Harissa Mayonnaise

Harissa Mayonnaise
Harissa Mayonnaise.

Harissa mayonnaise is the favorite element in sandwiches and meat items. It is because harissa itself has a tangy and smoky taste, which makes it perfect for eating with dishes that include meat.

You can make harissa mayonnaise by mixing harissa paste in mayonnaise. Also, you can add chopped garlic to enhance the taste.

But, if you don’t have harissa paste at home, don’t worry. It’s easy to make with a few spices, and you can prepare it in no time.

8. Celeriac Slaw

Celeriac Slaw
Celeriac Slaw.

This type of mayonnaise is one of the condiments for any dish.

It’s also super easy to make. You only have to combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, dill, celeriac, and fresh herbs.

This easy-to-make dish is delicious and can enhance the taste of your food items. It also makes a great salad dressing. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s worth a try.

9. Black Pepper Mayonnaise

Black Pepper Mayonnaise
Black Pepper Mayonnaise.

If you love black pepper, why not add it to mayonnaise too?

Black pepper mayonnaise simply comprises ground black pepper mixed in mayonnaise. However, you can also add lemon juice for a better taste.

This type of mayonnaise can go well with any dish. It can be a perfect condiment in spicy dishes and the ones which require some sauces as well.

10. Ghost Pepper Mayonnaise

Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper.

Ghost pepper mayonnaise can be the best condiment for people who love spices in their food. Being the hottest chili pepper in the world, ghost pepper will make your sauce extra spicy, and you won’t need anything else.

Simply add the ghost pepper to the mayonnaise base, and you’ll get a spicy and tangy condiment to add to burgers and sandwiches.

11. Chimichurri Mayonnaise

Chimichurri Mayonnaise
Chimichurri Mayonnaise.

Chimichurri is a famous condiment in South American dishes. So, if you belong to this area, you’ll love the chimichurri mayonnaise too.

To make this type of mayonnaise, you need to mix parsley, oregano, pepper, salt, chili flakes, and vinegar and blend them. Then, add the paste to the mayonnaise base, and your new condiment is ready!

12. Citrus and Honey Mayonnaise

Citrus and Honey Mayonnaise
Citrus and Honey Mayonnaise.

While it offers an amazing flavor, citrus and honey mayonnaise is not common enough in restaurants and cuisines.

It combines the citrus taste of lemon with the sour taste of mayonnaise and the sweet taste of honey, which gives it a unique flavor.

To make this mayonnaise, you’ll have to grate the lime and lemon zest and add it to lemon juice. Then, mix it with the mayonnaise and add honey with it.

It also makes as a great salad dressing with some added dijon mustard.

13. Ouzo Mayonnaise

Ouzo Garlic Mayonnaise
Ouzo Garlic Mayonnaise

Ouzo is very famous in Greece, and its strong and tangy flavor attracts people a lot. Therefore, you can add it to mayonnaise to get a different condiment.

To make ouzo mayonnaise, you simply have to add ouzo in mayonnaise.

Also, add some chopped garlic to it for an enhanced taste. This type of mayonnaise can be the favorite of Greeks as they consume ouzo a lot.

However, you’ll have to be careful about the quantity of ouzo because it has a strong taste. If you add too much of it, you might ruin the taste.

14. Wattle Seed Mayonnaise

Wattle Seeds
Wattle Seeds on a brown background.

If you want to bring a different flavor to your regular mayonnaise but are short on ingredients, wattle seed mayonnaise can be the best option.

To make this, you only need to add wattle seeds in mayonnaise. No extra ingredients are needed.

The texture of wattle seeds will combine with the creamy texture of the mayonnaise and give a new texture to your condiment. This type of mayonnaise is healthy and nutritious due to the various nutrients present in wattle seeds.

15. Sesame Mayonnaise

Sesame Mayonnaise
Sesame Mayonnaise in a blue bowl.

Sesame mayonnaise is also easy to make. This delicious condiment or salad dressing can be a perfect addition to burgers and wraps to give a unique taste.

All you need is sesame oil and mayonnaise to make it. Then, add soya sauce to it and mix it thoroughly. This simple recipe doesn’t require a blender.

However, make sure you thoroughly mix the ingredients.

16. Korean Mayonnaise

Korean Mayonnaise
Korean Mayonnaise.

Korean mayonnaise is becoming the favorite spicy condiment to have with burgers, fried chicken, and other types of fast food. It is all because of the tasty and spicy flavor it adds to the dish that you cannot resist eating.

The recipe of the Korean mayonnaise is also simple, and the ingredients are easily available. All you need is mayonnaise, Korean paste, Gochu Jang, and Kimchi juice.

Combine these ingredients, and your Korean mayonnaise is ready.

17. Wasabi and Lime Mayonnaise

Wasabi Mayonnaise
Wasabi Mayonnaise.

Wasabi and lime mayonnaise goes perfectly with burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. The recipe is simple, and the flavors of lemon and wasabi combined with mayonnaise give it an amazing taste we crave for.

You only have to add lime juice and wasabi in mayonnaise to make this delicious condiment.

Final Words

With so many different types of mayonnaise, you don’t have to eat simple food without any flavor. All the recipes in our guide are easy to make, and you can use them as perfect condiments to spice up your dishes with unique flavors!

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