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Best Tofu Press Review and Buying Guide



Some people aren’t aware that you have to press your tofu before preparing it. Store bought tofu is full of water that will make it difficult to change the texture or add any flavoring. To ensure your tofu is the best it can be, you need to dry your tofu.

tofu block
Wet Tofu

While you can use two flat objects and some weights to evenly apply pressure to your tofu, this method can take hours and create a mess. That’s where tofu presses come in.

Tofu presses not only speed up the process, they also make messes a thing of the past. While you might be tempted to search tofu presses on amazon and buy one of the first ones you see, it’s important to know the different tofu presses that exist and the best kind of tofu press for you.

If you’re in a rush, here’s my favorite pick: Yamako Tofu Maker at Amazon

1. EZ Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press - Removes Water from Tofu for Better Flavor and Texture.

While many tofu presses can take hours to remove all the water, the EZ Tofu Press only takes 15 minutes. The center markings make it easy to center your tofu so it gets evenly pressed. It doesn’t include any springs and it’s super easy to clean.

While all of that sounds pretty good, some users noticed their tofu blocks were too big to fit in the press. It also easily cracks silken or soft tofu. Not a dealbreaker, but definitely something to keep in mind while searching for the best press for you!

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2. Bamboo Tofu Press

Bamboo Tofu Press | Removes Excess Water from Tofu in 10-15 Minutes | Solid Wood Tofu Press with Stainless Steel Hardware | Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Alternative to Plastic Presses | Made in USA

If you’re like me and worried about the current state of our planet, this tofu press is for you. It works well just like all the others, but it’s made from bamboo instead of plastic.

Bamboo is extremely durable so you won’t need to worry about your press breaking. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial meaning it’s 100% safe for your food.

This press can fit thicker blocks of tofu, but it doesn’t get tight enough for some of the tofu with a shorter height, so you won’t want to press thin tofu blocks. If you’re a fan of helping the plant and avoiding plastic, this tofu press is the perfect fit for you.

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3. Healthy Express Tofu Press

Tofu Press for EXTRA FIRM tofu - by Healthy Express - Premium curved plates for superior pressing results on Extra Firm tofu. Perfect Press every time! (2 Spring or Upgraded 4 Spring))

The Healthy Express Tofu Press comes fully assembled so you can start pressing right away. It has a curved design for optimum results. Once you finish drying out you tofu, you can immediately put the press in the dishwasher, still fully assembled. You will never have to worry about assembly!

The press even comes with 5 recipes to get you started on your tofu pressing journey. And if your press breaks or doesn’t meet your standards, there is a 1-year warranty.

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4. Premium Tofu Press

Premium Tofu Press, The Most Effective Presser to Get Water Out of Tofu Block, Built in Tofu Strainer and Drip Tray, Safe for Dishwasher and Refrigerator - Better Flavor and Texture

This mess free tofu press has a built-in collecting tray to catch all the water being removed. Some other presses don’t include this added part. While it is not a necessity, this tray makes cleaning up much easier. The clear gray material makes it easy to watch the entire process unfold before your eyes.

The Premium Tofu Press can drain all water from tofu easily in a short amount of time. Because it is quick and easy, it’s important to keep an eye on your tofu so it doesn’t become too dry.

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5. TofuPresser Tofu Press

The Original Simple Tofu Press by TofuPresser - The Easiest Way to Remove Water From Your Tofu

The TofuPresser tofu press makes broken tofu a thing of the past. In just 15 minutes it will completely dry your tofu without breaking its shape.

The turnable knobs make it easy to evenly apply pressure to the entire tofu block. When it’s all over, you won’t have a mess to clean up. Every feature of the press works together to make pressing your tofu a hassle free experience.

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6. Mangocore Tofu Press

Mangocore 3Pcs Plastic Tofu Press Mould DIY Homemade Tofu Maker Pressing Mold Kit + Cheese Cloth Kitchen Tool tofu mold

If you’re looking for something cheap, this inexpensive tofu press is perfect for creating your own tofu. Instead of purchasing it from the store, use your tofu press to create tofu right at home.

It can also help you make cheese, such as paneer. If you’re not interested in making your own tofu or paneer, the low price makes this the perfect choice for pressing store-bought tofu. No matter what your goal is, the Magnocore tofu press can help you achieve it.

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7. Raw Rutes Ninja Tofu Press

Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja) - Remove Water from Tofu OR Make Your Own Tofu or Paneer - USA Made from Stainless Steel

The Ninja tofu press is made of stainless steel, making it seemingly unbreakable, (but perhaps bendable). The price is on the high side, but you definitely get what you paid for. This product isn’t just a food presser to remove water from tofu; it can be used to create your own gourmet tofu.

This restaurant quality tofu press is designed to drain all water from tofu easily and make homemade tofu and cheese. The design makes it harder to wash, so it’s best to hand wash it yourself.

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8. Yamako Tofu Maker

Yamako Tofu Maker Kit HINOKI #82597 by Tofu Kit

This Japanese tofu press is incredibly sturdy and well made. It will last for all of your tofu adventures. Buyers have repeatedly expressed the amazing quality of the wooden tofu press. It also doubles as a tofu maker to let you create your own tofu right at home.

The Yamako tofu maker has some of the best tofu press reviews, the main complaint being that the directions are in Japanese. This shouldn’t turn you away from this tofu press, though. It is incredibly easy to find the directions in English online. If you decide to order this tofu press, it will be the last one you ever buy.

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Final Thoughts

There are many tofu presses to choose from, so it’s good to know what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in making tofu from scratch you should search for one that is designed for that. If you only want to press your store bought tofu, you can find a cheaper option that fits your needs.

You shouldn’t spend too much money on a tofu press if you’re just starting out on your tofu journey. Make sure you are serious about the addition to your diet before you spend more than you need to.

Tofu presses come in many sizes and are made out of many different materials. If you want to keep plastic away from your food, a wood, bamboo, or stainless steel tofu press is perfect for you. There are plenty of options, so find the perfect one for you. And if you’re fine with spending extra time on pressing your tofu, you don’t even need to buy one! It’s all up to what you feel is right for you. Tofu presses aren’t a necessity, but they do make it much easier and quicker to complete your favorite tofu recipes.

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