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Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg



Thinking of searing juicy steaks or trying your grilling prowess with pizza on a big green egg? Here are our recommendations for the best temperature controller for Big Green Egg to help you achieve the perfect cook of your food.

The Big Green Egg is not your regular smoker or grill.

Prized for its adaptive oval shape and generous size, it brings long-lasting durability, versatility, and the ability to retain heat better. Combined, these features significantly improve the flavor of your food.

Moreover, you can use it as a grill, smoker, and oven. The Big Green Egg’s incredible heat retention and low temperature make it a great tool for slow cooking and fire roasting your favorite foods, whether steaks, burgers, or even pizzas.

Nonetheless, you want to figure out a way to control the temperature if you want to enjoy the best food results. After all, failure to control the temperature on this versatile grill can result in overcooking, undercooking, or unevenly cooking your food.

The good news is that there is a solution to this.

Using a temperature controller for Big Green Eggs, you can ultimately take full control of its temperature when cooking. In fact, with a Big Green Egg temperature controller, your family BBQ gatherings and warm summer picnics couldn’t get any better.

The right temperature control allows you to fine-tune the perfect conditions for cooking your meal. This, in turn, gives you more time to bond and enjoy with your loved ones, without having to break away every few minutes to check on your food.

So, we’ve scoured the market to find the best Big Green Egg temperature controllers for you. After weeks of testing, we’ve managed to bring down our list to the finest choices.

Here are our top 8 recommendations for the best temperature controllers for Big Green Eggs. If you still struggle to pick the ultimate one for your home, our in-depth buyer’s guide will help you make the choice.

Background and History of Temperature Controllers

grill thermometer

Temperature controllers can be traced back as early as 1947. The very first mechanical temperature controller was developed by Will Memmert around this time.

While temperature controllers today follow the same design and working principle, this first controller was not intended for cooking or grilling purposes.

Instead, it was designed for incubators and drying ovens typically used in laboratories. The first true temperature controllers for grills were developed way into the 70s to early 00s.

After all, it was around the early 70s when the first Green Big Egg (inspired by Japanese and Chinese kamados) was sold.

As time continued to fly by, with advanced technology came more advanced controllers including digital and smart ones. Opting for digital or smart temperature controllers affords you more remote control over your cooking without having to do much physically, improving grilling, baking, and smoking convenience.

What Exactly Is A Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg?

digital thermometer

A Big Green Egg temperature control refers to a device specially designed to control its temperature. It allows you to set, manage, and monitor your cooking temperature without having to do much physically.

You can even find smart temperature controllers that allow you to set and monitor your Big Green Egg remotely via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A temperature controller even works for the not-so-good at cooking since it guides you in the perfect conditions for cooking your food.

For example, you can share parameters such as the type of meat and the amount you intend to grill. In turn, the temperature controller well recommended the ideal cooking temperature and duration to follow while helping you maintain these conditions throughout the cooking process.

Here are the Key benefits of Big Green Egg Temperature controllers:

  • Ensuring meat is cooked perfectly
  • Gives you accurate control of temperature (up to a degree accurate depending on the controller)
  • Convenience in cooking (some models even allow smartphone app remote control)

What Do I Need To Use a Big Green Egg?

To perfectly grill or smoke your food on a Big Green egg, you will need the following:

  • Charcoal: To fuel and run it
  • Thermometer: To gauge the temperature if your controller doesn’t have a built-in one.
  • Temperature controller: To allow for hands-free but consistent cooking. The temperature controller helps you set the right temperature for the meat and monitors it throughout.

What Issues Can You Experience When Using A Big Green Egg Temperature Controller?

Like any other man-made device, a temperature controller can come with its setbacks. During our device trials, we experienced several common issues among the different controllers we were trying out.

However, the good news is that for the most part, these problems can easily be solved or even mitigated.

Here are the common issues you may experience when using a Big Green Egg temperature control and how to resolve them. Note that issues we’ve outlined below are typically experienced with digital and smart controllers:

  • Issues with the Egg’s blower/fan that interrupt the controller’s functions

Solution. If you get readings on your pot probe, you may have issues with the probes and jacks instead of the blower. In this case, you are better off calling a professional.

  • Accuracy issues with the temperature probe

Solution. Restart the controller and use a pit and meat probe to troubleshoot the pit jack and meat jack respectively. The probe that fails to give you reading is where the problem is. If both probes don’t give you a reading, then, the problem lies in the jack.

  • The controller’s app not working

Solution. Wait for the app’s server to fix itself. If the app server isn’t the issue, you should focus on troubleshooting and fixing your internet connection.

  • Failure to connect to the internet

Solution. Several connection issues may cause failure to connect to the internet. To fix the problem, make sure the controller and your WiFi network are on station mode. Next, make sure your WiFi credentials are accurate. If none of these solutions work, reboot your WiFi router.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Eggs

Here’s what to look out for when picking the ideal Big Green Egg Temperature Controller:

Materials & Quality

The environment inside a big green egg gets quite hot and ruthless. Moreover, as you cook, there’s a risk of spills and drops from juices and burnt meat.

So, when picking the right temperature controller, make sure you opt for one made with high-quality, durable materials.

Look out for key details such as high temperature-resistant probes and housing that can withstand spills and drops. While this is not always the same for all controllers, cheaper costing models are more likely to feature non-premium, unimpressive quality materials.


Undoubtedly, the online market is swarmed with a wide selection of BBQ smoker temperature controllers. This doesn’t mean that they all necessarily pair with your Big Green Egg.

Some controllers feature a universal design. Others only work with kamado-style smokers like the Big Green Egg, while others work with specific brands or models.

Before you invest in a temperature controller, confirm its compatibility with your Big Green Egg smoker to ensure they work well.

Installation/Mounting Type

You will certainly have to hire a professional to help you install a standard temperature control.

However, some models specially designed for the Big Green Egg come with adapters that allow just about anyone to install the controllers themselves. All you have to do is attach the adapters to the smoker’s vents and the controller should be ready for use.

Number of Probes

Your temperature controller should at least come with a pit temperature probe to help you monitor the conditions in the main cooking chamber. If you want to enjoy more accurate monitoring, you can go for models that come with additional probes, like meat probes.

Moreover, if you plan on using your Big Green Egg smoker for a variety of food options, you should opt for a temperature controller with multiple food probes. If you are on a strict budget, a wireless thermometer will work instead.

Connection Type

This feature depends on your preferences. Regular digital temperature controllers may not allow remote control.

This means you can preset the parameters you want. However, you will not be able to control the temperature away from the smoker.

On the other hand, some temperature controllers feature WiFi connectivity while others connect directly to a phone or other smart device via Bluetooth. The connection type you go for determines the depth of freedom you have to control your smoker and grill.

For example, a WiFi-connected temperature controller means you can monitor your smoker beyond a few feet away. You can run down to the store and top up on BBQ sauce or beer while still monitoring the meat you left in the smoker.

However, a Bluetooth-enabled controller only gives you control power within a few feet (typically no more than 33 feet). Keep in mind, however, that you most likely will pay more for a WiFi-enabled controller than a Bluetooth-enabled or regular digital controller.

Other Features

While some of the features aren’t essential for your temperature controller, they still help enhance its functionality. These include lid detection, notifications, and display design, to mention a few.

When it comes to BBQ smokers like the Big Green Egg, the lid plays a significant part in your cooking process. Leave the lid open for a long period and you may just have a cooking disaster.

Some temperature controllers feature a built-in open lid detection feature that can save you from a cooking disaster.

With this feature, you will instantly receive a notification either on the display or on your smart device when you leave the lid open for a certain period. If you want to enjoy even better control over your controller, you can go for one with some kind of built-in notifications.

This can be anything from a built-in alarm that sends notifications to your smartphone app or programmable ones that ring an audible alarm when it reaches the set conditions. Other smoker temperature controllers even have multipurpose alarm settings, including open lid detection notifications and over/under temperature alarms.

A display isn’t an essential temperature controller feature. But, some cooks prefer to have a visual reflection of what is going on in their smoker, whether it’s temperature graphs or feature options.

1. Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

The Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller integrates a full suite of features to improve your smoker temperature control experience. Plus, it lets you enjoy its incredible features, despite the size of the Big Green Egg you have in your home.

In addition to its physical features, the smoker controller integrates a selection of smart functions. It features a built-in Wifi connection, allowing you full remote control using its smartphone app.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of its hands-free Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility so you can set your cooking conditions via voice commands.

On the other hand, the smoker controller’s patented software and variable speed blower ensure you enjoy concise temperature sensing – with a one-degree accuracy. Its smartphone app also lets you monitor your smoker in detail, thanks to the illustrative graph of pit and foot temperatures.

After all, the controller comes with up to 3 meat probes you can use for even better accuracy, without needing Y cables.

Nonetheless, these are not the only features you will enjoy. A built-in meat alarm reduces the temperature when the meat reaches the set cook.

After this, it simply maintains a low temperature to keep the meat warm until it’s ready to serve. With the app, you will receive instant notifications when this happens.


  • Works for any kamados style charcoal grill and smoker
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Voice Systems
  • Allows smoker tracking online on any device
  • Offers accuracy by a degree Fahrenheit


  • The metal mesh can easily slip from the meat probe

2. Big Green Egg Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer ET734

Using the Big Green Egg Temperature Controller, you no longer have to stress about dry and overcooked BQ meat.

The Big Green Egg smoker controller comes with a digital meat thermometer for even better temperature management. The ET734 is specially designed to let you track your food’s internal temperature while maintaining a distance of up to 300 feet (91 meters for metric folk).

The best part is that the controller offers the same precision as a conventional oven.

The temperature controller integrates a revolutionary fan with smart technology to adapt to your Big Green Egg’s cooking thermodynamics. The fan system promotes optimal oxygen pulsing within the smoker and grill to ensure it always maintains the right temperature.

The fan’s oscillating blades also make it easy to switch temperatures, whether increasing or decreasing, by easily fine-tuning the charcoal’s heat. The actual fan is strategically positioned over the air vents to automatically adjust them for the perfect airflow.

The exclusive Ramp Mode automatically lowers the pit temperature when your meat gets within 30 degrees of being done. In turn, this ensures you always enjoy perfectly cooked food.

Plus, the controller offers maximum compatibility, working great with the Big Green Egg, Weber grills and smokers, and Kamado Joe grills, to name a few.


  • Wireless up to 300 feet (91 meters)
  • Alert when desired temperature is reached
  • Intuitive buttons for easy temperature settings
  • Dual temperatures displayed simultaneously


  • No built in fans

3.BBQ Guru’s UltraQ Bluetooth/Wi-Fi BBQ Temperature Controller

The BBQ Guru’s UltraQ Temperature Controller comes as a universal smoker and grill temperature controller to cater to most kamado and ceramic grills and smokers on the market. However, this is not all the controller does.

Featuring built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the UltraQ series is designed to improve your meat grilling and smoking prowess. The controller combines an intuitive proprietary smartphone app and a visual activity tracker, letting you monitor and manage your cooking hands-free.

When testing this controller, we were most impressed with its special Status Light Ring. With this feature, you don’t have to focus on the in-depth app tracker that may share a little bit too much info that’s not always handy.

Instead, the simple Status Light Ring lets you get a quick visual status on the cooking temperature.

To give you accurate results, the temperature controller also comes with a 16-foot food probe for internal food temperature tracking and a 16-foot pit probe. Paired with an ultra-efficient 10 CFM pit viper fan/blower, you can rest assured that your food will always come out delicious.


  • Best for most kamado and ceramic grills and smokers
  • Status Light Ring gives you quick visual temperature status
  • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Dishwasher safe pot and food probe
  • 5-in-1 versatile mount included


  • WiFi connectivity may have some functionality issues sometimes

4.TempMaster Bluetooth Automatic BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller

If you are on a cash-capped budget, the TempMaster Temperature Controller gives you great value for your investment. The controller features a simple single-dial operational mechanism to make it easy to set and adjust your parameters, even mid-grilling or smoking.

Its main casing integrates a large center dial; you can use menu navigation and temperature adjustment. Upon close inspection during our sampling, we noticed the dial’s generous sizing and intricate threading which made it much easier and faster to make the adjustments.

If you don’t want to use the manual dial, you can take advantage of the controller’s Bluetooth connectivity and access its app using your smartphone. But, the controller’s design doesn’t focus on the physical features and connectivity technology alone

It also incorporates three free probes, one for the grill and others for the meat. To keep every component safe, the probes are housed in a practical wire wrap while the controller and free adapter for kamado with vents come housed in a portable, protective carrying case.


  • Most affordable
  • Universal design allows it to work with any enclosed grill
  • Portable and weather-resistant carry all case
  • simple single-dial operational mechanism


  • Limited Bluetooth range

5. SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller

If you plan on preparing multiple food items using your Big Green Egg, the SMOBOT WiFi Temperature Controller is a worthy investment. The grill and smoker temperature controller comes with dual food probes that allow multiple food and location monitoring.

Paired with a robotic damper, you will enjoy natural hands-free control management of your food. The robotic damper features a simple movable metal design that serves as the heart of your controller.

For even better temperature management, the smoker and grill temperature controller features a rugged thermocouple grill thermometer. The thermometer lets you mount it to the Big Green Egg’s grate with an alligator clip.

However, the controller’s impressive feature lineup lets you enjoy even better convenience. It incorporates an integrated WiFi so you can monitor your cooking directly or via the cloud.

The Cloud monitoring function gives you access to the mySMOBOT website so your current cooking, previous cooking, and even alter settings anywhere you are, whether at home or when running quick errands at the grocery store.


  • Best for preparing different foods
  • Cloud monitoring allows temperature management from anywhere
  • A robotic damper facilitates hands-free natural temperature control
  • grill thermometer with alligator clip included


  • The mechanical actuator arm tends to jam at times

6. Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller

The Flame Boss 400 WIFI Smoker Controller integrates a universal design, accounting for its compatibility with any ceramic and kamado-style grill. With its versatile design, the Boss 400 series stands out for its simplified design to make your temperature management task a lot easier.

It features an intelligent design with the WiFi control unit integrated into the actual blower for more efficient regulation. Moreover, combining the main WiFi control with the blower gives it a more compact build, making storage and setup easier.

Using its built-in WiFi connectivity, you can track the controller’s functions using your smartphone app anywhere. The app’s online dashboard also lets you change the temperature of your smoker’s pit or set a meat alarm for the desired cook consistency.

You can also go for more hands-free control via voice commands, thanks to the controller’s compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


  • Best for any ceramic or kamado-style grill and smoker
  • WiFi control built into the blower for a compact and easy-to-use setup
  • Improved software technology facilitates more accurate temperature control
  • Alexa and Google Home voice control compatibility


  • Included instructions can be a little confusing

7. Inkbird BBQ Temperature Controller

The Inkbird BBQ Temperature Controller works perfectly for those who want optimal feature capabilities to simplify their smoking and grilling experience. The grill control kit comes with all the necessary tools you need, including an adapter, blast pipe, a pit probe, and two meat probes housed in a protective carry case.

Moreover, the controller comes with two different sized dampers to cater to small and large Big Green Egg models. The controller’s variable speed fan promotes effortless temperature changes, working in synergy with the three provided probes.

During our test, we concluded that the control stands top amongst WiFi-enabled options that allow for app control. It integrates various components like the high and low-temperature alarm to prevent a grilling/smoking disaster while the graphs let you monitor your cooking trends.

The app also features an adjustable timer setting that lets you prepare different meats just the way you want them.


  • Packs multiple app features
  • One dial operation for convenient manual control
  • Offers a variety of preset grill and smoker types for even better accuracy
  • Excellent slow and low-temperature maintenance


  • You can only choose a single temperature setting for the alarm

8. Briidea BBQ Temperature Controller

Featuring a dual display setup, the Briidea BBQ temperature controller lets you monitor the pit and internal food temperature at all times. The control integrates a backlit, wide enough LCD screen that lets you monitor real-time temperature figures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Nonetheless, the controller remains portable enough to take anywhere with you. In fact, unlike many controllers, this one doesn’t depend on electricity.

Its rechargeable design lets you use it without connecting to the power for up to 6 hours straight. It comes fitted with a rechargeable battery to give you more convenience.

However, this is not all the controller does to impress. It features two durable stainless steel probes for the pit and food.

It also comes with a grill thermometer you can use to set the temperature of the food and pit, affording you even better accurate control.


  • Clear dual temperature backlit LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery operated with a 6 hour run time
  • Intelligent alarm option for fully cooked food
  • You can adjust the intensity of the alarm beeper


  • Lacks any wireless compatibility or website access


How Does A Big Green Egg Temperature Controller Work?

As the name suggests, a temperature controller simply monitors and fine-tunes your smoker’s temperature the way you want it to. Let’s explain it in simple principles of oxygen and fire – a good example is when a matchstick lits up, the flame continues to light up until the matchstick depletes.

However, if you cover it with a transparent bowl or glass, you will notice it burning for a few extra seconds before the flame dies off. The reason why your matchstick flame stays on is because of oxygen.

So, when you cover it, it uses up the remaining oxygen and goes off as soon as the oxygen depletes.

Now, temperature control works by following the same principle. When you shut the Big Green Egg, including its vents, eventually, the temperature begins to drop as the fire slowly dies off due to low oxygen.

With the temperature you set, the controller detects this drop and prompts the blowers to force oxygen into the smoker pit, increasing the flame and temperature. Once it reaches the desired temperature, it automatically shuts off the blower.

This cycle continues until your food cooks up to the desired setting.

How Do I Install My Temperature Controller on a Big Green Egg?

Different controllers feature varying installation designs, although some principles remain the same when it comes to installation on a Big Green Egg. Here’s how to install a smart controller:

  • Download the controller’s proprietary app onto your smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Plug in the controller into the power source and connect it to your home WiFi network
  • Pair your phone with your controller via WiFi or Bluetooth network
  • Start your Egg’s charcoal fire
  • Install the fan/blower to the Egg’s vent and plug in its adapter
  • To get the controller working, take the pit probe and connect it directly to the Egg’s grate
  • You can then set the parameters you want for the food you intend to cook
  • If your controller has a meat probe, stick it into the food once you set it on the smoker

Can I Change The Temperature of Big Green Egg Using A Temperature Controller?

Sure, your temperature control allows you full temperature control of your Big Green Egg using its switches. You can use the controller’s switches to decrease or increase the temperature based on your needs.


A temperature controller for Big Green Egg may seem like a simple, insignificant tool. The right controller can make the difference, ensuring you enjoy perfectly grilled, smoked, or seared food.

Additionally, when it comes to social gatherings, whether a BBQ or picnic, the right controller is your friend. Using the device eliminates the need for “helicoptering” your smoker.

Instead, you can socialize with your loved ones, and rest assured that the control will maintain accurate temperature monitoring on your smoker.

Our recommended list of the best Big Green Egg temperature controllers above offers options that cater to varying needs, ensuring you find what you need.

Nonetheless, our personal favorite pick is the all-rounder, the Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker. Packing a wide range of features, the Big Green Egg smoker gives you everything you need for convenient temperature management.

In addition to its WiFi connectivity, the controller is compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice systems, while offering a feature-rich smartphone app, illustrative display, and multiple built-in alarms with notification functions.

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