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Choosing the Best Tart Pan for Savory or Sweet Treats



Trio of mini fruit tarts

Whether it’s a three cheese tart with a buttery shortcrust pastry or a dark chocolate and caramel tart with a crumbly digestive biscuit base, tarts are a delight to eat.

Essentially, it takes two key components to make a tart: a pastry base and a filling of your choice (it may be sweet or savory).

The pastry is usually pressed into a tart pan, which may be of any size and shape you can find and may have either straight or fluted edges. The pan I use to make perfect tarts is the Wilton mini silicone tart and pie mold. Check it out at Amazon.

We’re going to give you our top picks for the best tart pans so that you don’t get lost in the countless different varieties available! And these tart pans are pretty versatile, so you can use for anything whether it’s a tart, a pie or a quiche.

The Classic

Wilton Tart and Quiche Pan

You’ve probably grown up seeing those traditional circular tarts or the triangular tart slices with the lacey edge in pastry shop displays. This one can help you make that at home. Here’s why you need it:

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom, 9-Inch - 2105-442
  • This 9 inch pan can make a tart big enough to serve around 8 people or even 1 if you’re treating yourself!
  • It has a removable bottom so that you can easily slide out your pastry crust without running the risk of cracking it because of any pulling or flipping of the pan.
  • It has a non-stick coating so you don’t need to worry about scraping at the base to pry it loose. And this coating will last, even if you throw the pan into your dishwasher.
  • The pan is made of real steel, and while it’s just a little pricier than a basic tart pan, it’ll last you a lifetime.

Check out the Wilton Elite at Amazon.

The Mini

Homono Non-Stick Mini Tart Pans (Pack of 6)

Quiche Pans, Homono Commercial Grade Non Stick Removable Bottom 5 Inch Mini Tart Pans (Pack of 6)

If you prefer a more snack sized pastry, or you’re hosting a dinner party, this 6 pack of mini tart pans is perfect for you. Not only will your mini tarts be easy to eat, they’ll also look beautiful and delicate with their frilled edges.

Check out the Homono Mini Tart Pans at Amazon.

  • These pans have a removable bottom so that you can easily remove your pastry (and quickly press in a fresh one if you’re making a large batch).
  • You don’t need to wash them by hand because they’re dishwasher safe!
  • They’re non-stick so you won’t have to fight with your pastry just to try and get it out in one piece.
  • They’re budget friendly, and they’re an investment that’ll last you for a good few years to come!

The Rectangle

Wilton Extra Long Tart Pan

Wilton Extra Long Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan, the Fluted Edges on Your Tarts and Quiches will Add a Touch of Flair, 14 x 4.5-Inch

If you want to change things up a bit, try baking your pastry in a rectangular tart pan. You’ll get those same lacey edges, but a neat rectangular slice instead of the traditional triangle. And don’t worry, if you ever do feel like creating a triangular slice, you just need to cut diagonally to get the same effect!

  • Whether you’re making a blueberry tart or a tomato and cheese one, you can make great symmetrical patterns with this rectangular pan.
  • It has a removable bottom, which makes it ideal for any kind of pastry, no matter how delicate it may be.
  • When you’re done, put it in the dishwasher or rinse it by hand.

Check out the Wilton Extra Long Pan at Amazon.

The Sleek Silicone

Silicone Quiche Pan

Pie Pan - 9 inch Pie Dish - Silicone Pie Plate - Easy To Release Quiche & Tart Pans

Many professional bakers are moving away from traditional metal pans in favor of the more malleable silicon ones. Why they’re great:

Check out the Silicone Quiche pan at Amazon.

  • You’ve still got the beloved fluted edges, and with the soft material, you can comfortably push the pastry in.
  • The silicon is oven-safe and it will always remain non-stick! Unlike metal pans which may lose their non-stick coating overtime, this one will never let your tarts get stuck.
  • It’s so versatile you can make practically anything in it: from grandma’s traditional blueberry pie to some crazy new candy you’re testing out.
  • Cleaning it is a breeze. It’s almost impossible to have little pastry flecks or custard bits stuck in the corners. Bending and wiggling the pan will get them right out. Or just toss it into the dishwasher.
  • You don’t even need any proper storage space for it. Just squish it into the corner of any cupboard.

Wilton Tart and Pie – Mini Silicone Molds

We couldn’t resist giving you an option for mini silicon molds. This pocket-friendly pack of 6 individual tart pans offers all the benefits of the large pan with the added bonus of providing single serves. If you’ve got kids at home and you’re having a fun day in the kitchen, you can give them these individual pans and let them make their own unique creations.

Wilton Tart and Pie Molds - Mini Silicone Molds

This isn’t really a one-size-fits-all situation. Different pans serve different purposes and we’ve tried to cover all the main ones. Whether you’re making a vegetable tart for a weekend dinner, or raspberry tartlets for a tea party, you can choose between large or individual sized pans. We hope this helps you in choosing the best tart pan for your next baking adventure.

Check out the Wilton Mini Tart and Pie Molds at Amazon.

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