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Best Stove Top Cleaners to Make Your Life Easier



Stove tops get a lot of regular use and if we’re being honest, they can get more than a little messy along the way.

It’s an unfortunate little kitchen fact that some of the tastiest dishes you can make will require a bit of cleanup afterward, but it doesn’t have to be such a chore. It’s all about choosing the best stove top cleaner from the get-go and sticking with it once you’ve found it!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best stove top cleaners on the market and we’ll tell you a little about each, touching on their virtues, as well as what people who were reviewing these products didn’t like.

After that, we’ll share some cleaning tips and some advice on buying cleaners in your local market, so that in the end you should be well-prepared to choose the right cleaner for your needs. If you’re ready, then let’s get started on our quest for the best stove top cleaners!

The conundrum of modern-day stove cleaning

Back in the day, if you were cleaning your stove then you would either be cleaning a gas range or an electric model, but stove technology has definitely made some leaps and bounds. As such, you have lots of different surfaces to consider and it’s not a decision to take lightly unless you don’t mind accidentally scratching or stripping your pretty new stove!

Thankfully, there are a number of cleaners out there that are specifically designed and formulated for cleaning whatever kind of stove you have at home. In the next section, we’ll explore some of the best and later in the article, we’ll tell you which one was our favorite and why.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek!

The best stove top cleaners to do the job right!

In the sections below you will find a list of the best stovetop cleaners, starting with wipes and moving up to creams, sprays, and more. We’ve tried to ensure that it’s nice and diverse so that you’ll have plenty of specialty cleaners to choose from, as well as a few multipurpose ones just in case you like a little versatility in your cleaning supplies.

With each one, we’ll tell you a little about what it does, as well as how the reviews went on Amazon, and we’ll share the ‘good’ with the ‘bad’ so that you’ll have a more realistic idea of the actual customer experiences with each. Now that you’re ready, here are the products!

MiracleWipes for Microwaves and Cooktops

MiracleWipes for Microwaves and Cooktops, Easily Removes Food and Grime Buildup, Safe and Convenient Stove Top Cleaner, Great for Home and Kitchen Use - 60 Count

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The secret to having a spotless stove is simple – always clean it after you use it so that the grease can’t build up in the first place!

With that in mind, our first entry is MiracleWipes and you can use them for your microwave, ceramic, or glass cooktops. It’s also handy for granite, tile, and chrome surfaces, so this is a product that’s nice to have on hand.

Peeking at the reviews, 60% of customers gave it 5 stars, with another 20% grudgingly admitting that it was worth 4 stars. Inspecting the praise, we see they were lauded for convenience, lack of streaks, and also for their ability to get into tight spaces such as corners and other hard-to-wipe locations.

Moving on to the 1-star ratings, however, we find that 5% of those polled had a different opinion, with one customer advising that they felt like ‘Lysol wipes’. Make of that what you will, but 80% of the over 3000 polled were quite pleased with these wipes.

Magic Stainless Steel Wipes

Magic Stainless Steel Wipes - Removes Fingerprints, Residue, Water Marks and Grease From Appliances - Works Great on Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Ovens and More - 30 Count

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If you’ve got a stainless-steel stove, then you know that the war with grease and fingerprints is a constant one.

With These Magic Stainless Steel wipes, you’ve definitely got a fighting chance. Each container comes with 30 grease-cutting wipes that may be used on your stainless-steel stove top, refrigerator, oven, and anywhere else you’ve got a metal surface that could use a mirror shine.

So, how was it received in the reviews? Well, out of 2005 reviews, a solid 73% gave this product 5 stars, while another 14% of reviewers gave it 4. A customer named ‘Leslie’, says she moved into an apartment with all stainless-steel appliances and claims that the product ‘works like a dream.’

Flipping the review coin to the 1-star reviews, however, we find 3% of those 2005 reviewed were not so happy about these wipes, with a few reporting streaking and one customer who received a package of dry wipes. As this was a very small percentage of reviewers, we are confident that these wipes won’t let you down!

Weiman Gas Range and Stove Top Cleaner and Degreaser

Weiman Gas Range and Stove Top Cleaner and Degreaser - 2 Pack - Dissolves Cooked On Food and Stains

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Next up we have Weiman Gas Range and Stove Top Cleaner and Degreaser and while this is specially formulated for gas ranges, it’s also good for standard, glass, and ceramic stove tops, BBQ grills, drip pans, and it even cleans your Pyrex bakeware. As it’s a combination of cleaner and degreaser formulas, you’ll find quite a lot of use for this stuff, so how did it score in the reviews?

Well, from 7113 reviews, 64% of people that used the product gave it 5 stars and another 17% gave it 4, so we already have an 81% satisfaction vibe from the get-go. Numerous users in this percentage advised that a little soaking with the product was all that they needed to be able to remove grease.

Moving into the negative reviews, however, we find that 6% of customers had something different to say. User ‘Onewingedangelis’ said that it did nothing for their grease after a 30-minute soak, but they also said that it was ‘super hard’ already, and the aptly named user ‘Disappointed sometimes’ felt that it left too many smears and streaks.

Still, 81% out of 7113 reviewers gave it 4 or 5 stars, so make of this feedback what you will!

Bar Keeper’s Friend Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner

BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner (13 oz) - Liquid Stovetop Cleanser - Safe for Use on Glass Ceramic Cooking Surfaces, Copper, Brass, Chrome, and Stainless Steel and Porcelain Sinks(2)

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If you’ve never heard of Bar Keeper’s Friend, then you are in for a treat. This multipurpose cleaner is nothing short of amazing when it comes to cleaning glass or ceramic stovetops and just about any other glossy surface that could use a little shine. It’s an excellent degreaser, and aside from stove cleaning, you can also shine up steel, copper, chrome, brass, and porcelain with this nifty cream.

Despite its appetite for grease, there are no abrasives in this cream to scratch the surfaces that you are cleaning, so if you want an excellent cleaner for multiple surfaces as well as your stove, then we heartily recommend introducing yourself to Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Checking in the reviews, this product has a very robust 80% of happy 5-star reviews from people who tried it, and another 12% were willing to give it 4 stars. This is out of 2098 reviews, so that’s a very solid start, we’d have to say. Praise included examples such as ‘it removed all the burned-off food from my burner’ and that it was excellent for ‘cleaning and conditioning glass surfaces’.

In the 1-star reviews, we’re happy to report that there simply weren’t many of them – only 2%! In the reviews, user ‘MW’ said that it was not safe for enamel, as it took a sheen off their enameled pot and one user said it scratched their stainless steel – while we could not find repeats of these, the Bar Keeper’s Friend website had a number of users of the product that used it for their stainless steel and there was a warning against using it on lacquered items.

We recommend checking the reviews and instructions on your bottle first if you are uncertain or you can visit the Barkeeper’s Friend website for more information.

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner

Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 28 Oz (Pack of 2)

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Cerama Bryte is not a multipurpose cleaner, but rather one that is formulated specifically for your glass and ceramic stovetops. It’s quite good at what it does, too.

You can use this product to give the stove surface a thorough cleaning and it will cut grease and break up carbon deposits with ease. While it’s kind of a one-trick pony, sometimes that’s exactly what you need, so if you have a glass ceramic stove top that needs cleaning, then Cerama Bryte is well worth your time.

The reviews definitely seem to back up the hype, with 85% of 4410 reviewers giving this product 5 stars, while another 11 percent grudgingly parted with 4 stars. ‘Anthony Smrek’ stated in his review that he tried this against 4 other products and that the Cerama Bryte was the definite winner, and ‘Derin S. Rominger’ said it’s also good for non-stick ceramic pans.

Moseying over to the dark side, however, we’re delighted to report that only 1% of all reviewers seemed to be unhappy with this product. These complaints included one that stated the product contains ammonia, which wasn’t recommended for their Samsung stove, a few reports of streaking, and one customer who felt that baking soda was a better option, as you still have to scrub with this product.

Be sure to take a closer look at the reviews if this makes you nervous, but with most of those 4000+ happy reviewers, we have to say that we have a lot of confidence that Cerama Bryte will deliver as promised!

Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser

Krud Kutter KK326 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser, 32 oz

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Degreasing is one of the hardest parts of properly cleaning a stove, and that’s where Krud Kutter really sticks out and shines.

Water-based, non-toxic, and non-flammable, Krud Kutter is a proprietary formula that will not only cut grease but which have other applications around the house as well. You can use this to make a gunky stove spotless, clean greasy build-up in your sink, or even apply it to stains on laundry, your vehicle, and cement!

It’s heavy-duty stuff, folks, and while you hope that the stove doesn’t need that kind of attention when it does then you will be prepared.

Checking into the reviews, we show that 69% of reviewers gave this product 5 stars, while another modest 15% gave it 4. Included in the praise of this product was a comment from a user named ‘Raj’, who calls it the ‘best cleaner on the market’ and advised that it cut through oil and grease on his stove in 10 minutes flat.

Continuing through to the 1-star reviews, we can see that 7% of reviewers had a different take on Krud Kutter, with user ‘Beta’ saying that they felt 409 worked better and cut through grease faster, while ‘GeniusX’ said that they could not effectively clean their stove knobs.

As there were 964 reviews, 7% means that about 67 reviewers were unhappy, while the 4 and 5-star reviews totaling 84% make up about 819 happy reviews, so keep the numbers in mind when you make your decision and be sure to check the reviews a little on your own if you’re not sure!

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit, Safe for Glass & Ceramic Cooktops, Includes 5 oz cleaner, 5 pads, 1 scraper

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While you could just purchase the cleaner, why not go all-inclusive and get a whole cooktop cleaning kit? The Affresh Cooktop Cleaning kit has all that you need for cleaning glass or ceramic stove tops and it’s actually a top recommended brand for Maytag, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool appliances.

Each kit comes with your non-abrasive cleaner, 5 cleaning pads, and 1 scraper for the tough stuff, so that you’ll be good and ready for a nice, thorough cleaning of your beloved cooktop. So, how did the Affresh do in the reviews?

Well, starting off, 74% of 7195 reviewers felt that this product earned 5 stars, and another 15% chipped in their .2 cents worth and gave it a solid 4. User ‘sh1029’ said that they used it on a $1300 KitchenAid cooktop with skepticism after other products wouldn’t cut it, but within minutes found that the results were dramatically better with the Affresh with just a few minutes of cleaning.

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if we just stopped there, so moving to the 1-star reviews we find that 2% of those polled didn’t like the Affresh kit, with complaints including one customer who felt the scraper was unsafe and poorly made, while another user says that the cleaning pads were abrasive – not the cream – and that it scratched their Whirlpool glass. With so many overwhelmingly good reviews, we suggest that you check the instructions for the product carefully and use your best judgment – quite a lot of people seem to swear by this product!

Whink Glass and Ceramic Cook-Top cleaner

Whink Prod. 33081 Glass Cookware And Cook-Top Cleaner 15 oz

View on Amazon

Whink Glass and Ceramic Cook-Top Cleaner is another hidden gem when it comes to keeping your cooktop nice and shiny. Aside from being able to use this on smooth cooktops, Whink will also work wonders on ceramic, porcelain, marble, laminate, granite, stainless steel, and more!

Not only does it clean, but it will also condition the surface that you are cleaning in order to make it look good for longer. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s see what the reviews had to say!

For 5-star reviews, we have a lovely 85% of happy customers that gave this product 5 stars and another 8% giving it 2. Mind you, this was out of 150 reviews, but it’s still a pretty solid start! Included among the praises, we have a review testimonial from ‘Mia-Leah’ who says that all she does is wipe the product on, let it sit for a few minutes, and then it wipes away shiny and clean!

Flipping the review coin, there actually were no 1-star reviews, but 2% of reviewers did give it only 2 stars. Among these complaints, one customer advised that the product has a minty smell, while another said it’s much cheaper at WalMart! As far as complaints, that’s the mildest we’ve seen with any of the products today thus far and an excellent indicator that Whink might just be your new favorite cleaner!

Best tips for cleaning your stovetop

While cleaning your stove can be a bit of a chore, building up some good habits and keeping a few tricks up your sleeve can definitely cut down on the time and effort involved. With that in mind, here are a few of our best tips for cleaning your stovetop:

Cleaning wipes are nice to keep on hand. While you usually disassemble your stove top for proper cleaning, there are still hard-to-reach areas that you can make short work of with those handy wipes!

Always soak for the recommended time on the product labeling. Rushing things can lead to grease that is only partially dissolved and a streaky mess that could easily have been avoided. Just be patient and wait that 2 – 3 minutes so that your cleaner has had a chance to work its magic.

When using a scraper, hold it at a 30 – 40 degree angle for best result and if it’s a surface that you could accidentally scrape the paint or coat off of, then don’t use the scraper at all. It’s too risky just to save yourself an extra 10 minutes of elbow grease to remove that mess.

If you’re dealing with a formidable build-up that’s had time to ‘fossilize’, then save yourself a little bit of grief. Boil some water and carefully pour it on the spot and it should loosen it up nicely for your cleaner and scrubbing.

Buying information for stovetop cleaners

If you are thinking of sampling some local cleaners, then we’d like to help! Below you’ll find a few quick tips to help you in selecting a new stove top cleaner:

Google the cleaner for reviews first and use quotation marks. For example “Joe’s Stove Top Cleaner” (with the quotation marks) and the word ‘review’ (without the quotes) will give you ONLY results with exactly what you typed in the quotations. This can help you to find reviews FAST.

While these are some rare exceptions, multipurpose cleaners are typically weaker than something formulated for cleaning a specific surface. There will also be less risk of putting chemicals on a surface that could be damaged by them. Stick with products for your specific type of stove top for the best (and safest) results.

Look for concentrated cleaners. While they seem to cost a little more at first glance, paying a little extra now for a gallon of cleaner that you can turn into 30-60 gallons will save you a lot of money.

Consider investing in wipes – they’re inexpensive and allow you to quickly clean after every stove use, and this makes your expensive cleaner last longer and gives you more free time to enjoy.

Product recommendations

While multipurpose cleaners are seldom as good as something specifically formulated for one specific task, Barkeeper’s Friend is one of those rare exceptions and we’d have to say that this product was our favorite. Not only is it inexpensive, but it utilizes citric acid for effectively breaking down grease and also helps in shining and polishing afterward.

If you’ve never given it a try, then we highly recommend it – while all of the cleaners on this list are good, Bar Keeper’s Friend is one of those cleaners that you’ll like enough to keep a spare bottle around the house. So, try it out and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!


Before we finish things up for today, we’ve got frequently asked questions about stove top cleaning hacks that we thought we would share with you. Let’s take a look and see what you think!

Can you really degrease a stove top with vinegar?

Yes! White vinegar is a great way to break up grease and all that you need to do is pour a little on top of a greasy mess, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then you can give it a scrub with soap and water or your favorite cleaner and it should work a treat!

Does toothpaste clean stove tops?

For burnt-on food, a little hack that can come in handy is contained in your toothpaste tube. Simply rub some of the toothpaste onto the burned food areas and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. It needs to be a toothpaste that has baking soda and if it is, then it should break up the burnt food and soften the mass well enough to allow you to lightly scrub or simply wipe it away afterward.

How do I clean a stove with vinegar and baking soda?

You’ll need to put your vinegar in a spray bottle and once you’ve done this, then lightly spray the surface of your stovetop, sprinkling on some baking soda afterward. Next, soak an old towel in hot water and lay it over the stove, letting it sit for about 10 minutes while the vinegar and baking soda do their work.

Once the time has elapsed, simply lift the towel and wipe your stove clean, using a microfiber cloth or some of your cleaning wipes to get the hard-to-reach spots. It works well and should help you quickly get your stove back to looking nice and shiny!

Some closing words on stovetop cleaners

Today we’ve taken a look at some of the best stovetop cleaners on the market and our overall favorite was Barkeeper’s Friend. It’s a real gem of a product, but any of the options we’ve listed today will also work wonders for your stovetop. Just be sure to pick a type that is compatible with your specific stove and double-check the label for any special instructions – some of these require a little soaking and if you skip that, then you’re going to be disappointed!

Don’t forget that our method for baking soda and vinegar can also make short work of that grease, and while it won’t be as fast as these pro products, it will definitely work in a pinch. After that, it’s all a matter of patience for the soaking and a little elbow grease and before you know it, your stove top will be sparkly-clean!

Thanks so much for your visit today and we wish you and yours the very best!

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