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Best Stand Mixer Under $100



Getting a powerful new stand mixer for your home is an excellent investment, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

In today’s article, we’re going to share with you a number of nice models that offer different levels of power and capacity and which won’t cost you more than $100. Along the way, we’ll tell you about each model, including a ‘sweet and sour’ sampling of their reviews, and we’ll even throw in some usage and buying tips and tell you our favorite before we conclude.

If you’re ready to get started, then let’s begin our journey to find the best stand mixer under $100!

Finding The Right Stand Mixer Match

Picking out the right stand mixer for your needs can be a little bit tricky. There are lots of models to choose from, after all, and while some definitely bring some serious aesthetics to the table, that’s no guarantee that they’re going to deliver what you want once you get them home.

Most mixers will have the same basics. You’ll have your dough hook, whisk, and flat beater, but you’ll notice that wattage ranges go from $250 to $1,000 and you’ll see things like copper motors, splash guards, and other bells and whistles that can really make selecting your mixer a bit overwhelming.

The best way to go about it is to just focus on power, volume, and quality and to simply go for a model that has your basics covered. You can always upgrade and get those bells and whistles later, after all, and there’s nothing wrong with this approach.

It will save you a good chunk of change, but more importantly, you’ll get a little skill with your stand mixer so you’ll be ready to use any new and fancy functionality to its fullest with a lot less risk of damaging the appliance by accident!

Let’s take a peek at some of the best models out there that will get the job done nicely and which come with a few extras – but not enough to make things confusing or to create a ‘kitchen overkill’ type scenario.

The Best Stand Mixer Under $100

Now that we’ve talked a little about stand mixers, it’s time to take a look at the models that we have collected to show you today. We’re including a wide range of sizes and powers, so that there is a little bit for everyone, and we hope that you like the ones that we’ve picked.

We’ll tell you a little about each model so that you’ll know what they do and what they come with, and we’re also going to share some snippets from both good and bad reviews on Amazon. This will help to keep things honest, but keep in mind that a bad review or two shouldn’t necessarily rule one of these products out.

After all, with a lot of sales, there’s always the chance of a defective model or two being sent out, so we’ve tried to pick out ‘negative’ ones that have ‘stuck out’ to us so that you can confirm on your own if it looks like a trend of an unhappy ‘one off’.

Now that we’ve gotten our disclaimin’ out of the way, let’s look at the best stand mixers for under $100, and later in the article, we’ll even share our favorite and you can see if you agree!

Kitchen in the box 3.2Qt Small Electric Food Mixer – $79.99

Stand Mixer, Kitchen in the box 3.2Qt Small Electric Food Mixer,6 Speeds Portable Lightweight Kitchen Mixer for Daily Use with Egg Whisk,Dough Hook,Flat Beater (Purple)

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Our first entry today is a colorful little workhouse, the Kitchen in the box stand mixer. Available in purple, black, blue, purplish-red, red, white, and yellow, it’s definitely got the aesthetics, but what about performance?

Well, the unit itself is made of plastic and stainless steel and features 6 speeds, as well as 4 anti-slip suction cups to ensure that it doesn’t mix itself right off of your countertop. Add in that it has a modest 3.2-quart mixing bowl and it’s a perfect size for loners or couples who want a little mixing power, without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

Looking into the 1612 reviews posted from those who purchased this product, we can see that 70% of customers gave this 5 stars, while another 15% felt that it was worth a solid 4. Included among the praise, ‘Eng112’ says it’s a ‘great compact mixer’ and a ‘perfect solution for my small apartment’, while ‘Austin Berry’ called it ‘reliable and easy to use’.

Checking the dark side of the same review pool, it appears that 6% of customers were less enchanted, with comments including ‘Vonette Erskine’ stating she bought several for a class she was teaching and that 2 of them died out fairly quickly. There were a few reports along these lines, and while this product has a warranty this might be something to keep in mind when you are picking out your favorite from our list.

Hamilton Beach 4 QT Electric Stand Mixer – $79.97

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer, 4 Quarts, Dough Hook, Flat Beater Attachments, Splash Guard 7 Speeds with Whisk, Black

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Coming in at just 1 penny under the $100 limit, this Hamilton Beach 4-quart electric stand mixer is a 7-speed and 300-watt workhorse for your kitchen.

It’s also a colorful one – available in white, gray, red, black, aqua blue, and purple. Beyond its 7-speed power, you get 3 attachments for it to help you to whisk up anything from whipped cream to your favorite kinds of dough, and the powerful 300-watt motor will help to make sure that you get consistent speed throughout your mixing sessions.

Wandering over into ReviewLand, we show that Hamilton Beach got 5-star reviews from 69% of 2296 polled, and also received 4 stars from an additional 16%. Positive comments included user ‘Deep Fried’ stating that this was a ‘game-changer for anyone who likes to cook and bake at home’ and ‘Roseanne M’ who stated ‘it was nice to be able to do chores while the mixer does its thing’.

Walking over to the dark side of the reviews, however, we can see that 5% of customers were less impressed with their own Hamilton mixers, with ‘Howard Burroughs’ stating ‘Maybe my mixer was defective, but I’ve hated it from the beginning’ and described a run of malfunctions that started with the notches which hold the bowl breaking. ‘Krista Allen’ further claimed that the paddle only mixes in the middle, but not the sides.

While it’s gotten great reviews, we recommend checking in the 1 and 2-star categories on your own to verify. Hamilton Beach is typically high quality, but as Krista’s comment definitely got our attention, we wanted to make sure that we shared this.

Zuccie 4.5L Mixers Kitchen Electric Stand Mixer – $71.99

Stand Mixer, Zuccie 4.5L Mixers Kitchen Electric Stand Mixer, 380W Motor Power Food Mixer, 8+P-Speed Dough Mixer with Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater, White

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Next up we have this Zuccie 4.5 liter electric stand mixer and if you were looking for something small with a little more capacity and a LOT more power, then this might be a good fit for you. The Zuccie has 8 speeds, so you can use the right speed for whatever ingredients you are blending, and you can purchase this model in white, gray, or black.

We should also mention that Zuccie stands behind their product, throwing in a 3-year warranty as well as a 3-month ‘no questions asked’ return policy – a bit of a rarity, these days, that adds a little heft to our confidence in this product.

Peeking into the reviews, we can see that the Zuccie received 5 stars from 73% of the 235 polled, and another 15% felt that the product deserved 4 stars. ‘Kevin Zacarias’ said it does everything that a ‘kitchen aid’ appliance does, and ‘Corey’ states ‘I like that the price didn’t decide on the quality of the product’. That’s definitely the kind of praise that we like to hear.

Moving on, however, a little rain is always going to fall, and in the ‘1-star storm’ category we can see that 5% of the folks who purchased this mixer felt it wasn’t as praiseworthy. Comments included one from ‘Malachi Mathis’ who was upset that ‘it didn’t come with a spatula’ and ‘Lori A’, who said that hers only ‘worked times and gave out 7 days after the return period’.

Not every review will be sunny, of course, but be sure to check them on your own and use your best judgment.

FRIGIDAIRE ReadyPrep 4.75 Quart Retro Stand Mixer – $88.98

FRIGIDAIRE ReadyPrep™ 4.75 Quart Retro Stand Mixer (MIMOSA)

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It’s a name that we all know and trust – Frigidaire – and for fans of retro style, this 4.75-quart stand mixer might well be exactly what you’re looking for. Available in many colors, such as rose gold, Mimosa, blue, black, red, pink, butterfly, silver, and white, it’s definitely a good-looking mixer, but how does it perform?

Well, with this mixer, you’ve got complete bowl coverage, as well as 8 speeds, and a 300-watt motor to power through your mixing sessions. It also includes a useful guide for recommended power settings for different recipe mixes – which is certainly a nice touch.

As far as attachments, you’ll have your whisk, dough hook, flat beater, and splash guard to help keep the mixing clean. Finally, the arm may be lifted in the traditional mixing style, so you’ll have modern functionality with all the aesthetics of the classic retro Frigidaire look.

Moving on to reviews, the Frigidaire Retro mixer got 5 stars from 68% of 1232 reviewers and an additional 16% of them gave the product 4. ‘Christopher’ called his a ‘fantastic affordable stand mixer’ and says that unless you are grinding meat, there is no need for a more expensive model. ‘Melinda Calixto said it was the perfect size for making cakes and that she loves hers and would buy it again!

Looking into the shadows, however, we can see that 6% of customers felt that this product only deserved 1 star. Among these reviews, ‘Richard Goforth’ stated that his dough hook broke after 2 months, and ‘Sassy’ said the same about her whisk.

Both advised they were unable to find replacement parts and while we believe these to be standard attachments, we were unable to confirm this – so be sure to check with your vendor on the sizes to confirm this!

COSTWAY 6.3 QT Electric Stand Mixer -$89.99

COSTWAY Stand Mixer, 660W Electric Kitchen Food Mixer with 6-Speed Control, 6.3-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hook, Beater, Whisk (White-update)

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This good-looking stand mixer is the COSTWAY 6.3 quart electric stand mixer and it gives you more volume without wandering into the 8-quart territory. Replete with 6-speed settings, you should be well-prepared for any recipe.

Colors for this model include white, black, red, and silver so you can pick your appliance to match your kitchen décor. Each comes with a wire whip, dough hook, and beater and this model uses the ‘planetary style’ to make sure that you get full-bowl coverage. Add in that there’s a splash guard to keep things neat, and you’ve got a good little workhouse of a mixer to get your kitchen craft in high gear!

Looking at the reviews, a solid 78% of 911 customers reviewed gave this product 5 stars, with another 13% admitting that it was worth 4. ‘Steffanie H.’ says she loves her and that you can’t beat it for the price, and ‘Julia A.’ says hers ‘does it all’, as she’s used it for whipping cream, blending up cake ingredients, and even kneading bread – all to excellent effect.

Grabbing our umbrella to walk to the rainy side of the reviews, we found that 4% of customers were not as happy with their own COSTWAY. Looking through the reviews, some of these received a defective unit and one person got the wrong color, although ‘strictly necessary’ felt that the attachments were too small for the bowl.

Overall, however, this was pretty well received and it’s also a great-looking mixer, indeed!

ACEKOOL 7.5 QT Stand 10-speed Mixer – $94.99

Stand Mixer, 7.5QT Kitchen Electric Food Mixer 10-Speed Tilt-Head Dough Mixer for Baking&Cake, with Stainless Steel Bowl, Whisk, Dough Hook, Beater, Splash Guard (660W) BLACK MC1

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This ACEKOOL 7.5 quart stand mixer gives you plenty of volume to work with and 10 speeds of power. It’s also a tilt-style mixer, which tends to be our favorite type, and it’s designed to be splash resistant and to work quietly as it gets your mixing done.

We mentioned 10 speeds of power, but the real heft of it is in the motor, which runs on 660 watts. This helps to ensure that your 3 mixing attachments – the whisk, dough hook, and flat beater -will work powerfully and tirelessly to make baking and other mixing-centric tasks a breeze.

Checking out the reviews, the ACEKOOL had a total of 847 reviews and 85% of those were positive, with 69% giving it 5 stars and 16% giving it 4. Happy customers said things like ‘great for bread making’ from user ‘Ken K.’ and ‘Njmanga’s comment of ‘excellent mixer despite little-known brand’.

Time for a little rain on the parade, however, in the form of 1-star reviews, which came from an unfortunate 7% — with ‘unhappy buyer’ advising that their mixer expired just after the 90-day warranty went out of effect and ‘Christopher R.’ stating that his stopped working after 3 uses.

Make of these what you will, but it just wouldn’t be fair if we pretended that everyone loves every product – that’s not fair or even remotely credible for ANY product, so we just give you the good with the bad so that you can decide what to do with it!

KICHOT 4.8 QT Stand Mixer 10-speed and 800W – $86.99

Stand Mixer, KICHOT 10+P Speed 4.8 Qt. Household Stand Mixers, Tilt-Head Dough Mxier with Dough Hook, Beater, Wire Whisk & Splash Guard Attachments for Baking, Cake, Cookie, Kneading, SM-1533,Black

View on Amazon

Our next product is this KICHOT 4.8 quart 10-speed and 800-watt mixer and it brings a lot of power and mixing capacity to the table.

With 3 attachments – a whisk, a beater, and a dough hook – you’ve got all that you need for the basics, and it also has a tilt-head style for those who love this traditional mixture feature. The motor itself is pretty robust, but it’s designed to run quietly, so it should never pass 70 decibels. So, how did it rate in the reviews?

Wandering off in their direction, we can see that the KICHOT scored 5 stars from 75% of reviewers and another additional 15% gave it 4 stars. ‘Lavozier W.’ calls it ‘a little work horse’, while ‘Penny F’ says it cleans up well and the suction cup bottom makes it very sturdy.

That said, looking into the 1-star ratings, we did have 3% of customers out of the 770 polled who did not like the KICHOT. As far as the complaints go, one anonymous user said that theirs makes too much noise, and ‘Virginia’ was mixing a beater and didn’t know how to get it replaced. All in all, however, most seemed quite happy with this mixer, so if your curiosity is piqued, then be sure to take a closer look!

Best newbie tips for using your new stand mixer

If this is your first electric stand mixer, then congratulations! An appliance upgrade like this is always a fun one and now all kinds of tasty delights will be well within your reach (and they won’t take all day this time!).

In an attempt to be useful, we’ve collected a few ‘newbie tips’ that you can use with your new mixer to help ensure smooth operation and to avoid some potential pitfalls while you do:

Read the manual – it’s worth it! You could skip this step, but you might find out the hard way that certain ingredients shouldn’t be mixed on a particular speed setting and that will definitely take the sparkle right out of your day.

Speaking of things to check in the manual, you’ll want to adjust the beater to ensure you don’t accidentally bend it out of shape – look this up while you are checking the speeds and it’s another nasty headache you’ll avoid.

Leave your metal spatula out of the bowl when you are mixing. Yes, you can save a little time, but if your beater hits that spatula then it could easily bend out of shape.

Treat your mixer like a car (and not a sports car). This just means starting with low speeds and working your way up. This can help to reduce the chances of accidental damage to the attachments and will also minimize any surprise splashing that might otherwise occur.

The next time you want to whip some cream, chill your bowl and beaters first and see what happens – let’s just say that you’ll be pleased with the fluff factor you’ll get.

If your mixer head seems shaky, then you can usually turn it on the side and tighten the hinge pin – how-to steps should be in your manual when you need them.

Silicone scrapers are amazing for scraping your mixing bowl with – trust us on this one!

Buying Information for Stand Mixers

On the off chance that you didn’t like any of our selections or might simply prefer buying a new appliance at a physical location, we’ve collected a few tips that can help. Here are some things to keep in mind when you stand mixer shopping that we hope you’ll find useful:

Aluminum beaters need to be hand-cleaned, but coated beaters can be popped into the dishwasher. Consider this when buying a stand mixer or new attachments.

Pouring shields are nice to have and you’ll find them available with all but glass bowl mixers, so it’s worth seeing if your model has one.

Tilt-head models give you easier access to the beater.

Check the availability of extra bowls and consider getting a couple for your chosen model. This comes in handy when you are prepping for holiday baking or hosting an event at home.

Check the availability of replacement parts for your chosen model. Some brands will be ‘universal’ as far as attachments go, but ask to make sure that this is the case. Otherwise, you might have a fantastic mixer right up until the point your favorite attachment breaks or bends.

Product recommendations

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best stand mixers under $100, it’s time for us to pick a favorite. While all of these products had a high happiness rating, our favorite would have to be the COSTWAY 6.3 quart electric stand mixer.

We liked the middling size of it, for one thing, as it takes up a little less space but you’ve got a lot of volume space to work with. You also have 6 speeds, so that you can use the perfect one for whatever you are mixing, and the final touch that sold us on this was the aesthetics – it’s always best when you get the perfect blend of utility and good looks, after all!

If the COSTWAY wasn’t your cup of tea, then don’t worry – all of these products are great, just be sure to look into the reviews and use some of our buying tips from today to make sure that your mixer will deliver exactly what you’ve got in mind for it!


As we’re running out of time, we thought that we’d provide a few frequently asked questions and just put them here, like those sneaky candies at the check-out counter that we often end up taking home. We hope that you’ll find this information useful, so let’s get started with the questions before we formally bid you adieu.

Can you use a stand mixer for anything?

You can really expand your options with a stand mixer.

Hand mixers can get the job done, but the pace and the concerted effort are very much a labor of love when you can do it better and FASTER. Your stand mixer will make a larger range of cookie, cake, and bread recipes possible, and if you get extra attachments for higher-powered models you can even blend some interesting recipes with meat in the mixing bowl.

If you love cooking and trying new recipes, then a stand mixer really is a must.

What is the purpose of a stand mixer?

While you know about the general purpose of a stand mixer (mixing cookie dough, cake batter, and bread dough for pastries and more), you can also expand some models so that you can spiral-cut veggies, shred meat, and more!

When you’ve picked a few favorite models, check the manufacturer’s page as the easiest way to see if upgrades are available. You won’t find this for all models, but for the ones that you do, there are some really neat expansion attachments to help you get more mileage out of your mixer.

How powerful should a stand mixer be?

It really depends on what you want to do, but if you are thinking of catering events or helping to raise money in a bake sale – you know, any sort of ‘volume application’ – then 500 watts is usually sufficient for most pro bakers. Anything more might well be overkill and lower-watt motors should be fine for casual and ‘sometimes volume’ use.

In Conclusion

Today we’ve tackled the problem of finding the best stand mixer under $100 and our favorite for the day was the COSTWAY 6.3 quart electric stand mixer. It’s powerful, capacious (but not overly so), and with 6 mixing speeds you’ll have a lot of granular control for mixing up your recipes RIGHT.

If the COSTWAY doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t worry – all of our models listed today are great stand mixers, and even if you don’t choose one of those, they can help you to decide which features you like so that you can independently select the perfect stand mixer for you!

That’s all the time that we have today, but before we go we’d like to thank you for visiting and we hope that you’ll enjoy your new stand mixer and the many recipes you’ll be unlocking soon!

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