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Best Snacks For Your Mini Fridge



Feeling peckish? Stocking up with the best snacks for your mini fridge can be a huge perk.

The fun part of having a mini fridge is figuring out what kind of snacks and goodies to stock it with, and today we’ve compiled a list to help you make that decision. In this article, we’ll share some of the best snacks for a mini fridge so that whether you want a healthy snack or are feeling a little on the shady side, you can have it ready and waiting.

We’ve tried to vary the selection a bit so that there is a little something for everyone, so if you’re good and ready, then let’s take a look at the best snacks for your mini fridge and you can see what you think.

Instead of going for the typical Greek Yogurt, icecream, or peanut butter, there are so many more options. Be warned – you might want to have a snack before you start this because you’ll definitely want one before we’re through!

The best mini fridge snacks to stock up on

In the sections below we’ll tell you a little about each snack and we’re also going to touch on the reviews. For each item, we’ll tell you how they rated and how big the review pool was for each, and we’ll also share some direct feedback from both the 5-star and the 1-star categories.

This will help to provide a more fair and balanced approach but just remember, a handful of bad reviews with thousands of good ones on the opposite side is really more of the ‘norm’ and not a guaranteed red flag. Our goal here is just to bring these to your attention so that you know to take a closer look at the reviews before you commit.

Eat that snack if you haven’t already, because here we go with the best snacks for your mini fridge!

1. OLOVES + POSHI Combo Pack Veggies Snacks

OLOVES + POSHI Combo Pack | Natural Whole Pitted Olives 4 Flavor Variety | Poshi 4 Flavor Variety | Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free + Keto Friendly Healthy Snacks (24 Pack)

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Our first entry is both delicious and good for you and while you technically don’t have to refrigerate them, everybody knows that chilly veggies are the BEST! With this OLOVES and POSHI combo pack, you’ll get a good amount of them, starting with Olives. The OLOVES provides you with pitted olives 4 flavors:

  • Rosemary and lemon green olives
  • Chili and Garlic Kalamata olives
  • Basil and garlic green olives
  • Chili and oregano green olives

To expand the offerings nicely, you also get these selections from POSHI:

  • Basil and thyme artichokes
  • Rosemary and oregano asparagus
  • Lemon and garlic French beans
  • Salt and black pepper cauliflower

Whether you’re chiefly a carnivore, vegan, or vegetarian, presentation makes a difference and these veggie packs are amazing enough that you’ll have a serious edge when it comes to keeping your snacking habits wholesome and healthful.

Checking out the reviews, it looks like this combo was a hit, with 2487 ratings being 73% 5-star feedback and a further 11% giving these super veggies 4 stars.

‘D. Falise’ says she loves the lemon rosemary and garlic basil olives, but says the other two are too spicy for her but that her sister is fond of those! ‘SR’ adds to the feedback by calling these ‘consistently delicious’ and shares that they like to add these special olives to pizzas – yum!

Flipping the 5-star coin to its 1-star side, however, 5% of customers didn’t want to eat their veggies, and aside from shipping damage issues, one anonymous ‘Amazon customer’ says they are too salty and ‘J.H.’ tells us that the ‘flavor is too intense’.

Check the reviews to see how you feel about these but personally, we love when folks upgrade veggies and highly encourage more companies to get in on the action – the results can be truly out of this world!

2. Boar’s Head Charcuterie Salami Sampler

Boar's Head Charcuterie Salami Sampler Includes 7 Types Of Salami

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Next up we have something for the meat lovers with this Boar’ Head Charcuterie Salami Sampler.

This sampler includes 7 different sausages for you to try with examples including uncured sopressata dry sausage, traditional pepperoni, Uncured Genoa Salami, and Blanco D’oro sausage made with ground pork and Italian wine! Sure, you could just stock the fridge with any old sausage, but when you go with something special like this, you’ll be sure to slow down and enjoy yourself a little before you get back to the grind!

We should note that the sausages depicted are not the actual selection – this sampler is a random assortment. They will all be high quality, delicious, and different so that each sampler is a little bit like a ‘sausage Christmas’.

Peeking at the reviews, we have about a high overall satisfaction rate in that out of 277 reviews, 80% of those were 5 and 4-star ratings (with 68% being 5 and another 12% being 4). Praise for these special sausages included a comment from ‘Chris’ who tells us that ‘everything is fresh and delicious’ and also adds that when his order got lost in transit, they IMMEDIATELY sent a replacement.

‘Anna’ added her own feedback to say that she loved the ‘quality, quantity, and price’, telling us that she’s had bad experiences with sausage samplers where she only got small sausages, and with the Boar’s Head samplers, they were all large!

Of course, in every review pool, a little rain must fall and in this case, 9% of reviewers had no sunshine for these sausages. User ‘Jason’ advised us that he got a pack of expired sausages that even his dog didn’t want and ‘rowl’ simply felt that they were too salty.

While 9% seems a bunch, one common theme was that many folks didn’t know that some of these sausages are uncured. We recommend checking the reviews before you make a judgment, as overall this is a great snack for sausage lovers that you really don’t want to miss!

3. StarKist Lunch To-Go Chunk Light Mix Your Own Tuna Salad

StarKist Lunch To-Go Chunk Light Mix Your Own Tuna Salad, 4.48 Oz, Pack of 12

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Snacks don’t have to be gourmet to be perfect and Starkist has this Lunch on the Go ‘make your own tuna’ salad that is both tasty and (for some of us) nostalgic. These inexpensive snack kits come with your tuna, mayo, and relish, plus crackers to eat your tuna on. It’s simple, protein-packed, and really hits the spot when you need a quick and familiar snack staple without a whole lot of work.

Looking into the reviews, we’re not overly surprised to see that this beloved snack did pretty well. Out of an impressive pool of 8661 reviews, 78% of them were 5-star reviews, and another 11% grudging spared 4 stars for them. Comments included ‘convenient and customizable’ from ‘Brandl Pearl’ and ‘Jen Hall’ who tells us her husband loves these and she’s ordered them several times.

Going to the dark side of the reviews, only 3% out of that ocean-sized review pool had any shade to throw at this tuna kit, with user ‘Bert Snert’ saying that he didn’t like the reduced-calorie mayo and ‘cathy rigby’ thought that the ‘albacore smelled like cat food’. Overall, however, the numbers are really good for this classic snack, so you’ll just have to check the reviews and use your own best judgment!

4. Dole Tropical Fruit in 100% Fruit Juice

Dole Fruit Jars, Tropical Fruit in 100% Fruit Juice*, Pineapple & Papaya, Gluten Free, Pantry Staples, 23.5 Oz Resealable Jars, 8 Count

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Fresh fruit is a snack favorite that we all love but doesn’t eat enough of because of the simple fact that it takes a lot of time to prepare. These Dole Tropical Fruit snacks take out all of the fuss and provide you with chunks of fresh-cut fruit stored simply in water and fruit juices so that you have a delicious, low-calorie snack in a conveniently resealable jar.

These fruit jars come in 4 varieties, which include Tropical fruit (pineapple and papaya), Pineapple, Peaches, and Mandarin oranges. If you love fruit but hate taking the time to slice it up and store it for later, then these Dole snacks might just be a perfect fit for your mini fridge!

Checking out the reviews, Dole was definitely a hit with 78% of a whopping 9228 reviewers giving this product 5 stars. Another 11 percent admitted that it had earned at least 4, as well, so we’re definitely off to a good start.

‘Leah Baker’ tells us that she loves these little jars and typically one jar amounts to 3 snack servings which she says have ‘always the perfect textures and are consistently tasty’. ‘Carol’ also adds her 2 cents worth, saying that she loves the flavor of the peaches and calls them ‘almost as good as eating a fresh peach’.

Looking at the less-than-savory feedback we can see that 4% of customers felt that the Dole fruit jars were not so special, with ‘Kacy Murray’ telling us that she got a batch where the papaya was all hard and unripe and ‘Amashop’ complained that her tropical mix was mostly pineapple and that the pineapple in hers was hard. These reports appear to be in the minority but we promised to share the good with the bad, so make of them what you will!

All in all, these fruits did pretty well and with a big name like Dole, we’re confident that you’re going to love them!

5. Cheese Bros Wisconsin Cheese Sampler

Cheese Bros Wisconsin Cheese Sampler | 4 PACK | 6 OZ | Featuring Dill Havarti, Smoked Gouda, Italian Fratello and Honey Sriracha Gouda…

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The old-school snack of choice has always been cheese, so why not treat yourself to a fresh sampling, nicely chilled and waiting in your mini fridge?

With this Cheese Bros Wisconsin Cheese Sampler, you can do exactly that! Each sampler comes with an assortment of 4 quality kinds of cheese, with examples including Honey Sriracha, Italian Fratello, Smoked Gouda, and Dill Havarti.

Eaten alone, melted on a sandwich and dipped in tomato soup, or even just served up in little slices on crackers, when it comes to a snack that you know will be satisfying, it’s hard to beat delicious cheese!

Taking a gander at the reviews, it looks like the Cheese Bros were well-received. In a pool of 229 reviews, a full 77% of them were 5-star feedback and another 11% felt that these cheeses should get at least 4. Praise for these cheesy comestibles included ‘great with apples and pears’ from ‘Vern Fountain’ and ‘serendipitous’ says ‘Wow. Every item in the box is fantastic!’.

Moving on to see who DIDN’T like these cheeses, we can see that 5% of reviews felt it was ‘not so gouda’, with ‘Michael Heintz’ of the opinion that the cheeses were a harder texture than he was expecting and ‘Michael Tito’ who ordered a ‘salami and cheese’ sampler and apparently got a bad salami in the mail.

While problems can and do occur with shipped food, the numbers don’t lie either – so we recommend that you take a peek at the reviews and consider taking a chance. Most folks seem to agree that these are some darned fine cheeses!

6. Terrapin Ridge Farms Gourmet Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Terrapin Ridge Farms Gourmet Hot Pepper Bacon Jam – One 10.5 Ounce Jar

View on Amazon

If you have never had hot pepper jam before, then you are definitely in for a treat. This Terrapin hot pepper bacon jam gives you a flavor that is sweet, a little hot, and also blessed with bacony goodness!

This makes it a perfect accompaniment for crackers and cheese, or even as a spectacular marinade option that you’ll be coming back to again and again. If pepper bacon is not your thing, though, then be sure to look lower on the page and you can see the assortment of flavors that await – here are just a few examples to whet your appetite:

  • Hot Pepper Raspberry preserves
  • Apple maple bacon jam
  • Amber Ale Pineapple Jalapeno jam
  • Mango Habanero Gourmet jam
  • Cranberry Relish with Grand Marnier
  • …and much, much more!

Of course, it’s time to look at the numbers now to see what people who tried this had to say and out of 3020 reviews, 81% gave this sweet-and-spicy bacon jam 5 stars. Another 8% chipped in their own 4-star reviews as well, so let’s see what they had to say.

‘Alecia K.’ starts us off with an exuberant ‘I use that %*#! On everything!!!’ and elaborated that it’s great as a dip or even a glaze for hot dogs, chicken, pork, and burgers. ‘Janai Guthmiller’ seemed to agree and brought hers along camping, calling it a ‘game changer’.

Moving right along to the ‘dirt’ on this product, 6% of customers felt that this was ‘not their jam’, with ‘Tsharkness’ advising us that they felt it was ‘too sweet’ and ‘MC’ felt that it wasn’t good on burgers, though he also said ‘the flavor was good’. The remainder of the complaints mostly had to do with shipping problems, however, so we have full confidence that you’re going to absolutely love this as a special snacking option waiting for you in the mini-fridge.

7. David’s Cookies 10′ Fruit Cheesecake Sampler

Fruit Cheesecake Sampler 10" - Pre-sliced 16 pcs. Cheesecake With 4 Types Of Delicious Fruit Flavors. Fresh Bakery Dessert Great Gift Idea For Potlucks, Family Gatherings And Housewarmings!

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When it comes to treating yourself with a memorable dessert, it’s almost impossible to beat delicious chilled cheesecake. For you, cheesecake lovers out there, David’s Cookies has this 10-inch Fruit Cheesecake sampler that is ready-sliced and gives you 2 slices each of 4 different fruit-topped slices of cheesecake.

Each slice is carefully cut and secured with wax paper and the cheesecake itself gets mailed to you in a dry-ice-packed cooler. If you love a good cheesecake, then this is definitely the sinful snack that you’ve been looking for!

Jumping into the review pool, out of 1269 reviews 72% of customers felt that this was a 5-star cheesecake sampler. A further 10% grudgingly gave it 4 stars and so with that, let’s see what was said.

‘Laura S.’ reports that it’s ‘very good’ and once it’s been defrosted, it’s ‘quite creamy, smooth, and sweet tasting’. ‘Laurie Elwell’ felt the same, stating it’s ‘very fresh and tastes delicious’ and adding ‘one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had’.

Jumping off the 5-star high dive, however, at the 1-star level we find that 8% of customers were not so pleased with their cheesecake sampler. ‘LoboLimitless’ reports that the cake was unevenly cut and that his wife was upset with a lemon-flavored slice from the batch that they received, as she hates lemon flavor, and ‘Allentown diane’ says the ‘plain cheesecake’ actually comes with pecans and caramel and warns others to read the order info closely.

All in all, not the worst feedback that we’ve ever heard, but we encourage you to read the 1-star as well as the 5 and to see what you think!

8. Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Energy Bar

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Energy Bar, Milk Chocolate, (12 Count of 1.55 oz Bars) 18.6 oz

View on Amazon

Our final entry is a little gem for students and other fans of caffeine and it’s this Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Energy Bar.

Available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel varieties, each of these bars also contains 100mg of caffeine, which is about the same as a small cup of coffee. If you like a little energy boost in your snacks or you’ve got a little cramming to do for a big exam, then this chocolate-with-a-kick might be an excellent fit for you!

Taking a good look at the reviews, there was a lot of love for this caffeinated chocolate, with 71% of the 1078 reviewers awarding this product 5 stars. Another 13% felts that it should get 4 and comments included ‘arlene’ who says ‘I have to say this is my favorite energy bar…EVER.”

And that the delicious taste and caffeine kick helps her to get through long shifts at work. ‘LABest’ works a midnight shift and agrees, stating ‘I would buy again’ in regards to these tasty super chocolates.

Leaving the beaten path for the weed-strewn 1-star part of town, 4% of customers were not so happy with their caffeinated chocolate bars. Aside from ‘Anthony’ who says they got a bad-tasting batch of bars, most of the complaints had to do with melting or other product damage on shipping.

We should note, one user ‘Denise Simons’ said that they were packed with ice packs to help avoid melting issues, although in her specific case, they had leaked. This is unfortunate, but it does tell us that they do take extra steps to help avoid melting and this is good to know!


We’ll be concluding this article soon, but before we go, we thought that we’d give you a few frequently asked questions that can help you to make the most of your mini fridge and snacking experience.

Below you’ll find some of the questions that we get asked the most and we hope that you’ll find the answers useful. Let’s take a look!

What are some good, basic snacks to fill up a mini fridge?

It really depends on your tastes, but you have a lot of options.

For instance, hummus and a little pita bread make for a wholesome, delicious snack that’s very filling. If you add in some fresh veggies too, these can also be dipped in the hummus for a little variety and an extra vitamin boost.

String cheese is another favorite since it’s delicious and packed with protein, and if you hard boil a batch of eggs then they’ll be good in your mini fridge for about a week of easy snacking. Beyond this, an assortment of fruits such as bananas, pears, and apples is always good and precooked sausage can really hit the spot, too!

How do you organize food in a mini fridge?

Organizing your mini fridge is much the same as with your regular fridge. For instance, items that you have more than one of that expire should be arranged so that the ones with the soonest expiration date are in the front.

It’s also a good idea to cluster your items in categories instead of just putting them in any old spot. That way, you’ll never run out of your favorite snacks since you’ll be able to see at a glance what you’re getting low on.

What are some good space-saving hacks for my mini fridge?

With a few clever hacks, you can get a lot more mileage out of your mini fridge than you might think. Here are some quick examples:

  • Mark items with a grease pen so that the expiration date is big and clear – it only takes a minute and you’ll avoid wasting snacks.
  • An egg carton makes an excellent storage space for condiments. Any leakage will get on the carton, too, so your fridge is always easy to clean.
  • You can make quick snack packs with things like fruit, trail mix, mini chocolate bars, or whatever else you like and put them in the bottom crisper bin for quick and easy access.
  • Plastic Tupperware in the freezer compartment keeps your food cold and minimizes freezer clean-up nicely.
What are good kid’s snacks for a mini fridge?

For kids’ snacks, it’s usually best to go with fresh fruits and veggies, cheese sticks, and applesauce, and you can also add veggie dips like hummus or guacamole and some whole-wheat pita bread for dipping. Hard-boiled eggs are also a quick favorite for when your kids need a snack in a pinch.

If you go with desserts, fruit jello, and yogurt are both a whole lot healthier than pudding, too, and kids absolutely love them!

Can a mini fridge be too full?

Yes, a mini fridge can be TOO full, so you want to be careful about overpacking it.

The problem is the air circulation inside. If it is too densely filled, then the airflow is restricted, and some items will get chilled while others will simply go bad.

In Conclusion

Today we’ve taken a look at some of the best snacks for your mini fridge and if you weren’t hungry before, we bet that you might be now! We hope that you’ve found these snacks to your liking and if you’ve seen something that caught your eye, then consider stocking a bit of it in your mini fridge.

Having your own personal compact refrigerator is a real treat, after all, so make the most of it! Thanks so much for reading today and until next time, we wish you and yours the very best!

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