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Best Place to Buy Cast Iron Cookware



Cast iron lasts forever. This one is 100 years old!
Cast iron lasts forever. This one is 100 years old!

Buying cast iron cookware can feel overwhelming. There are so many options out there, with such a wide price range. It can be tough to decide what’s best to fit your needs.

While some people will go to a store to try to find the perfect cast iron pan, I found that when I visited stores, I was disappointed. They didn’t have the variety of information that I wanted to make an educated purchase.

Then I found Lodge, at Lodgemfg.com, and was able to do tons of research all in one place. They have so many options and gave me plenty of info to make a solid choice.

Reasons to buy cast iron

More and more people are recognizing the value of a good cast iron pan for their kitchen. While Teflon is cheaper, the non-stick material contains chemicals that can be bad for people and the environment. It’s also really easy to ruin a Teflon pan.

Good cast iron doesn’t have any of those drawbacks. It’s nonstick but nontoxic. The harmful chemicals in Teflon don’t exist in cast iron. And with a little extra TLC, your cast iron pan can last for literally generations!

On the downside, cast iron cookware is rather heavy, tends to be more expensive, and it requires a little more maintenance than a cheaper pan. But once you’re willing to make the investment in time and money, get a good cast iron pan. It is likely to quickly become your favorite pan and the one that lasts the longest.

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Reasons to buy cast iron from Lodge

The Lodge website is amazing for cast iron cookware. They have so many options.

Every piece is American-made. In fact, according to the website, they’re “the only full line of American-made cast iron cookware.”

This company has been making cast iron cookware for over 100 years. They know their stuff. I know I felt more confident when I saw the variety and quality of items they sell.

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Cast iron from Lodge

Lodge sells a lot of different kinds of cast iron options. I looked at these:

Cast iron skillets

The standard cast iron skillet is probably the most common cast iron item people own. A good quality cast iron skillet heats things evenly, can be used to cook a variety of things, and will last for a long time. Additionally, these tend to be pretty economical. You can get a good cast iron skillet for not much more than you’d pay for a Teflon pan. And you avoid unnecessary chemicals.

Hello cast iron. Good morning potatoes.
Hello, cast iron. Good morning potatoes.

Cast iron griddles

I love the griddles for sale here. You can grill meats, veggies, and barbecue without having to leave the kitchen. Perfect for people who love to grill but might not have access to an outdoor grill. Or if you want to grill in December!

Enameled cast iron

Even though this is more expensive than standard cast iron, enameled cast iron cleans up easier and often doesn’t need as much maintenance. Plus, they look amazing. The porcelain enamel is bright and beautiful. Lodge also makes cast iron serving and baking dishes as well. Makes for part of a gorgeous table set up. I love the look of the bright colors with the cast iron. I also love knowing that it’s going to look just as good for years to come.

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This and that from Lodge

Not only do they sell quality cast iron, but they also have other cookware options too.

They have a selection of extra durable carbon steel cookware. Ideal for outdoor cooking. While I prefer to stick to cast iron, it’s great to know that I have a company I trust to turn to if I’m looking to branch out.

Lodge also sells truly beautiful stoneware dishes. These baking dishes would have no trouble transitioning from the oven to a Thanksgiving dinner table—they look that good. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Beautiful blue, red, and oyster colors. They would make excellent gifts for a loved one, (or for yourself!)

Lodge even sells accessories and cookbooks! They really want to help make your full cooking experience better. I will definitely be looking through their accessories section before Father’s Day because a lot of these cool tools and toys would make perfect gifts.

Once you got your cast iron, here’s a recipe to try: Seared sea scallops.

Reasons Lodge is great

In addition to selling quality cookware, I was very impressed by how much information they make available on their website. They have a “Use and Care” section with plenty of info on how to make your cast iron cookware last as long and be as effective as possible.

Plus recipes! The site offers recipes to try out with your new cookware, and suggestions for how to get the most out of it.

They even have how-to and informational videos on everything from how their pieces are made, to how to cook a steak with cast iron. They really want to make sure you get the most out of their products.

Any item you buy from Lodge will be a high quality, durable, versatile piece that will look amazing and you’ll love cooking with. I can’t wait to see what they have next!

Once you get your cast iron… maintain it!
Here’s how.

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