Best Lasagna Pan for a Party

Bring a crowd pleasing dish of lasagna to your next party!

Bring a crowd pleasing dish of lasagna to your next party! The HIC Lasagna pan at Amazon. 

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So, you are headed to a potluck, and of course, you weren’t assigned the potato salad. No, sometimes you do not get off so lucky in life. You are now in charge of…the lasagna. First of all, you don’t bake, and worse, you don’t even have a pan to make it in.

Fear no more. With the array of products on the market these days, we will find you the perfect lasagna pan to bring to your party. Let’s break it down in terms of what you need to look for.

Cut to the chase? My pick is the HIC Porcelain Lasagna Pan at Amazon

Size and shape

The lasagna pan is actually just any oven bake ware, but the ideal pan for lasagna is simply called a ‘roasting pan.’ Given the nature of the lasagna noodle (long, wide and rectangular), clearly, a round pan is not ideal. In fact, I’m not sure why they don’t make round lasagna noodles (business idea?). Anyways, at least for now, you will want to look for a product that is square or rectangular.

How deep? However many layers and ingredients you want to include in your recipe will determine the depth of the pan. If you want to bulk up your lasagna with extra layers of meats, veggies and cheese, choose a pan that is 3-4 inches deep. This style of lasagna is more for serving just a few people at a dinner table. You, however, are accommodating to a party, and want to make a family-sized portion. A 2-inch pan is better for getting more portions at a party.

How long? Again, if you are trying to get the most portions out of your lasagna, a longer rectangular pan is more effective than a deeper square pan. You want to look for one that is in the vicinity of 9”x13.”


There are several materials of baking pans out there, but some are more suitable than others for lasagna. Due to the acidic nature of tomato sauce, metal pans and those with non-stick coatings can break down and corrode. Rust and residue may seep into the lasagna itself, presenting undesirable flavors (not to mention, who wants to eat rust?).

The best materials for baking lasagna are stainless steel roasters, glass ovenware and ceramic baking dishes.

Usage and Maintenance

Imagine you spend hours in the kitchen, laboring over adding the perfect layers to your beautiful creation, and whoops, you drop it. Party over. Things that come out of the oven are clearly hot, and pulling out pans, especially heavy with lasagna, can be awkward and dangerous. Make sure you choose a pan that has a lip or edges so you can easily take it out of the oven. Some pans even have grooves or styled edges for easy gripping.

So you have chosen your recipe and are ready to bake. Let’s look at some of the best lasagna pans available.

Find the best lasagna pan for your party below!

Find the best lasagna pan for your party below!

All-Clad 59906 Lasagna Pan

All-Clad E9019964 Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan Cookware, 15-Inches, Silver If stainless steel is your choice of material, the All-Clad 59906 lasagna pan is an exceptional product. The stainless steel allows for easy cleaning and food removal, and it is dishwasher safe. The big handles make it very easy and safe to remove from the oven. It is a very large pan, measuring at 15”x12”x2.25;” superb for a party. Find it here at Amazon. The pan is very versatile and is good for baking chicken and meat (assuming you make it out of this party alive!).

Harold Import Company Ceramic Baking Dish

HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan, Fine White Porcelain, 13-Inches x 9-Inches x 2.5-Inches, 13 x 9 Harold Import Company (HIC) offers a ceramic rectangular baking dish. It is made of high-quality white porcelain and measures at 13”x9”x2.5.” See it listed here at Amazon.

Everything about this product is perfect for making a family-style portion. The pan cooks evenly and you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of over or under-cooked areas. The size, shape, and handles make it perfect for getting that lasagna from the oven to the party with ease. What is great about this pan, as well, is that the white porcelain gives it classy, professional look on the pot-luck table.

Enamelware Lasagna Pan

Enamelware, 16 x 12½ x 4 inch deep Lasagna Pan, holds 10½ quarts, with glass lid, Red Swirl If you really want to be flashy with your ovenware to impress the guests, the Enamelware lasagna pan is visually the coolest pan out there with all the benefits of the ceramic baking pan. It is another large pan suitable for family-style portioning. It is made of marble and offers ease of use and cleaning. This pan will be stunning on the table and has a variety of colors to choose from depending on your taste. Looking for this pan? Find it here at Amazon.

Duralex OvenChef Rectangular Baking Dish

Duralex Made In France OvenChef Rectangular Baking Dish, 16 by 10-Inch Glass pans are another great option for bringing lasagna to a party. You can see the luscious layers of ingredients in your creation. A great choice for glass is the Duralex OvenChef Rectangular baking dish. Also a very large pan at 16”x10,” it gives you the ability to produce more portions for the hungry guests. The glass is thick and the product is extremely durable, it can take a hit without chipping or scratching. Find the Duralex dish here at Amazon.

Recipe, ingredients, lasagna pan? Check. Maybe you don’t know how to bake, but there are plenty of YouTube videos for that. Rest assured, however, you indeed have chosen the proper lasagna pan, and you are sure to impress your friends.

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