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Best Lasagna Pan for a Crowd



lasagna in pan ready to be baked
The Baker’s Edge pan makes every piece of lasagna an edge piece. Magic.

If there is one dish that most people love to see on the dinner table, it would definitely be lasagna.

Lasagna may seem like a complicated dish to prepare with all its ingredients, but once you get the hang of it, making this favorite Italian dish is easy.

Despite not being an American dish, lasagna is one of the most beloved dishes in American homes. The layers of cheese, pasta, and sauce are iconic in our nation. Not only is it a favorite dish for family dinners, but it’s also an excellent choice when you need to serve a large group of people.

To help make the process even easier, don’t forget one item that can make or break your lasagna: the best lasagna pan! To help you find the right pan for this family favorite, read on.

Skip to the good part: My favorite pan is the Emile Henry Lasagna Pan from Amazon.

What Makes Lasagna Such a Hit at Gatherings?

Well, for starters, everybody loves cheese. Even if you’re lactose intolerant, I bet there’s been a time in your life when you decided to eat something deliciously cheesy, even knowing the pain you were going to experience hours later.

When it comes to cheesy goodness, lasagna is the number one go-to meal (after pizza–maybe). Add some seasoned beef or veggies, tart, tangy tomato sauce, plus layers of al dente lasagna noodles–perfection!

Lasagna’s a widely popular Italian dish that never disappoints. It has evolved over the years, being adapted several times using different approaches (spinach lasagna, eggplant lasagna) while keeping its best fillings and flavors. It’s simply no wonder why people keep coming back to this dish for large gatherings, as there’s always a way to keep it unique and exciting with each preparation.

What to Look for in the Best Lasagna Pan

When you’re checking out the lasagna pans we recommend, keep in mind several aspects essential in choosing the best lasagna pan, such as size and shape, materials used, and its proper usage and maintenance. This way, you can have an idea in mind of what kind of lasagna pan will work best for you and your needs.

Size and Shape

Basically, you can make lasagna in pretty much any oven bakeware, but the best lasagna pan for large gatherings is what we call the roasting pan. Round pans are not ideal for lasagna; as we all know, lasagna noodles are long and rectangular. Therefore, you want to look for a square or rectangular roasting pan for lasagna.

Next, the depth of the pan you want to choose will depend on the layers and types of ingredients you usually use for your lasagna. If you prefer a bulkier lasagna, full of meat, cheese, and veggies for filling, then a 3 to 4-inch deep pan is best.

Finally, longer rectangular pans are what you want when you’re making larger portions. The typical roasting pan length for a large serving of lasagna is around 9″ x 13″.


Roasting pans are available in different materials, but not all are appropriate to use when you’re making lasagna. The acidity of lasagna’s tomato sauce can affect some metal pans and some pans with non-stick coating, leading to corrosion. You definitely do not want to eat lasagna with a bit of rust, do you? The recommended roasting pans for baking lasagna include those made of glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Usage and Maintenance

Hot pans filled with lasagna can be quite heavy and even dangerous to carry and move. We recommend you choose pans with edges or lips that you can hold onto easily while moving it in and out of the oven or when you need to transport it from oven to table.

Also, if you want your lasagna pans to last for a long time (and who doesn’t?), it’s best to clean them with care according to the manufacturer’s best practices. Should your pan be hand-washed, or is it dishwasher safe? Look for this type of information to ensure that you’ll find the most durable lasagna pan to stay with you for life.

A Dish Fit for a Crowd

Plus you can make a huge amount of lasagna all at once and everybody gets a piece, so it’s not hard to understand why so many of us choose to serve lasagna at family functions. But what’s the best pan to make this delicious dish in?

We’re going to go through a few different dishes that are perfect for baking lasagna in when you need to feed a large group of people.

Best Lasagna Pan in Glass

Pyrex Bakeware 4.8 Quart Oblong Baking Dish

Pyrex Bakeware 4.8 Quart Oblong Baking Dish, Clear

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Pyrex has been known in the cooking industry over the last 90 years for its original glass products, proven to be durable and clear. It’s the go-to brand of most cooks, and for large gatherings, this 4.8-quart baking dish is pretty much perfect.


  • This glass lasagna pan is non-toxic.
  • Pyrex Bakeware allows unified heat conduction to ensure your lasagna is baking evenly.
  • It is oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.


  • This particular does not have a lid. Also, it is oblong-shaped. You can always look for other Pyrex substitutes. Overall, Pyrex has consistently received 5-star ratings with great reviews.

Best Lasagna Pan for Crispy Edge Lovers

Baker’s Edge Simple Lasagna Pan

Baker's Edge - Edge Brownie Pan Complete Set - Includes Pan, Lid, Wedge, and Spatula

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If you prefer unique and innovative lasagna pans, the Baker’s Edge is your best bet. It’s designed like a brownie pan, but with slightly different dimensions.

The Baker’s Edge lasagna pan is wider, deeper, and larger than the brownie pan, making lasagna for large crowds a cinch. Plus, if you have someone in your life (like yourself?) who loves the crispy edge of lasagna the best, this pan is just a must-have.


  • It is made of heavy-duty aluminum with a premium coating.
  • It allows your lasagna to bake evenly. When the edges are finished, then so as the center.
  • It keeps lasagna together.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • Since it has a unique design, some noodles may not fit the pan easily.

Best Rectangular Lasagna Pan

Emile Henry Made In France HR Modern Classics Large Rectangular Baker, 13 x 9″

Emile Henry Made In France HR Modern Classics Large Rectangular Baker, 13 x 9", Red

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This Emile Henry Rectangular Lasagna Pan is a ceramic dish that measures 13″ x 9.” This bakeware company has been producing bakeware since the 1850s. This pan is exceptionally durable, as it’s made of Emile Henry’s high-resistant Burgundy Clay. Although it may not be as large as the Pyrex, it can make enough lasagna to serve a large party.


  • It has superior heat conduction. It keeps food hot for a longer period.
  • It can handle extreme temperatures, as well as a sudden change in temperatures. It is poised as oven, broiler, and microwave safe, too.
  • Emile Henry baking dish is scratch-resistant. It is made of hard glaze that makes it impossible to scratch.


  • The price may be a bity high for those who are looking for quality budget pans, but this Emile Henry is worth the money.

Best Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan

All-Clad E9019964 Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan Cookware, 15-Inches

All-Clad E9019964 Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan Cookware, 15-Inches, Silver

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For the best stainless steel lasagna pan, this All-Clad is a perfect choice, especially for large gatherings. It measures 15″ x 12″ x 2.25,” which will accommodate the largest lasagna. You can use this stainless steel pan for other recipes, too.


  • Its base is made of thick aluminum that is warp-resistant for fast and even heating.
  • It is durable and can be used for a lifetime due to its stainless steel features.
  • It is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.


  • Some users have difficulty opening the lid.

Best Ceramic Lasagna Pan

HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan, 13-Inches x 9-Inches x 2.5-Inches

HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan, Fine White Porcelain, 13-Inches x 9-Inches x 2.5-Inches, 13 x 9

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If you’re looking for the rectangular baking dish pan made of ceramic, Harold Import Company (HIC) surely has it. It measures 13″ x 9″ x 2.25″; easily roomy enough for you to make large portions of lasagna in one baking. This baking dish is also versatile and can be used for other recipes.


  • It allows even cooking. Say goodbye to undercooked lasagna middles.
  • It is made from high-quality porcelain, which makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen.
  • It is durable and made to be oven, broiler, and freezer safe.


  • This particular baking dish does not have handles.

Best Enamelware Lasagna Pan

Enamelware, 16 x 12½ x 4 inch deep Lasagna Pan, holds 10½ quarts

Enamelware, 16 x 12½ x 4 inch deep Lasagna Pan, holds 10½ quarts, with glass lid, Red Swirl

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If you want to be extra to impress your guests (and of course you do), this Enamelware Lasagna Pan is your best tool, as it comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. It’s a visually appealing lasagna pan that will add color and style to your dining room table. It is a large pan that easily creates larger lasagna portions.


  • This pan is made of high-quality marble.
  • It has two durable side handles for ease of use.
  • It is easy to clean, too.


  • This Enamelware Lasagna Pan is a bit pricey, but its quality and design make it worth the price.

Best Lasagna Pan for Deep-Dish Lasagna

Duralex Made In France OvenChef Rectangular Baking Dish, 16 by 10-Inch

Duralex Made In France OvenChef Rectangular Baking Dish, 16 by 10-Inch

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Another glass pan that you can add to your list boasts an additional deep-dish feature: it’s none other than the Duralex Rectangular Baking Dish. Made in France, this pan’s manufacturer started production way back in 1939. This classic baking deep dish lets you see the layers of your flavorful lasagna fillings, which in one look will impress your guests before they even taste your delicious dish.


  • It is extremely durable and chip or scratch resistant.
  • It is shock-resistant, and it can handle extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.
  • Duralex deep dish is oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.


  • Some users note that the measurement of this baking dish is misleading. It is best to double-check before purchasing.

Best Enameled Cast Iron Lasagna Pan

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Rectangular Roaster, 7 qt. (12.8″ x 18.7″)

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Rectangular Roaster, 7 qt. (12.8" x 18.7"), Licorice

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Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron has been recognized since 1925 for its exceptional bakeware. Its signature rectangular roaster is perfect for optimized baking, and it measures 12.8″ x 18.7″, large enough to make lasagna for a crowd. Due to this cast iron pan’s depth, you can make other recipes in it, as well.


  • The cast-iron pan allows even heat distributions, which ensures an evenly-cooked lasagna.
  • It has durable signature side handles for easy handling.
  • Le Creuset roaster pan is shock and scratch-resistant.


  • Specify how you wish your Le Creuset cast-iron pan to be packed before purchase, as most users experienced shipment issues.

Best Lasagna Pan with Roasting Rack

Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan with Stainless Roasting Rack

Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan with Stainless Roasting Rack

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The Cuisinart’s Lasagna Pan with Roasting Rack is made of quality stainless steel in a size perfect for a large batch of flavorful lasagna. It measures 14.17″ x 9.65″ x 2.76″, which accommodates several lasagna servings for a crowd. Its stainless steel exterior makes it a perfect piece for dinner buffet tables, too.


  • It looks exquisite with its mirror-finish design.
  • Its durable side handles make it easier to transport the pan.
  • It fits standard ovens and is dishwasher safe.


  • Some users experienced warping of the pan after several uses.

Most Versatile Lasagna Pan

Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan, 12 by 15 by 3″

Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan, 12 by 15 by 3", Silver

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Chicago Metallic has been known for its ease-of-use bakeware over the years. This lasagna trio pan is a great choice for its quality, professional-grade material, and innovative design. It measures 12″ x 15″ x 3″; making lasagna in this pan will surely save you time and effort because you can make up to three different lasagna recipes in one pan. Perfect for families or groups with a mix of vegan, vegetarian, and meat lasagna lovers!


  • It is a versatile pan. You can use this for loaf bread, cakes, and other variety of recipes.
  • It has superior heat conduction and allows even baking.
  • It is easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe, but it is best to hand wash to maintain great condition.


  • This lasagna trio pan may be too narrow for some noodles.


Preparing lasagna for a large crowd will be a lot less difficult if you have the best lasagna pan to make it in. If you want to find the best among the best lasagna pans, you need to identify which type will work best in your kitchen with regard to sizes and shape, material, and ease of usage and maintenance. With our guide, you can easily choose which works best to make large batches of lasagna for your next potluck or family dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pan is best for lasagna?

When it comes to choosing the material of your lasagna pan, not all are created equal. There are only a couple of particular types that can help you produce the best tasting lasagna. This is because lasagna’s tomato sauce can cause some metal and non-stick pans to rust and break down. Therefore, glass ovenware, ceramic bakeware, and stainless steel roasters are your best choices for lasagna pans.

Is it better to bake lasagna in a glass or metal pan?

It is best to bake lasagna in a glass pan. Remember: not all pans can be used for baking lasagna. A metal pan is not recommended because it may begin rusting once it has been consistently in contact with lasagna’s tomato sauce. You need to choose the right pan made of the right material before you bake lasagna. It pays to do your research to achieve the top-level lasagna that your guests expect from you.

Can I bake lasagna in Pyrex?

Yes, you can bake lasagna in Pyrex. In fact, Pyrex Bakeware 4.8-Quart is noted to be one of the best lasagna pans available. The company has been providing durable bakeware products for the last 90 years, so you can rest assured that this lasagna pan can last a lifetime. Made of clear glass, it allows your guests to see the delectable layers of your homemade lasagna before you even serve it.

Is glass or metal better for baking?

It actually depends on what you are baking with. Metal pans heat faster than glass plans, so it leads to crispier and browner edges. However, when it comes to lasagnas your best bet is a glass pan. You don’t want to add a rusty flavor to your lasagna, and most metal pans used over and over again for lasagna tend to rust due to tomato’s acidic nature. Therefore, choose one of the best glass pans for your lasagna.

Is it okay to cook lasagna in an aluminum pan?

No. Aluminum pans react negatively with lasagna’s tomato sauce’s acidity, leading to rusting. It can even actually add a rusty, metallic taste to your lasagna, which is not desirable, to say the least. If you’re preparing lasagna for a large crowd and prefer metal pans, stainless steel ones are your best bet. A stainless steel pan will not have a negative reaction to acidity, unlike other metal pans.

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