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Best KitchenAid Attachment For Frosting



Homemade frosting is definitely a treat and it doesn’t have to take all day.

With your trusty KitchenAid by your side, you can whip up a fantastic frosting in very little time, provided that you have the right attachments. In today’s article, we’ll be looking for the best KitchenAid attachment for frosting and along the way we’ll show you some of the best out there.

We’ll tell you a little about each, heaping a little praise but also sharing some sour notes from people who have used the products, and after that we’ll share tips on using your attachments to make frosting and what to look for when buying new attachments locally.

We’ll also share our own favorite from the list, just in case you’re curious. Without further ado, let’s get started looking for the best KitchenAid attachment for frosting!

Whipping up a fine frosting – KitchenAid basics

When you want to make a nice frosting, your KitchenAid appliance is going to save you enormous amounts of time. There are two attachments that you’re going to be using and those are your wire whip and your flat beater.

The wire whip is the perfect way to whisk up your egg whites and for other thin liquids or light ingredients to get started and when things get thicker, then your paddle beater attachment will be there to make short work of the rest, whipping it to perfection with a combination of force, design, and the trapped air that helps to fluffed it up so nicely.

The biggest problem is going to be picking an attachment that won’t let you down and so to help combat this, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best so that we can pit them against each other and see which ones come out on top. Let’s take a look at we can see which ones pique your interest the most.

The Best KitchenAid attachment for frosting

Before we start with the list, unlike other reviews where you’ll only hear the good stuff, in our listings we like to follow a formula of telling you a little about each product and including both good and bad reviews.

It’s only fair when you think about it, after all. Just keep an open mind if you take a liking to an item and hear something bad.

While sometimes this can be a big red flag, other times you can compare the other reviews and see that it’s definitely a one-off rather than a trend. By sharing some of the negative reviews, we figure that you can make a mental note to read through the reviews a little and that way you can make an informed decision before you commit.

With that said, below you’ll find 4 wire whisks and 4 paddle beaters, so let’s look at them now and you can see how you feel about them – and we think that you’re going to like what you see!

Vaxaape K45WW Wire Whip for KitchenAid

K45WW Wire Whip Attachment Stainless Steel Replacement,Kitchen Aid Mixer Accessory,Fits Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Bowls For 4.5-5 Quart Bowls,Egg Cream Stirrer,Flour Cake Balloon Whisk,Dishwasher Safe

View on Amazon

The first item on our list is this Vaxaape Wire Whip for kitchen aid. Made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe, this 6 wire whip is great for whipping egg whites, boiled frosting, whipped cream, and more!

As far as KitchenAid stand mixers, this whip is compatible with the following models:

  • K45
  • K45SS
  • KSM75
  • KSM90
  • KSM95
  • KSM100
  • KSM103
  • KSM110
  • KSM150PS
  • KSM152PS
  • KSM155GB

Checking into the reviews, we can see that the Vaxaape had a modest review pool of 47, but received 86% 5 star ratings and a further 8% of reviewers gave them 4 stars. Comments in praise of this product included ‘Finzup5’ stating that it’s ‘super heavy-duty, washes great, and fits like a charm’ user ‘bibi’ says that she likes how well made it is.

Looking at the 1 star reviews, we can see that 6% were less pleased with this wire whip, with one user complaining that they received the wrong size (theirs was too small) and user ‘R’ stating that theirs kept hitting the bowl. Be sure to check the reviews to see what you think, however, as this is quite the durable whip should you be wanting a replacement that fits your KitchenAid.

OUOLife Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Wire Whip Attachment

K45WW Dishwasher Safe Wire Whip Attachment 6 Wire Whisk Upgrade Real Stainless Steel Fits KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer for Egg Heavy Cream Beater, Cakes Mayonnaise

View on Amazon

Before we switch to flat beaters for frosting we wanted to share this dishwasher-safe stainless steel wire whip attachment from OUOLife. Made of 304 stainless steel, it’s pretty mighty as far as wire whips go, and OUOLife is confident enough to offer a money-back warranty if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

This wire whip attachment is good for the following KitchenAid models:

  • K45
  • K45SS
  • KSM75
  • KSM90
  • KSM95
  • KSM100
  • KSM103
  • KSM110
  • …and many more, please visit the link directly for the full list, as it’s QUITE extensive.

Peeking into the reviews to see what all the hype is about, we can see that a whopping 83% of 1093 customers reviewed gave this product 5 stars, while another 8% felt that it was worth at least 4. Positive comments included ‘Fits my KitchenAid perfectly’ by ‘Nicole Gleghorn’ and ‘Sharon L. Trabbic’ added ‘This one is 100% stainless steel and a game changer!’.

No one gets a perfect score, however, so looking at the 1 star reviews we can see that 5% of those reviewed felt that the OUOLife wasn’t really ‘all that’. Comments left in reviews were a little contrasting, with ‘Kattie Johnson’ advising that hers didn’t touch the sides or bottom of the bowl, while ‘D M P’ said the opposite, that theirs was clanking the bowl.

As such, it’s best to go through the reviews to see what you think. Often you’ll find a review with your particular model and that settles any worries right away!

Miflus Sikawai Nylon-coated Stand Mixer attachments for KitchenAid

Mixer Aid Attachments Including K5AB Coated Flat Beater&K5ADH Dough Hook for Kitchen Stand Mixer&K5AWW Wire Whip Perfect for 5 Quart Kitchen Mixers Aid Attachments by MIFLUS

View on Amazon

Our next item is this Miflus Sikawai Nylon-coated Stand Mixer attachment kit and this nets you 3 new attachments – 1 coated K5ADH dough hook, 1 coated K5AB beater paddle, and 1 stainless steel wire whip. The nylon coating is a nice touch – it gives them a softer look, but from a practical standpoint the coating also helps to extend the life of the attachments.

As far as compatible models, these attachments are designed to fit the following units:

  • 3K5SS
  • 4K5SS
  • 5K5SS
  • 5KSM5
  • 7K5SS
  • 9KSM5
  • K4SS
  • K5SS
  • KDM5
  • KP50
  • KPM5
  • KPM50
  • KSM5
  • KSM50
  • KSMC5

While the ad says that these are not dishwasher safe, we double checked and according to the Q&A section, they are 100% safe for your dishwasher. So, how did they do in the reviews?:

Well, we can see that a solid 74% of 198 reviewers felt that this set had earned 5 stars, while another 11% felt that 4 stars was a better fit. Praise for this product included ‘Fit is perfect for my KitchenAid’ from ‘Greg G’ and user ‘A Kall’ said that it was even a good fit for their old K5-A KitchenAid mixer.

In the 1 star reviews, however, opinions did differ, with 8% of those reviews being less pleased with these attachments. User ‘Dritnul’ says that it didn’t fit his 5 quart bowl for his professional 5 plus and ‘matt’ stated that he felt these were too small for his own K5 series.

As such, be sure to double check the approved model numbers to ensure that yours is a match and don’t be afraid to add your model number to the search option in the reviews – sometimes you can get a review from a customer with the same model and it can help to alleviate any worries right away!

Fetechmate KitchenAid compatible mixer attachments

Stand Mixer Attachments K45WW Wire Whip K45DH Coated C Dough Hook K45B Coated Flat for 4.5 QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Attachments

View on Amazon

We wanted to include another set on this list, for those who wanted to get both an extra wire whisk and a paddle beater, and that brings us to this Fetechmate KitchenAid compatible mixer attachment kit.

In the package, you’ll receive 1 K45WW wire whip, 1 k45b coated flat beater, and 1 K45dh coated dough hook. The coating is a mix of aluminum and nylon coat, so that you’ll have durable attachments that won’t oxidize with whatever you are mixing.

This Fetechmate attachment set is compatible with the following popular KitchenAid models:

  • K45SS
  • KSM75
  • KSM95
  • KSM150PS
  • KSM152PS
  • KSM155GB
  • WPW10674618
  • 3183588
  • 3183589
  • 4162152
  • 4176069
  • 9707671
  • 9708471
  • W10674618
  • ..and more, so be sure to check the listing for a more extensive list of the compatible appliances for this set.

The coating is also dishwasher safe, so when it’s time to clean up then it will be one less headache to contend with!

Taking a little stroll through ReviewLand, we can see that we had about an 81% overall satisfaction rate, with 73% of reviewers giving this product 5 stars and another 8% rating it a 4. Comments included user ‘Pyramate’ stating that this works like the OEM/original equipment manufacturer versions from KitchenAid and ‘Bones AA82’ assures us that they have run these through their home dishwasher numerous times and that the coatings are holding up well.

Strolling on into the 1 star neighborhood, however, we can see that 8% of the 245 polled had less flattering things to say. User ‘Sparklep’ said that theirs doesn’t fit the Proline Model KSMS and ‘kevin’ said that the coating came off after the first use. While we can’t verify their model or the usage scenario, be aware that this complaint was lodged and check the reviews before making a final decision on this set.

Geesta Polished Stainless Steel Flat Beater for KitchenAid

Geesta Polished Stainless Steel Flat Beater for Kitchen aid 4.5 Qt - 5 Qt Tilt-Stand Mixer Attachments for Kitchen Paddle, Baking - Pastry, Pasta Dough, Lcing, Mixing Accessory - Dishwasher Safe

View on Amazon

Now that we’ve looked at 2 sets, we’re going to get a little more focused and review strictly beaters. This Geesta Polished Stainless Steel Flat Beater is a fine example of what we like to see and we think that you are going to agree.

For one thing, these 304 stainless steel beaters are handmade and thus much more durable that what you would normally get with your average beater attachment. In fact, Geesta is so sure that you’ll like it that they have a 12 month warranty in place to back it up!

You don’t see that everyday with a mixer attachment, so this is definitely a plus in our book. As far as KitchenAid compatibility, this Geesta attachment works with the following 4.5 to 5 quart bowl models:

  • K45SS
  • KSM75
  • KSM150
  • KSM152
  • KSM165
  • KSM100
  • KSM9

They’re also quite dishwasher safe and with the mirror finish from the steel, this is definitely a good looking attachment that you’ll enjoy having for your KitchenAid appliance.

Rolling on into the reviews, we’re extremely happy to report that out of 1564 reviewers polled, an impressive 89% loved this enough to give it 5 stars. Another 6% gave it 4 stars, so we already have a 95% satisfaction rating.

To keep things fair and balanced, we checked the 1-star reviews, and it turned out that 3% of customers were less enchanted with the Geesta attachment. User ‘Jerome’ says his kept hitting the side of the bowl and advised that his came with impact marks. User ‘Amy J Lofland’ tells us that hers didn’t go as deep into the bowl as her original model attachment.

As the other reviews were overwhelmingly positive, these incidents look isolated, but we encourage you to check the reviews to see what you think. In our opinion, however, these are fine attachments that you’re going to love!

QAP Flat Beater Replacement for KitchenAid 4.5-5 Qt

Flat Beater Replacement for KitchenAid 4.5-5 Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixers/Polished 18/8 Stainless Steel Accessories/No coating/Dishwasher Safe/Compatible for K45B/K5THCB/K5THBS

View on Amazon

Our next attachment is this QAP stainless-steel flat beater attachment and it’s a great choice for mixing doughs or fluffing up some fine frostings.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, one of the big perks of this beater is its compatibility. Below you’ll find a sampling of the KitchenAid popular models that these attachments will fit, but be sure to check the main listing – the full list is a real doozy!

  • K45
  • K45SS
  • KN15E1X
  • KSM75
  • KSM85PS
  • KSM88PSQ
  • KSM90
  • KSM95
  • KSM96
  • KSM97
  • KSM100
  • KSM103
  • KSM105
  • KSM110
  • KSM120
  • KSM150
  • KSM150A

As you can see, it’s compatible with most 4.5 to 5 quart KitchenAid stand mixers but if you don’t see yours on our truncated list then again, just check the main list and prepare to be impressed.

Speaking of being impressed, we looked at the reviews, and 78% of 418 polled gave this attachment 5 stars and another 10% felt that it had earned 4. ‘Mr. Terry L. Kiser’ called this an ‘infinitely superior alternative aftermarket upgrade’ ‘ask simon’ says that he’s ‘only sorry that I didn’t get this sooner’.

That’s great praise, but what about the ‘dirt’? Well, 5% of the reviewers only gave these 1 star, so let’s see what they had to say. User ‘Alice’ said hers fit loosely on her KSM90 so that it wiggled, and ‘Daniel Clark’ said that theirs doesn’t fit the KitchenAid Professional HD.

Overall, however, these were quite well received, so be sure to check the model list to make a judgment call for your particular model.

GVode Stainless Steel Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Mixer

Stainless Steel Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Mixer, Fits Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Bowls For 4.5-5 Quart Bowls, Kitchenaid Paddle Attachment by Gvode

View on Amazon

Our final entry for today is this GVode Stainless Steel Flex Edge Beater and it’s a workhorse with a mirror shine that we think you’re going to like. Designed for Tilt-Stand KitchenAid mixers with 4.5 to 5 quart mixing bowls, it’s got a reinforced frame and a safety buckle to ensure that it remains stable and wiggle-free at the high speeds that make it so useful.

This particular edge beater fits the following KitchenAid models:

  • Artisan
  • Classic
  • Classic Plus
  • Ultra Power
  • Accolade 400
  • 90th Anniversary Glass Bowl
  • K45
  • K45SS
  • KSM75
  • KSM90
  • KSM95
  • KSM100
  • KSM103
  • …and more, so be sure to double check the listing to get the complete compatibility list.

Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, it’s also got a nice little 1 year warranty to help make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your purchase.

Looking into the reviews, a lot of people definitely were happy with theirs, as 79% of 1387 reviews were 5 star ratings. An additional 9% gave the product 4 stars, so let’s see what they had to say.

User ‘northwoods’ said that it was ‘well made’ and takes just seconds to adjust correctly and ‘Andrew N. Havrilla’ called it ‘such an upgrade’! Of course, we need to keep things fair, so let’s look at the negative reports.

In the 1 star reviews, 5% of that pool of 1387 felt that this only deserved 1 star, and comments included ‘the size and shape are slightly off and it is HEAVY’ from ‘H. Phil’ and ‘M.J. Mobley’ said that theirs arrived tarnished.

As such, be sure to withhold your judgment until you can check the reviews on your own to see how you feel!

Best newbie tips for making frosting with your KitchenAid attachments

If you are looking to whip up some of the best frosting ever but you’re new to this, then don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a few tips for making frosting and for making the most of your KitchenAid attachments for this purpose:

  • For thinner frostings, you can go with your wire whip, but for thicker ones you’ll want to use that powerful flat beater – never the other way around, or your wire whip won’t be long for this world!
  • If you are making a buttercream frosting, then your wire whip/whisk attachment is perfect for this. It will allow you to whip up egg whites with ease and make fluffy meringues in a jiffy!
  • Medium speed is going to be the best choice for creaming up sugar and butter to perfection. Use your paddle flat beater for best results.
  • Consider investing in a Flex Edge beater – they’re a great way to save time when scraping ingredients back into the bowl!

Buying information for KitchenAid attachments for frosting

If you are on the town and see some KitchenAid attachments, then we’ve got a few tips that can help if you are looking to upgrade your frosting game. Here are some buying tips to keep in mind when you are looking for new attachments:

  • Coated attachments are nice, but they can start chipping and worse, you might not find out until you’re eating your frosting. Stainless steel attachments are often preferred for this reason.
  • Heavy isn’t always better – your mixer needs to be strong enough that the extra weight won’t be difficult for your motor.
  • Look for deals for complete 3 piece sets – dough hook, beater, and wire whip. It never hurts to have extra attachments and they can come in handy in a pinch.
  • Write down your model number and save it in your email or just somewhere on your phone before shopping. A lot of attachments that look like they would fit your style of mixer won’t fit it at all and this little trick can save you from a potential headache.

Product recommendations

Well, the time has come to pick a favorite, and so here it is. We liked the GVode Stainless Steel Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Mixer best for its overall heft and usability. Flex edge beaters are nice, as you’ll save time getting all of your ingredients where you want them, and a solid beater like this should make short work of whipping up a fantastic, fluffy frosting.

If this one wasn’t your favorite, though, then don’t sweat it – all of the attachments that we have listed here today come highly recommended. Just be sure to check your specific model for compatibility before you order and it doesn’t hurt to look for your model in the reviews.

That said, if you do go with the GVode, we have a feeling that you’re going to absolutely love it!


It’s traditional here that before we wind things up, we lob a few frequently asked questions as a sort of ‘parting gift’ that we hope you’ll find some good use for. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

What is the best mixer attachment for frosting?

Your paddle beater is going to be the best bet for dealing with batters or with thick frosting. Your wire whip, however, is the best for whisking up your egg whites and other liquid components nicely before they become your more solid frosting.

Can you mix canned frosting with KitchenAid attachment?

Yes, actually, you can mix up canned frosting and it’s a nice little hack for making it taste homemade. Just empty your frosting can into your mixer bowl and then mix it with your whisk attachment and it should change into a much fluffier frosting for your cakes and other treats.

What’s the best way to clean my whisk or paddle after making frosting?

The easiest way to get those attachments clean (besides just licking the yummy frosting) is to let the heads soak in some hot water with a little dish soap inside. For frosting that has been there a little while, give it a few minutes, and it should soften right up for easy cleaning.

Some final words on KitchenAid attachments for frosting

Well, that’s all that we have time for today and while the GVode Stainless Steel Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Mixer turned out to be our favorite from the list, please don’t hesitate to go with one of the others or any other attachment that really catches your eye.

The ones that we’ve shared today were selected to help give you a range and also to give you an idea what to look for, so we’re hoping that between these examples and the buying tips that we’ve shared today that you’ll be good and ready to find your new favorite mixing attachment.

Just remember to keep your wire whip reserved for the thin component such as your egg whites or very thin frostings and pay close attention to the ‘dishwasher safe’ designation of any item that you check – some of the detergents out there can easily start eating into that nylon coating and aluminum flanges can often have reactions as well.

We hope that you enjoy whatever new attachments that you decide on and that your frosting always comes out well-whipped, properly paddled, and absolutely to-die-for delicious!

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