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Best Kitchen Tongs (and what to look for)



Kitchen tongs are used to grip and lift objects while cooking or while preparing food to cook. The tongs are generally used to grip objects that are hot and can’t be safely picked up by unprotected hands. They are also used to grab food or objects that need to be put into oil to be fried on into the oven for baking.

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Hence, kitchen tongs need to be made out of sturdy material that doesn’t warp easily when exposed to heat or corrode easily when exposed to oil or any other corrosive materials. It also needs to be made of a material that doesn’t readily conduct heat so that the user stays safe at a distance even after prolonged use of the tongs.

There are different types of kitchen tongs that you can buy in the market depending on their shape and size and the material that they’re made out of. There are tongs with long arms that end in circular end bits, and there are tongs that end in spoon-like ends which are useful for picking up things like spaghetti and salad.

The most common kitchen tongs available consist of a single piece of metal that has been bent and shaped accordingly so that the food can be gripped easily. Other kitchen tongs sometimes include a pivot down the middle for better operation.

What to Look for in Kitchen Tongs

Text: Kitchen tongs are invaluable when dealing with oil and heat

When looking for the best kitchen tongs, you need to be aware of what you’ll use them for the most and what kind of environment they’ll be exposed to on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Then there are other basic factors to consider, such as the best type of materials that you have to look for and the grip of the tongs as well.

Here is a list of tips that you can use to select the best type of kitchen tongs for any purpose.

  • Tongs that have silicone tips won’t scratch any non-stick cookware, so they might be better at gripping slippery food. Solid stainless steel tips can offer better, tighter grips for food.
  • You can also go for Nylon tips which are gentle to the touch for non-stick finishes. However, they do have a hard time resisting heat and will melt if they’re left sitting in a hot environment for a long time.
  • You should also look for silicone or rubber grips in the handle so that you don’t get burned while handling hot materials for a very long time. Grips made from these silicone or rubber materials can help you cook with greasy or wet fingers.
  • Tongs that are spring loaded are much easier to use than scissor-like tongs even though they may seem like they’re more intuitive.
  • Get shorter tongs (6 inches long) for normal use and longer ones (6-12 inches long) for use with heat and oil.

GEEKHOM Kitchen Tongs

The GEEKHOM kitchen tongs are made from FDA approved silicone and stainless steel as well as nonstick and non-slip material. The best part about these tongs is the shape. They’re designed to grip food in the most natural way and keep stability in your hand, so you don’t spill anything on the kitchen table.

GEEKHOM Kitchen Tongs for Cooking with Silicone Tips and Locking Head, Non-Slip Non-Stick Heavy Duty Salad Tongs for BBQ Contact Grills Smokers Instant Pot Air Fryer Toaster Oven(9+12 Inch, Black)

You can easily pick up any object with the tongs, including hot food. They can resist temperatures up to 482 F and down to -140 F. They’re certainly some of the strongest kitchen tongs out there. This makes them perfect for barbeque cooking.

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And the cherry on top is that these tongs have a lifetime warranty. You will be offered a full refund if you’re not satisfied with these tongs or you’ll be offered a free replacement.

Spring Chef Kitchen Tongs

The Spring Chef Kitchen Tongs have scalloped edges which help you get a good grip on the foods that you need to pick up. They’re much better than the clawed tips that you get with most kitchen tongs. They’re tipped with silicone on both ends and have silicone grips for slippery fingers which are inevitable when you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Spring Chef Kitchen Tongs with Stainless Steel and Silicone Heat Resistant non-stick Tips, 2 Piece Locking Mechanism Set Best for Serving, Cooking, Grilling, BBQ, Steak and Pasta, 12 Inch

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These are 12-inch tongs that are great for cooking at the highest temperatures and with the most volatile of ingredients. They’re very high-quality kitchen tools that you will prove to be a long lasting investment.

Hotec Tongs

HOTEC Premium Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs with Silicon Tips, Set of 2-9" and 12" Light Grey

These tongs don’t only look great, but they feel great to grip in the hand. They feature silicone tips and have a great handle to grip them with. They are heat-resistant up to 500 F so you can relax while you’re frying up some grub or baking till your heart’s content.

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The silicone tongs aren’t just BPA free, they’re also dishwasher safe. The silicone is hygienic and provides an excellent grip which can give you great control of your food. It also features pull ring technology which can help lock the tongs in one place so that they won’t open and close accidentally.

NPYPQ Turner Tongs

NPYPQ Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs Double Spatula Turner for Cooking Steaks Burgers Buffets Restaurant Serving Utensils

These stainless steel tongs are not only good for cooking big meat patties and briskets and having a great cookout with your family and friends, but they’re also corrosion-resistant and don’t rust. This makes them ideal for not only cooking indoors but also taking your cooking outside.

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They have great heat insulation since they’re heat-resistant and thus, can avoid warping and damage from high temperatures. They’re perfect for cooking burgers, eggs, fish and buffets for the entire family. They are also easy to hang and place in the kitchen without having to take up too much space.

Kitchen tongs are an essential tool for any cook, and serve a practical purpose in the kitchen when you’re baking or frying food. Hence, it’s best to get the best so that you won’t burn your hand and won’t spoil the food while you’re cooking it.

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