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The Top 6 Best Kitchen Timers With Features You’ll Love



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What is the best Kitchen Timer?

A kitchen timer ensures your food does not overcook. When you have more than one thing going on while you are preparing your meal, you need a kitchen timer to let you know that it is time to turn off the heat because the food is cooked to perfection.

A kitchen timer also comes to the rescue when you need to prepare a dish for a certain duration to get the best results. If you want to cook delicious food, cooked perfectly every time, you need to buy a high-quality kitchen timer.

My search for the kitchen timer has led me to create a list of the best kitchen timers based on rating, customer reviews, and features. If you are looking for a kitchen timer, this list will shed light on some of the most reliable kitchen timers available in the market right now.

1. eTradewinds eT-25 Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Timer

eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer Stainless Steel - Lime - Strong Magnetic Back - Kickstand - Loud Alarm - Large Display - Auto Memory - Auto Shut-Off - Model eT-25 (Lime)

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The kitchen timer comes with several useful features such as its automatic shutoff feature that lets you reset the timer to 0000 once you have activated it. Therefore, making it a good choice for people who need to perform the same task more than once.

Just click the start button to start the kitchen timer. To save battery, the timer turns off by itself after 10 minutes when not in use. The timer’s built-in magnet prevents it from moving when you press the button or slide it down from the surface it is on.

With it, you also receive a backup battery, which you can use once the original backup battery expires. If the kitchen timer breaks or fails to work properly, you can replace it with a new one, thanks to its lifetime warranty.

2. AOUCE Cooking Timer Clock

Classroom Timers for Teachers Kids Large Magnetic Digital Timer 2 Pack

The kitchen timer, available in two cute colors, has a clear and loud alarm. Setting it up and reading it is easy. The timer can show minutes and seconds, ranging from 0 to 90 minutes and 59 seconds. The timer has three buttons, “min,” “set,” and “start and stop.” While these are advertised for the classroom, we use them in the kitchen.

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You have the option to clip it, make it stand, or attach to a surface with its magnet. Thanks to its lightweight design, you can carry it with you easily. It is a two-in-one-deal, which means that you will have to buy the pair of two kitchen timers instead of choosing just one.

3. West Bend Digital Timer, White

West Bend Easy to Read Digital Magnetic Kitchen Timer Features Large Display and Electronic Alarm, White

The digital kitchen timer has an upper hand on most kitchen timers because it lets you count to 100 hours. Featuring a large LCD display screens, it makes it easy for you to read it from any distance in the room. Its built-in alarm function creates a clear and loud sound to alert you when your food has finished cooking.

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You also receive a magnet clip, stand to make your kitchen timer stay on any surface, and hanging hole. With the kitchen timer, you will receive a single AAA battery.

You may not prefer the battery compartment, as it protrudes for around a quarter of an inch. You can use the kitchen timer without any worry about your dish burning.

4. Uigos 2pcs Countdown

Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II 2.0 , Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, for Cooking Baking Sports Games Office (White) (2 Pack)

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The compact and portable kitchen timer features a clear, large, and easy to read LCD screen display. This is an effective solution for people who are visually impaired. You can easily the time remaining on the kitchen timer from a distance without straining your eyes. If you are in the other room of the house and timer’s alarm goes off, you will hear it.

You can hang the timer, place it on the fridge via its magnetic back, and rest the timer on the surface using its foldout stand. The kitchen timer seems to be popular with most users due to the versatility it offers to use it. You can use the kitchen time for the kitchen while cooking, gym while working out, and house while doing a task.

5. OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

OXO Good Grips Triple Kitchen Timer, Black

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You can use the kitchen timer to time three tasks at one time. The kitchen timer features a keypad with soft buttons to enter the time. Through its LCD display screen, you can monitor events easily.

Each alarm that you will set will make a different sound to alert you, which is good, as you may have set more than one alarm on the device for different things.

Every timer on this device offers you 100 hours. If you are not using the kitchen timer for a certain duration, it will automatically go from timer mode to clock mode. The kitchen timer also has an angled face that features increased visibility of the display screen when placed on the countertops and shelves.

The kitchen timer also features a nonslip button that offers stability and surface protection. The downside is that its battery does not run for a long time, meaning that you will need to replace it after a while, which can become expensive down the line.

6. Senbowe Digital Kitchen Timer with Large Display Screen

The kitchen timer, stylish in appearance, has a large and easy to read LCD display screen. If you have sight problems, this kitchen timer is perfect for you. It also produces a loud and clear alarm, so you can hear it when you are away from the location of the kitchen timer.

Check out the Senbowe Digital Kitchen Timer at Amazon.

You can attach the kitchen timer to the surface of the fridge due to a magnet in the back and it has a retractable stand that enables you to put the kitchen timer on a flat surface. The kitchen timer features a “start and stop” button that when pressed, goes into the count down mode. You can use it while working out in the gym, playing sports, cooking food in the kitchen, and performing offer work.

Which one do you consider as the best kitchen timer? If you need to use a kitchen timer, you can choose one from this list.

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