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Best iPad Stand for Cooking



Having the iPad at your fingertips can be a great help while cooking.
Having the iPad at your fingertips can be a great help while cooking.

When you are learning how to cook (or maybe you are just trying a new recipe), you spend a lot of time looking at recipes. Or maybe you just want to have something to watch while you are cooking or prepping your food.

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For times like these, you need something to prop up your iPad or any other connected devices that you may use. Trying to lean it against something won’t work, you could use regular iPad cases – OR – you can get a stand for your tablet that is made specifically for kitchen use.

These accessories are a chef’s best friend. They fit in perfectly with kitchen appliances, and some of them even have entire prepping stations that come with them.

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Today we will look into some different stands that are tailored specifically for use in the kitchen.

Belkin Tablet Chef Stand and Stylus

This iPad stand is absolutely beautiful. It is made with a gorgeous stainless steel finish, has a non-slip rubber base, and you can set it at two different angles so you can view your tablet at any angle. It comes with an ergonomic stylus featuring a magnetic tip that can wake your iPad up from sleep mode.

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It is made to fit the iPad 2, 3rd Generation iPad, iPad mini, and most Android tablets as well. It is made specifically for kitchen use in mind. The stand lets you view your iPad from any viewing angle without having to worry about it falling. The stylus lets you check your recipes and scroll through the iPad without even touching it.

Should you get the Belkin Stand

This Belkin stand is tremendous. It looks awesome, it is entirely practical, and the ability to scroll through the screen without ever having to touch it (leaving bacteria and goop on the screen) is perfect. It is also easy to clean off once it gets dirty.

The only problem I see with this device is how small it is. If you have a larger iPad or tablet you may have trouble balancing it at times.

Prepara iPrep Foldable / Adjustable e-reader

The iPrep is one of the easiest products to use with your connected device. It makes securing your tablet easy and viewing at several angles a piece of cake.

This product fits most any tablet, or iPad on the market today, as well as most e-readers and phones. It comes packaged in a gift box and with a 5 year warranty.

It has 4 different adjustable positions for viewing at multiple angles, and has a non-slip rubber base for better grip on any surface that you set it on. It is perfect for use in the kitchen because it has an integrated stylus that can be stored in the base of the device, letting you keep your hands off of your iPad and keeping your screen clean.

Prepara, White iPrep Adjustable Stand for phones, tablets, e-readers, Large

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Should you get this product?

This is useful in so many more instances than just in the kitchen. It is also tremendous for use on the go. Whether you are in the car, camping or sitting outside on the balcony, this is small enough and sturdy enough be used anywhere.

iPad Stand with on Bamboo Board

Sofia + Sam Bamboo Tablet Holder and Stand - Natural Wood - Works with iPad, Surface etc. - Cookbook Book E-Readers Smartphones - Kitchen Table Top - Wire Organizer

This is a really cool kitchen stand that has multiple uses and fits nearly all iPads, and is also compatible with most tablets up to 9.5 inches. It makes your iPad feel like it is made with the sole intention of use in the kitchen, and is great for use during meal prep.

Looking to buy this product? Find it at Amazon.

The bamboo board is extremely easy to clean, all it takes is a damp cloth to wipe it down. Its dimensions are roughly 15.5 inches by 11.5 inches. The splash screen is a very nice addition and allows you not to worry about damaging your tablet while preparing your dinner.

Should you get the bamboo board?

This is by far my favorite iPad kitchen stand on this list. The splash screen is a life saver, and the cutting board is such a genius idea. It’s amazing we’ve waited this long to figure out such a simple, yet efficient design.

A few things that are bothersome, however. The knife slots are very small and don’t seem to fit anything larger than a steak knife, worse than that is the knives fall out easily (be careful to remove them before cleaning the cutting board).

An iPad with a stand is a great addition to any kitchen!
An iPad with a stand is a great addition to any kitchen!

Wrap – Up

Do you like to watch sports and hate missing a moment of the action because you have to make some more wings or nachos? If you do, then you need a kitchen stand for your iPad.

Do you constantly look at recipes on your iPad while cooking? If you do, then you need a kitchen stand for your iPad.

All three of these will work wonders for you. If you want one that is more portable, you should go with the Belkin or the iPrep. If you are already in the market for a new cutting board, then go with the last one we looked at.

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