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The Best Hamburger Press To Make Juicy Burgers At Home



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The best hamburger press will make your burgers uniform and help them stay together even without the use of binding ingredients.

What is a Hamburger Press?

Do you want to grill up a juicy hamburger patty at home? If you don’t want to go out to get a burger, but would rather cook one yourself, you can do that. But first you should buy a burger press to grill the most even and delicious hamburger patties.

With a burger press, your patties will always be of the same size, shape, and weight. It will save you from the unnecessary kneading and pressing patties by hand that may take much too long to do.

When you use burger presses, you won’t need to add a binding ingredient like eggs or cornstarch to the meat mixture. The patties will be packed tightly enough that they won’t fall apart or crumble when cooked even without any binder.

Before you choose the best hamburger press for your kitchen, we recommend you learn about the various hamburger presses that exist on the market. Along the way, you’ll find out what to look for when buying one.

To help you out, I decided to review several popular hamburger presses out there to help you in burger making, so you can decide which you think is the best burger press to buy.

In a hurry? Our favorite burger press is the Cuisinart from Amazon.

Best Hamburger PressWhy We Like It
1. Weston 07-0310-W Burger Express with Ejector you can adjust the thickness of your patty by pressing the rotating dial
2. Bellemain Non-Stick Burger Press this model features a spring-loaded release that makes it easy to remove the patties without ruining their shape
3. Cuisinart CSBP-100 Stuffed Hamburger Press this is a perfect burger press that allows you to make stuffed burgers, regular burgers, and sliders, thanks to its 3-in-1 design
4. GWhole Hamburger Press this functions more than just a patty mold, since you can also use it as a roast plate and put it on direct heat on the grill or stovetop
5. Shape and Store Silicone Press the Shape+Store can make eight patties at once with its eight cells in one mold
6. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press the Grillaholics hamburger press comes with a recipe book filled with delicious and easy-to-make recipes
7. Weber Original Burger Press this patty maker has a clear see-through top to make it easy to see that your patties are being pressed exactly the way you like them
8. Ultimate Burger Press the Ultimate Burger press is made from durable and BPA-free plastic material and is made of only one piece that makes it easy to clean and store

1. Weston 07-0310-W Burger Express with Ejector

Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press With Patty Ejector (07-0310-W), Makes 4 1/2" Patties, 1/4Lb To 3/4Lb

This nonstick aluminum burger press will make homemade hamburger prep easy without creating a mess. It comes with a spring plunger to make patty removal easy with just a press of a button.

What makes this feature really cool is that you can adjust the thickness of your patty by pressing the rotating dial to set the press to your preferred thickness.

Interestingly, the diameter remains constant at 4.5 inches to give you uniform-sized burgers. It eliminates the guesswork in making uniform patties every time. This makes for burgers that will cook evenly and won’t fall apart on the grill.

You can make patties of different meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, or even venison. The patty will surely be consistent and juicy no matter what meat you use.

It is not just for hamburgers either. You can make other delicious stuff with it like stuffed burgers, sausage patties, crab cakes, and veggie burgers.

The burger press is made from solid and sturdy construction as it’s made from cast food grade aluminum. It wears well and is expected to last for a long time.

The Weston Burger Express is not dishwasher safe, so you need to take it apart and handwash it every time you clean it. This may be a hassle for some. But, considering the convenience and speed it gives in making patties, you may tend to overlook this.

2. Bellemain Non-Stick Burger Press

Bellemain Burger Press Non-Stick Hamburger Patty Maker Makes 4 1/2" Patties, 1/4lb to 3/4lb

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If you have ever struggled to remove your patty when making burgers at home, you should try this burger press. It features a spring-loaded release that makes it easy to remove the patties without ruining their shape. The non-stick coating helps in keeping them intact as well.

The spring-loaded mechanism also lets you take the press apart in seconds when you clean it. And, it’s just as easy to put back together.

Another advantage of the burger press with patty ejector is that it churns out patties accurately. They will have a fixed diameter of 4.5 inches and patty thickness from about ½ inch to a huge 1.5 inches.

Made from heavy-duty aluminum and with all-metal parts, this burger press will last you a long time. But, even with this durable construction, it is lightweight.

3. Cuisinart CSBP-100 Stuffed Hamburger Press

Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press, Black

This is a perfect burger press that lets you make stuffed burgers, regular burgers, and sliders, thanks to its 3-in-1 design. It can make a hamburger patty from ¼ inch to ¾ inch in patty thickness that easily fits the standard bun.

What I like about this burger press is you do not have to use wax paper when you make hamburgers because of its non-stick coating. Your patties will come out perfectly round and smooth.

It doesn’t create any build-up so it’s easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe to make cleaning hassle-free.

Using the burger press is so easy that just about anyone can use it. All you have to do is to create a ball of meat, place it in the hamburger press, and use the lid to press it down to flatten it into a burger patty.

And, if you want to make grill marks on the burger patties, you can do so by using the diagonal ridges on the lower side of the burger press. You can get creative with ingredients to give your family and friends uniquely restaurant-grade burgers anytime.

4. GWhole Hamburger Press

GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminum Hamburger Patty Maker with 100 Wax Papers for BBQ Grill

This hamburger press is made from cast aluminum that makes it a heavy-duty kitchen tool. It functions more than just a patty mold, though, since you can also use it as a roast plate and put it on direct heat on the grill or stovetop.

Another thing that makes it unique is its detachable handle that saves storage space if you plan to bring it on picnics or to outdoor barbecues.

To use, you just have to first load the burger press with the meat mixture of your choice. Then, press the handle down to produce a perfectly round and standard-sized patty. You can adjust the thickness according to your preference.

The burger press comes with 100 pieces of patty papers. You can use these to line the press to make releasing the patties a breeze. Even if your press is nonstick, you can line the press with the patty papers to separate the patties easily. Or, you can use them on outdoor grills that may not be as clean as you would like.

You can even test the hamburger press by buying and using it. If you don’t like anything about it, you can return it to them, as they offer a no-questions-asked 12-month warranty.

5. Shape and Store Silicone Press

Shape+Store Burger Master 8-in-1 Innovative Burger Press, 8-Patty, Red

If you want freshly made hamburgers but lack the time to prepare them, this burger press may be for you. The Shape+Store can make eight patties at once with its eight cells in one mold. This is equivalent to about 2 pounds of beef!

What’s more, you can make the patties in advance in this silicone-like press and freeze them for later use. If you have more than one press, you can make more patties and stack them to save freezer space. This is perfect to prepare for a weekend barbecue early in the week.

Cleaning this burger press is very easy and it is dishwasher-safe. The patties also pop out of it without a mess, even if they are frozen. You can also use the molds for different kinds of food.

Understandably, its downside is that it leaves no room for adjusting the size and thickness of the patties according to your liking. They are about one inch thick and just a bit over 3 inches in diameter.

However, this burger press is great if you need to make a lot of patties for grilling, such as when hosting an outdoor barbecue. It can also be used to make patties out of other meats, like ground turkey or salmon.

6. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe eBook - Extended Warranty - Hamburger Patty Maker for Grilling - BBQ Grill Accessories

This hamburger press brings a lot of flexibility to your homemade burger prep. You can use it to make stuffed or regular patties. At the same time, this press adds restaurant bought quality to the patties.

All you need to do is follow the easy three-step process of this hamburger press to make sumptuous stuffed burgers. You simply have to press, stuff and seal. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Just place more than half of your ground beef in the burger press. Make a cavity where you will stuff the fillings by removing the larger cup from the burger press. Put the rest of the beef and place it on top of the fillings. Put back the larger cup to the hamburger press to seal the patty.

The Grillaholics hamburger press comes with a recipe book filled with delicious and easy-to-make recipes. It is a great help in creating different burger styles that you can surprise your family and friends with.

When it’s time to clean, this hamburger patty maker breaks down into three separate pieces that you can easily scrub. It is also safe to clean in a dishwasher to give you more time to enjoy your stuffed burgers.

7. Weber Original Burger Press

Weber 6483 Original Burger Press,Black

If you’re searching for a burger press to make the perfect juicy burger, you should see this one for yourself. This patty maker has a clear see-through top. It makes it easy to see that your patties are being pressed exactly the way you like them.

This model has a handle with a nylon grip that makes it easy-to-use. The handle can also be detached for easy cleaning. The press is made of aluminum and the top part is made of plastic.

This hamburger press puts a little dimple in the patty that, aside from enhancing the appearance of the patty, also ensures even cooking of your burgers.

The lightweight hamburger press is easy to carry and take with you on trips. You can place the tray over a campfire directly to cook the burger–no grill needed. You’ll also receive 30 waxed patty papers so you can remove the patties from the hamburger press without any trouble.

8. Ultimate Burger Press

Ultimate Burger Press - 1/4lb and 1/2lb Stuffed Burger Patty (2 Sizes Inside) Cooks More EVENLY

This hamburger press really lives up to its name. It is the ultimate burger press to use to make the juiciest and most perfectly shaped burgers! The donut-shaped burger patty will not fall apart as you press it down and then release it.

The Ultimate Burger press is made from durable and BPA-free plastic material. It is made of only one piece that makes it easy to clean and store. You don’t have to worry about losing pieces. It is also dishwasher-safe.

The burger press is easy-to-use. Press your ground meat into perfectly shaped burgers that are shaped like donuts. This is so the patties will cook evenly. You can use the concave to make stuffed burgers with all your favorite toppings.

Aside from regular and stuffed burgers, the burger press is also great for making individual meatloaves, crab cakes, and sausage patties.


With so many brands to choose from, it can be really hard to find the best hamburger press. We’ve tried to narrow down the choices for you so you can start making your own restaurant-quality burgers.

All of our recommendations have all the qualities that make the best hamburger press. They are made of quality and food grade materials, easy-to-use, produce perfectly shaped patties, and are very easy to clean.

A burger press can also provide you with the joy of creating juicy and delicious burgers with choice meats and ingredients. A patty maker will also save you time and effort by using it instead of using your hands to press the patties. There will be a lot less mess to clean up afterward, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hamburger press?

All of our recommendations could well be the best hamburger press. It would just be a matter of preference and perhaps how much you are willing to spend for your hamburger making.

For me, I choose the Cuisinart Stuffed Hamburger Press to be the best burger press. You can also make regular burgers and sliders with it. It makes patties that can easily fit a standard bun.

You also don’t need to use wax paper to make your burger pressing mess-free. Its non-stick surface makes it easy to retrieve the patty from the press so they are perfectly round and smooth.

The best thing that I like about it though is you can make grill marks on the burgers to make it look like it was bought from a restaurant. This is something unique with this burger press.

Are burger presses worth it?

The most obvious benefit of using a burger press is that they can create perfectly shaped and sized patties faster than using the hands. They will also have more or less the same weight. This means that they will cook through evenly.

It escapes a lot of people that a burger press can create pure meat patties that you won’t be able to get when you use your hands for patty pressing. You won’t need to use binders like eggs or breadcrumbs to hold the patty together. A burger press will pack the patty tightly enough and it doesn’t need binding ingredients.

Using a burger press will lessen your handling of the meat in your burger making. It is not only more hygienic but it will prevent the meat from being too mushy. Squishing the patties with the hands may cause an unappealing texture when they are cooked.

If the burger press is nonstick or if you use wax papers on top and under the meat, you will be creating a little mess or sometimes, none at all.

Who has the best frozen hamburger patties?

There are a lot of frozen hamburger patties out there but my top pick would be the Omaha Steaks traditional burgers. I like that it has no seasonings or added ingredients. What you get is all meat.

The patties are said to undergo a rigorous preparation process where the meat is aged before being ground twice. This would explain its unique texture.

While its 80/20 blend does make it slightly fattier, this will be lessened if you grill it. And, because the fat will melt when you cook it, it will acquire a delicious flavor.

You may also opt to fry it which will give the burger maximum flavor. You only need to fry the patties in a nonstick pan for about seven minutes on each side.

So, if you’re looking for the best frozen hamburger patties, you will have a hard time looking for one that would beat Omaha Steaks. It is probably the best choice if you like your meat juicy.

How do you press the perfect burger?

You can create the perfect burger with a burger press at a fraction of the time it usually takes in hand pressing. It only takes a few steps to achieve it.

The first thing you need to do is line the burger press with wax paper to make it easier to take out the patty. Even if you have a non-stick hamburger press, it is better to line it still so you can separate your patties easily.

Then, make about 4 ounces of meat into a ball and put it on the dish of your burger press. Press the lid with force and try to this a couple of times to make sure the meat is spread properly. Take off the lid of the press.

It would be better if your burger press can create a dimple on the patty. If not, you can make one in the middle with your thumb. It is to help the patty keep its shape while cooking. It is also for even cooking.

Remove the patty to grill, fry, or store for later.

What is a hamburger press?

A hamburger press is a kitchen tool that will let you whip up perfectly round patties any day of the week. It speeds up the process of making burgers without you having to use your hands to form the meat into patties.

You won’t need to use binders like eggs or breadcrumbs to hold the patty together. The burger press can pack the patty enough so as not to fall apart in the grill or cooking pan. What you’ll end up with is a hundred percent pure beef burger.

You won’t need to use binders like eggs or breadcrumbs to hold the patty together. A burger press will pack the patty tightly enough and it doesn’t need binding ingredients.

Should you use eggs in burgers?

An egg serves as a binder to hold the meat and other ingredients together. It prevents the patty from falling apart during cooking.

Most burger recipes require other ingredients to make the burgers tastier like onions and jalapenos among others. The thing is, the more dry ingredients that you add to the ground beef mixture, the more you need an egg as a binder. The salt will not make the meat sticky enough so as not to crumble or fall apart when you form the patty.

This could be avoided if you use a burger presser. The mold will pack the meat tightly enough that it will not need a binder to hold it together.

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