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The Best Garlic Press (for most people)



Garlic presses are luxury items for the kitchen

Looking for a garlic press? You’re in the right place!

My favorite model is the Rocker due to the simple design and value. Check it out at Amazon.

I love garlic! But it can be a chore to peel and mince, and my hands end up sooo garlicy that vampires stay away.

What are Garlic Presses?

Garlic presses are handy tools in the kitchen which you can use if you are cooking something with garlic in the recipe. Garlic needs to be crushed very finely so that its taste can be infused in the dishes that are being cooked. If you don’t have one in the kitchen right now, then it’s time that you put it on your shopping list and add it to your collection.

The tool is used in the kitchen to speed up cooking time and to prepare dishes which are considered delicacies. The mess that occurs during this entire ordeal is tedious to clean up, but still, you get the satisfaction of having prepared a dish that tastes delicious. The best types of garlic presses also come with cleaning tools so you don’t have to worry about your dishwasher.

Every single talented chef that you meet will have a garlic press in their arsenal because not crushing the garlic to its finest bits won’t let its finest tastes be infused within the dish itself.

It’s the simple surface area to volume ratio argument used for all sorts of reactions. If the material is crushed to reveal as much surface area for a reaction (in this case cooking a meal) to happen, then it will have a better rate of reaction and more complete results, leaving the consumer with better tasting food.

Here are some of the best garlic press models out there based on my own research.

The SOFT and COM Garlic Press

Garlic Presses, Stainless Steel Garlic Press Garlic Crusher for Kitchen, Kitchen Garlic Rocker Garlic Press Ginger Crusher

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The SOFT and COM Garlic press is one of the simplest and most elegant designs for a garlic press that you’ll ever see.

Check out the Rocker from Soft and Com at Amazon.

It is optimized for a very natural motion which uses the hand to mince garlic and the press moves very easily using the weight of your body to guide it.

The press allows for the garlic cloves in your home to be cut into various small pieces, which aren’t just crushed bits, but micro cuts.

This helps to preserve the natural aromatic oils within the garlic that give the food cooked with it such flavor. The press can also be cleaned without much hassle simply requires a small rinse to get it sparkling.

The press is very easy to use and can fit in a kitchen drawer for very easy storage. Since it’s made from stainless steel, it’ll last longer and can be a very robust kitchen tool for very long. All in all, it’s a solid investment for you.

HeroFiber Stainless Steel Garlic/Ginger Press

Garlic Press - Lemon Squeezer and Lemon Zester/Grater Tool with Cover, Kitchen Utensil Set.

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This is a great value pack that you can get with a great stainless steel garlic press. The press is made from professional grade stainless steel and is used to mince ingredients or as a food grade garlic crusher which can be very effective and easy to use.

It’s not just a tool that requires minimal effort, but it also has a lot of powerful processing techniques built into it to make the job very fast. You can instantly feel that the appliance is high quality when you first lay your hands on it.

Check out the multi-tool option at Amazon

The stainless steel that it is made of allows for a very ergonomic design. This doesn’t put much pressure on your hands. The stainless steel also ensures that the garlic press is rust proof and it is nearly unbreakable.

The tool is even FDA approved. A lemon zester and juice squeezer are also included in the package. The lemon squeezer is equipped with a stainless steel blade which is designed for ultra sharp cutting and long lasting performance. The juice squeezer is also made from stainless steel.

This package is very economical and also features some of the best craftsmanship in garlic presses that you’ve ever seen.

Orblue Stainless Steel Garlic Press

ORBLUE Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set - Professional Grade, Easy Clean, Dishwasher Safe & Rust-proof

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The Orblue stainless steel garlic press is a very innovative design. It serves a lot of purposes and accomplishes the chief task with ease.

It has an oleophobic coating and heavy duty construction. Its rust-resistant properties make it a great contender for possibly the best garlic press on this list.

It has a precision hand press tool which is ideal for crushing garlic down to the finest bits and is also very ideal for crushing ginger as well.

Check out the Orblue at Amazon

It features an extra large press box which can accommodate numerous cloves and its handles have been engineered so that the task at hand requires very little effort.

The handle loop that is featured on it can be used to hang it if it’s not in use. On top of all this, it features a very ergonomic design which entails a quick process with very minimal effort. The large chamber significantly reduces food preparation time so that you can focus on creating dishes rather than spending much time on preparation.

On top of all this, you can use the press to chop nuts, to crush peanuts and to use it on a variety of other dried fruits as well. The oleophobic coating lets you unpeel garlic with the press as well as crush it. You can even peel ginger roots with this tool.

The overall design also gives you the ability to make a minimal mess and just clean the press with a bit of rinsing.

Garlic presses are incredibly useful tools that can make your kitchen a much more capable place to cook in and can take a load off your hectic schedule by saving you a lot of valuable time.

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