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Best Absorbent Drink Coasters and Dealing with Condensation



Don't set that iced tea down just anywhere! Use a coaster.
Don’t set that iced tea down just anywhere! Use a coaster.

The last thing you want to worry about when entertaining is potential water rings on your beautiful furniture.

Sweaty drinks like iced tea, water, or beer cans can create these unsightly marks that may not be removable from some types of tables.

Don’t sweat it! Here’s my pick, the Enkore coaster at Amazon.

Even worse, you may invest in a beautiful set of coasters only to find that they merely pool water at the bottom of the glass, rather than absorb the moisture to completely prevent spills.

Coaster Materials for Absorbency

This generally tends to happen with cloth, cork, bamboo, plastic, or metal coasters.

However, I do like some of the silicone options out there even though they aren’t absorbent.

Stone based coasters, like sandstones, unglazed ceramics, and slate coasters, are usually a better option for absorbing sweat and preventing a mess.

Avoid this issue altogether with these highly recommended and top-rated absorbent table coasters. Get back to enjoying your time with loved ones rather than worrying about their drinks!

Nana's coasters may have been a little old fashioned, but they did the job!
Nana’s coasters may have been a little old-fashioned, but they did the job.

When I was a kid, I hated going to my grandmother’s house. It’s not that I didn’t like spending time with her (as with any child my grandma was my favorite person in the world), it was more than her entire house was “off limits” to me because she was so worried about cleanliness.

Everything in her house was covered – and I do mean everything. Her furniture had plastic all over it; her stove tops were covered, even her toaster had a dust bag over it.

I remember telling my mom one day, “I am never going to cover anything in my house when I’m old like her.” But there is one thing that I took from her and brought with me into adulthood. I have always hated the dreaded water “ring” that cold drinks leave around the glass, especially for wood surfaces.

The water ring doesn’t just look unsightly, but it can also damage the wood that it comes into contact with over an extended period of exposure.

Absorbent Coasters – Thanks, Nana!

But what coaster do I use? Well, any coaster will do just fine really, but I like to opt for coasters that absorb the moisture from your glass. This helps the coaster not to stick to the cup when you lift your drink. Here are some of the coasters that I feel work great at absorbing the sweat from your glass.

Want to avoid coasters altogether? Get a great sweat-proof tumbler instead?

Thirstystone Drink Coasters

Thirstystone Brand - Desert Sand Coaster, Multicolor All Natural Sandstone - Durable Stone with Varying Patterns, Every Coaster Is An Original

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These are my personal favorite coasters to use. They look elegant and have an “earthy” tone to them, they work extraordinarily well, and they don’t have the risk of sliding around the table that you are using it on.

It is made of natural sandstone, a highly absorbent material, so the sweat from your drink soaks right into the coaster. There is a cork backing that creates sufficient friction with any surface it comes into contact with to keep the coaster stable and steady.

These coasters are over-sized so you can fit even the biggest cups on top of them, measuring at 4 inches in diameter, and they are super easy to wipe clean. In one pack you will get a set of four coasters, and although they are a bit pricier than some coasters, they look much nicer and have greater performance than most of the competition.

Should you get this set?

If you like earth tone colors and have a lot of neutral colors in your home, then it is likely you will love this coaster set. Their performance is simply amazing, and you can use them on any surface, so they are pretty versatile as well.

If there is a downside with these, I would have to say it is the weight of the coaster itself. They are fairly heavy for coasters and sandstone doesn’t hold up well to drops. Make sure you don’t drop these on anything that can break easily.

Enkore Coasters

ENKORE Absorbent Coaster For Drinks - 8 Pack Large 4.3" Size Ceramic Thirsty Stone With Cork Back Fit Big Cup, 2 COASTERS For Each Design, No Holder - 4 Pretty Mandala Patterns Make A Home Decor Style

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Enkore makes similar coasters to those at Thirstystone, so they’re another great pick. They also make a dual-layered coaster involving absorbent sand and soapstone. To boot, they have a rubber bottom for extra gripping power on your tables, and to prevent potential scratches. This will keep your coasters (and drinks!) from sliding around the table.

These coasters also have a silicone edge around the outside for added protection. While sandstone is a very absorbent material, it does so over time. So if a large amount of sweat is accumulated at once, it still may pool over the sandstone until it has time to absorb it. This is why Enkore designed their coasters with a silicone edge, to catch any excess that may overflow. This is a smart design and a smart buy!

Coaster sets can be counter top savers!
Coaster sets can be counter top savers!

Absorbent Stone Mediterranean Coasters

Getfitsoo Car Coasters, Car Cup Holder Coasters, Ceramic Cup Holder Coasters for Car, Blue Car Coaster for Absorbing Spills (Constellation Blue)

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These coasters are said to be made for cars, but I have found that you can actually use them anywhere. They are imprinted with a decorative design, that won’t fit every living and dining room, but are great for bright areas.

The functionality of the coaster is incredible. Stone seems to soak up water pretty well and it still keeps your table, or countertops dry to the touch. Plus, it has a finger slot on the side so you can take it out of the cup holder you set it in when you are done using it.

Should you get this set?

This set is pretty versatile, it is made specifically for cup holders, but it is large enough that you can still use it on table tops without worrying that your glass will fall off. That said, if you want something specifically for use at home, then these are not for you.

CoasterStone Coasters

CoasterStone Absorbent Stone Coasters, “Victorian Lace Set of 4, White

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For a more aesthetically pleasing pick, CoasterStone makes vine-like Victorian lace themed coasters made out of absorbent stone materials. They come in bleached white, creating a gentle atmosphere for your living space or kitchen area. CoasterStone also has cork backing for furniture protection. They come as a set of 4 and make a beautiful housewarming gift.

Marble Pattern Ceramic Coasters

Lahome Marble Pattern Coasters - Round Drinks Absorbent Stone Coaster Set with Ceramic Stone and Cork Base for Kinds of Mugs and Cups (Blue, Set of 4)

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Another aesthetically oriented option are these ceramic coasters. Featuring many different designs, the artwork is simply stunning. This will make a beautifully artful, yet useful addition to your home. They also come with 4 different designs, making it easier for your guests to tell their drinks apart. These also come with a cork backing, and receive rave reviews for their durability, functionality, and artistic appeal.

These drinks are perfect... almost. They just need a few coasters!
These drinks are perfect… almost. They just need a few coasters.

Drink Coasters That Work

There are all types of coasters available on the market, but for exceptionally sweaty drinks, protect your furniture with stone-based coasters.

Also, make sure they have some sort of gentle material like rubber or cork on the back in order to protect your furniture from potential damage from the coasters themselves!

On a hot day outdoors, or just entertaining guests with chilly, sweaty drinks, you’ll need the best coasters you can find. I really like the elegance and absorbency of the Enkore coasters from Amazon.

Best Coasters for Condensation

Sometimes you don’t need the absorbing power of cork or sandstone, but you need something that grips well.

Barvivo Drink Coasters

BARVIVO Drink Coasters with Holder Set of 8 - Tabletop Protection for Any Table Type, Wood, Granite, Glass, Soapstone, Sandstone or Stone Tables - Perfect Soft Silicone Coaster Fits All Modern Glasses

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Barvivo coasters offer protection for any surface that you are placing them on. They are made with black silicone, so they easily stick to whatever surface you have them resting on while protecting the tabletop from water damage and rings.

They also have a lip on the edges of them to help keep your drink from sliding off of the coaster and creating an even bigger mess than the one you are using it to try and prevent. But that lip isn’t just for “cup security.” You can get creative and use it on the top of your glass when you sit outside, effectively keeping your beverage insect free.

Whether you are trying to protect wood, granite, glass, marble, or any other kind of surface, I have found that this Barvivo set adheres to all surfaces giving you peace of mind.

Should you get this coaster set?
These are definitely one of the most sturdy coasters I have seen. They are highly functional, and Silicone has amazing non-slip properties and makes it a perfect material for coasters. They look decent enough, plus you can get them in a variety of different colors. But they do have some downfalls as well.

First, because they are silicone, they stick to most surfaces. So if you have a sugary drink and some of it gets on the coaster, you will notice the coaster beginning to stick to the cup. Also, they are very plain. There is no decorative value in these coasters whatsoever.

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