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Choosing the Best Cheese Slicer for that Perfect Party Tray



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Everyone knows that cheese bought in slabs is generally fresher and more delicious than pre-sliced cheese. But slicing your own cheese sounds like so much effort.

Not to mention all those times your knife slides out of your control for a second and your slices end in strange broken bits.

This is where your cheese slicer comes in. Regardless of how hard or soft your cheese is, you can always find a slicer that works best for you. Make quick work of cheese with my favorite bamboo slicing board. Check it out at Amazon.

Not only are they quick and easy-to-use, but they’ll also help you get some great looking cheese slices every time.

Best Cheese Slicers for that Perfect Party TrayBest Features
1. Zulay Wire Cheese Slicer gorgeous, great for a budget
2. Boska Holland De Luxe Hard Cheese Slicer stainless steel can just be tossed in dishwasher for easy cleaning
3. Freehawk 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set with Wood Stand stainless steel blades cut any cheese, and this set looks great on your party table
4. Bamboo Cheese Slicer Slicing Board lovely bamboo board is great for those on a budget

What to Look for in a Cheese Slicer

Here is a list of the basic factors to consider before you buy your cheese slicer:

  • There are two types of slicers: handheld and board ones. Both have different benefits so choose the one that fits your usage pattern.
  • Thickness: this is determined by how narrow or wide the blade is. Some slicers come with adjustable blades and can be used with all types of cheeses.
  • Flexibility: this refers to whether your slicer only slices soft or hard cheese or both.
  • Durability: if you’re looking for a short term relationship, you can get a basic slicer, but if you want something more long-term, choose a more sturdy and durable slicer that’ll last you for a good few years.

Now let’s help you find the best cheese slicer to satisfy your cheese cravings.

The Hand-held Version: Zulay Wire Cheese Slicer

This basic slicer is the perfect tool to get you started on your cheese slicing journey. Whether you want to prep a grilled cheese sandwich or top off your lasagna, this slicer is ideal.

Zulay Cheese Slicer With Adjustable Thickness - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Slicers With Wire - Premium Wire Cheese Slicer For Soft & Semi-Hard Cheeses - 2 Extra Wires Included (Copper)

View on Amazon

Why it’s great

  • The tool works with a steel wire cutter which is safer to use, especially with children around. The wire can also be replaced if it breaks or suffers some other type of damage.
  • The gripping handle is made of firm steel so it won’t bend around as you slice.
  • This handy tool can be used to slice both hard and soft cheeses so it acts as a 2-in-1.
  • It’s super easy to clean: just rinse it with some soap and water and you’re done!
  • The best part? It’s extremely budget friendly.

What We Don’t Love About it

  • The thin wire is not highly durable so if you’re lazy, getting it replaced will be a hassle.
  • For particularly harder cheeses, you’ll have to be careful that you don’t bend or snap the wire.

Boska Holland De Luxe Hard Cheese Slicer

This one is for all the serious cheese lovers out there. This sturdy cheese slicer can easily become a staple if you’re sharing a weekend cheese platter or having some cheese and crackers with your evening tea.

Boska Holland De Luxe Rosewood Stainless Steel Hard Cheese Slicer

View on Amazon

Why it’s great

  • It’s made out of stainless steel so it won’t rust, and its handy wooden handle makes for a firm grip when you’re slicing.
  • The serrated edge and somewhat thin blade make it ideal for slicing semi-hard and hard cheeses.
  • If you don’t feel like rinsing it by hand, just pop it into the dishwasher.

What We Don’t Love About it

  • Since it’s not so great at slicing soft cheeses, you’ll need another slicer for that which might be a bit frustrating since this one is already a bit hefty on the pocket.
  • The thin blade makes it easier to slice smaller blocks of cheese, so if you’ve managed to get a massive hunk of cheese at the farmer’s market, you’ll have to chop it up before you can start slicing.

Board Cheese Slicer Type: Freehawk 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set with Wood Stand

Freehawk 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set with Wood Stand, Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer, Cheese Knife Shaver, Spreader and Fork with Wooden Handle

If you’re slicing a decent amount of cheese, or you just don’t trust yourself with a hand-held slicer, you can try out a wooden hand crafted cheese slicer. Fair warning, it’s a much greater investment than a basic slicer but it’ll definitely be worth it if you’re a serious cheese fan.

View on Amazon

Why it’s great

  • It has a stainless steel blade, so you can slice any cheese you like, no matter how soft or hard it is. You can also adjust the thickness to your preference so whether you prefer a more delicate slice or thicker chunk, you can cut the cheese the way you like it.
  • The wooden base not only makes it premium in quality, but it also looks great if you’ve got it out on your dinner table. You can even let your party guests have some fun with slicing their own cheese.

What We Don’t Love About it

  • It’s not as portable or easy to clean as a hand slicer, but with its ease of use, you’ll probably be able to overlook that.
  • It does require a bit of investment, but trust us, you’ll love using it once you get it!

Bamboo Cheese Slicer Slicing Board

If you prefer a board slicer but you don’t want to break the bank, this one is a slightly more pocket-friendly option.

Why it’s great

This one offers pretty much most of the same benefits as the Walnut & Cherry Slicer with some small, additional benefits.

Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter & Serving Tray for Wine, Crackers, Brie and Meat. Large & Thick Wooden Server - Fancy House Warming Gift & Perfect Choice for Gourmets (Bamboo)

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What We Don’t Love About it

  • The board is made of bamboo which deteriorates faster than wood, especially if it is used frequently. This one won’t last you as long as the Walnut & Cherry or any other wooden board slicer.

Whether you opt for a handheld or a board slicer, both have many great features to offer. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try out both a handheld and board slicer to see which one works best for you.

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