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Best Apron for Men



Think only chefs and housewives wear aprons? Aprons for men are a good idea.
Think only chefs and housewives wear aprons? Aprons for men are a good idea. The Hudson Apron from Amazon.

When you think of aprons, what comes to mind?

For me, it’s a 1950s housewife. Or a maid with that tiny bib looking thing on her skirt. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

In a hurry? I like the Hudson Waxed Canvas Apron from Amazon.

An apron fit for a leading man

Little did I know, they made aprons for men. And we’re not talking about those plain aprons you get when you work at a restaurant waiting tables. Nope, we are talking full fledged, masculine aprons. Aprons that James Bond or Chuck Norris themselves would rock when they’re on the grill.

Best Aprons for GuysBest Features
1. Hudson Durable Goods – Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron Has versatile tool pockets and comfortable cross-back straps
2. Outset F240 Leather Grill Apron Durable apron comes in four different colors
3. Chef Works Unisex Memphis Bib Apron Has contrast stitching a special cell phone pocket

Tired of messing up my clothes

As much as I barbecue (and as big a mess I make when I do), I finally broke down and decided I needed to get an apron, so I don’t continue ruining my clothes. When I started researching men’s aprons, I was pleasantly surprised, and I went from dismissing the idea of wearing an apron, to not knowing which one I should choose.

I still haven’t chosen, but I have narrowed it down to a few that I like. Today we will look at the three I am debating on (maybe the fourth one too), and hopefully, by the end, I will have decided which one I like best. If not, feel free to help me choose.

Outset Leather Grill Apron

Anything leather is something I like, so off the bat this is one that I am certainly going to be interested in. The brown suede exterior of the apron provides a great amount of protection from the grill. It’ll also protect against the embers that blow off when I put the burning charcoal on the grill.

Outset F240 Leather Grill Apron, 0.25 x 26.5 x 29.75 inches, Brown Suede

Take a look at the Outset Leather Apron at Amazon.

Style to spare

But more than that, it gives a rugged look to the apron, letting everyone know that I’m the master of this grill.

It ties around your waist and has two convenient storage pockets in the front of the apron. It also has an adjustable neck strap, so the apron doesn’t hang sloppily over your upper body. The apron hangs to about your mid thigh, but if you’re above average height, then this thing might look silly on you.

Should you buy this one?

The fact that this made of flame resistant leather and completely protects you from burning yourself by accidentally touching the grill is a major selling point. I also love how heavy duty this apron is, it will still be in use several years after purchasing it.

On the negative side. I am not sure I like that it stops above my mid thigh, but that really isn’t a dealbreaker.

Hudson Durable Goods Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Apron

Hudson Durable Goods - Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron - Black

I really like the look of this apron. All black and heavyweight, it just looks like it means business. Made from water-resistant waxed canvas that’s truly heavy duty, this apron is also reinforced with solid brass rivets and double stitching on the pockets.

Get yourself a Hudson Apron from Amazon.

Comfort straps

I like that the neck straps cross behind your back instead of hanging the apron from a loop around the back of your neck. True, it’s only an apron and not that heavy, but after a full afternoon of wearing it at the grill, that strap will start to dig and weigh on me.

Pockets everywhere

When I cook or grill, it’s all about timing. I like having easy access to things like my tongs, a meat thermometer, a towel or two and my timer (phone). With the extra big front tool pockets and the phone pocket on the chest, this one is going to keep you organized.

Should you get this one?

I think this is one of the coolest aprons I have seen in a while. Simple, heavy duty, and ready to work. I like the pockets and the cross strap and the fact that it’s waxed canvas means little spills around the grill won’t get through to your clothes.

Chef Works Memphis Bib Apron

This is a denim apron that goes for fashion. It has a denim look, made from 100% cotton with adjustable neck buckle, tape ties, and some topstitching that all add to the look of the apron. Its crisscross ties let you form fit the apron to your body, and who doesn’t want to look good at the grill.

Chef Works Unisex Memphis Bib Apron, Indigo Blue, One Size

Here’s the Chef Works apron at Amazon.

It has two utility pockets on the upper chest, both of which can comfortably fit a phone. The fabric of the apron is thick enough to keep any mess you make from bleeding through it and staining your clothes (a major plus for me).

Should you get this one?

This is probably more for the guy who wants to look good and keep his clothes clean as he grills. It’s got a little bit of functionality, but no where near that of the Hudson apron.

Wrap – Up

If you like to cook, barbecue, or do any number of hobbies that can get messy, an apron is something you should look into. I think it is important to note that, these aprons are not necessarily chef aprons. In fact, the only one that is strictly for cooking would be the leather grilling apron. But I’ve found throughout my kitchen and grill career, appropriating things not strictly designed for making food is often a good move.

My pick here is definitely the Hudson Waxed Canvas Apron. In the kitchen or behind the grill I think it will keep you comfortable, thanks to the cross straps and organized with the big pockets.

Here’s something to put in that pocket.
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