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Best Coffee Thermos for Work

Start your day right, without breaking the bank!
Start your day right, without breaking the bank!

Drinking coffee at work is a little like drinking alcohol at a bar—everyone does it and everyone knows exactly why they do.

In a hurry? My favorite is the Thermos King, a 40 ouncer! Check it out at Amazon. They have smaller sizes, too.

Some will say it’s for the robust, complex flavor, and some are a little more honest and admit the caffeine helps to sharpen them up for the day. Plus, it’s nice to have a little chit-chat over a latte before you have to head to your desk.

The “latte factor”

Coffee is a given for most of us, but let’s do some math. If you purchase an average price coffee from one of the many coffee shop franchises—or from your “little local”—on the way to work, whether it be a shot of espresso or a double nonfat-mocha-choco-vanilla-honey whatever, and then another at lunch, you might be spending between $7-10 a day. Multiply that by fifty weeks (assuming you get two weeks off), and you are looking at upwards of $1,750 a year. Just on coffee! You better hope you don’t smoke, too.

This is the infamous “latte factor” you heard about in economics class. The cost of your daily coffee, over time, really starts to add up.

So, why not just make your own coffee and bring it with you? The time it takes to use a simple French press or fill up your coffee maker—you have one somewhere, just clean it up—is negligible compared to showering and getting ready for work. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of opening a thermos of that rare coffee you found over the weekend and letting the exotic flavor waft around the office knowing, while your coworkers can smell it, only you can taste it.

What thermos flasks do

This simple bottle can save you tons of money.
This simple bottle can save you tons of money.

Dewar flasks (“Thermos” is actually a brand name) use a vacuum between the inner and outer shell to keep whatever is put inside—be it coffee, soup, or iced drinks—at the same temperature for a prolonged period of time. Glass was popular in the past, but its tendency to shatter has largely made it obsolete in the vacuum flask market. Stainless steel not only has the ability to retain a very low pressure vacuum (which reduces the conduction of heat), but also has the inherent strength and durability to keep your coffee toasty hot for many years to come.

Let’s look at a few options.

Sigg Classic Thermo 0.3-Liter Water Bottle with Tea Filter, White

Sigg made its name as a high quality manufacturer of water and fuel bottles in the camping world, so it’s of no surprise that their Sigg Thermo Classic brings the same level of simple, strong, and practical workmanship to their flasks. In its price range, there are few flasks that can match Sigg’s sleek styling and the promise of many years of use. If their products can store kerosene on Mt. Everest, I think they can keep your coffee hot all day!

See the Sigg Thermo Classic at Amazon

If you don’t want to look like you’re heading to a picnic, or you’re just generally a fabulous artsy type, Cath Kidston makes some truly beautiful thermos flasks that are as unique as you are. They may not have the same heat retention as some of the other models listed here, but they sure are pretty! Eh, who wants to burn their tongue when they are trying to look all cute anyway?

Starbucks 2019 Brushed Stainless Steel Tumbler 24 oz

The Starbucks Thermal Tumbler has to get a mention—this is coffee we are talking about after all. Although this stylish little number may not be a thermos flask in the strictest sense, its stainless steel vacuum construction qualify it for our list. Its affordability, good looks, and great performance when it comes to keeping your coffee hot on the way to work, means that this “on the go” product is one of the best in its class.

See the Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler at Amazon

The best coffee thermos

Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle, Midnight Blue

The Thermos King is the one you really want. If your brand name is synonymous with the product itself, I suppose it’s acceptable to call your flagship model “The King.” First trademarked over a hundred years ago in Germany, Thermos still leading the way—both in performance and in value for the money. It is hard to look past a Thermos when you are hunting for a good vacuum flask. This almost unbreakable classic will hold a liter of steaming hot coffee, and keep it that way for at least twenty-four hours. With a handy handle, a range of fun colors, and a decent price tag, you can hardly go wrong with the Thermos King for your coffee at work.

See the Thermos Stainless King 40oz Bottle at Amazon

Sip your way to happiness

Is this not enough to get your caffeine fix? See my other coffee cup reviews to learn about the best coffee thermos for hunting and great coffee cups that keep your drink HOT.

Instead of taking a cup of coffee to work, why not brew it right in the office with the best single cup coffee maker?

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Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Sam H. and Rafa L.

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