Best Field Knife Sharpener: Work Sharp WSKTS-KT

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As many US companies are resorting, in ever-increasing numbers, to outsourcing their manufacturing projects overseas, Work Sharp (aka Darex, LLC) is still is proud to be an American owned and operated company.

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For more than 30 years, Darex has been building premium sharpening tools right here in the USA, selling more than 3 million units since 1973!

Work Sharp is a branch of Darex, with Drill Doctor being another quality product bearing the Darex name. Scroll down to read more about the company history…

A Complete Sharpening Solution

Here is a folding knife that is a viable option as a hunting knife.

The Work Sharp WSKTS-KT Knife and Tool Sharpener Field Kit is the complete sharpening solution for both home and field use.

The power of this model provides flexible premium abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides to create the sharpest blades you’ve ever had with speed, ease and consistency.

The sharpening guides are suitable for kitchen knives, keeping knives at a consistent 20 degrees and outdoor knives (hunting knives, pocket knives, fillet knives, etc.), set for sharpening at a 25-degree angle. The system didn’t forget scissors and serrated knives as it takes care of their needs as well.

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This versatile tool can also be used for many other tasks such as sharpening garden pruners, lawnmower blades, shovels and countless other bladed shop and garden tools.

Use from your car or truck

The power unit can be used in the field from a truck, car, RV or ATV with the use of a 12 volt power inverter (not included). Darex/Work Sharp seems to have remembered everything when they designed this premium unit!

The unit’s retractable honing rod fine-tunes knives or a imparts quick touch up if a full-on sharpening isn’t required. A handy nylon storage bag provides storage and portability for your sharpening supplies.

This tool, like all of Work Sharp/Darex’s products, is assembled and quality tested in Ashland, Oregon and has a 1 year warranty. It also includes a detailed User’s Guide and Instructional DVD.

The Work Sharp WSKTS-KT Kit has what Amazon customers hearts with most customers being more than happy with their sharpener.  CLICK HERE to Check out reviews from REAL OWNERS at Amazon.

Work Sharp WSKTS-KT Kit is a great choice for most any of your blade sharpening needs whether you need to sharpen your kitchen knives, survival knives, or hunting knives.  This versatile tool can also be used for many other tasks.

Please take a few moments to review the video below by the good people at tools in action.

You will be able to see the Work Sharp WSKTS-KT in action!

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