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Landmann Bravo (591320)

Landmann Bravo Premium Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker Box

Introduction to this Stick Burner

Learning how to smoke your favorite food is not always easy to do. It requires a little technique and skill in order for you to learn how to make it turn out just right.

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One of the skills that you need to learn is putting just the right amount of spice or seasoning to bring out the flavor. You need to make sure that your smoked meat will not only satisfy your taste, but also the taste of your friends and family members.

(Here is an overview to charcoal grilling if you are looking for more information.)

Aside from the right type and amount of seasoning, you also need to ensure sure that the meat is cooked at the proper temperature and for the appropriate length of time. Proper tenderness and texture is a must, especially when serving a meal to a large group or for a social gathering.

This process can be done by setting the right temperature and cook time for your smoked food. The right temperature setting will depend on the type of food you are cooking and usually it will require you to set higher temperature for meat than is needed for fish.

Choosing the right brand of smoker will play an important role in the quality of your food and your overall cooking and eating experience. It will be easier for you to learn the proper cooking process if your smoker is easy to use and offers quality features like a good smoker should.

There are many different types of smokers offered on the market, so you will have to consider some important things before making your final choice. Some grilling professionals advise the novice cook to use a charcoal smoker, as the process involves a little more of a personal touch as opposed to digital smokers. As a beginner, it is sometimes helpful to learn with a charcoal model smoker to perfect all of the techniques that are needed to become an expert.

Preparing your smoked food requires some extra effort to learn, but it can be a lot of fun if you are interested in becoming good at it. To give you an idea of what to look for in a good smoker, below is a review of a charcoal offset smoker, the Landmann Bravo Premium.

Product Review

Detail of Construction

This Landmann smoker has a total weight of 128 lbs. and dimension of 70.3 X 26 X 46 Inches. The primary color of this cooking device is black and it has a strong traditional appearance.

This cooking device is constructed of heavy-duty steel and iron materials. It is made with heavy duty locking caster wheels for easier movement and reliable positioning. The cooking grates are constructed of porcelain-coated cast iron.

This smoker includes many features that will help you cook your favorite smoked foods and achieve amazing results. It has two large charcoal panels, which enable you to easily add charcoal and wood chips while in the process of smoking. It also includes dual charcoal pans, which can be adjusted in multiple positions by using a crank handle. For optimum temperature control, the device has a temperature gauge, built-in thermometer and adjustable side vents.

Aside from the features that can help you cook, this device also includes some features which are intended to assist with easy clean up and storage. It has a large side table and storage cabinet with towel handle, where you can store all the things that you need for cooking. Its large removable ashtrays easily catch the ashes while cooking, which helps you minimize your effort in cleaning up your cooking area after you are finished. We believe that this cooking device is one of the better choices available, due to its heavy-duty construction and ease of use.


It has large cooking capacity, which can cook large quantities of food at one time. The total cooking area of this unit is 1,048 sq. inches and is divided into 3 cooking areas.

The primary cooking area is a total of 581 sq. inches; the secondary cooking area has 227 sq. inches of total cooking space, while the third cooking area measures approximately 240 sq. inches. This unit also includes a 127 sq. inch warming rack, which enables you to keep your food warm while you are cooking other items or preparing your side dishes.

Heating Elements

This cooking unit is one of the traditional models and is fueled most often with your favorite brand of charcoal. You may also use flavored wood chips and wood chunks if you want to add extra flavoring to your smoked masterpiece. Approximately 5 to 6 lbs. of charcoal is enough to fuel one long smoke or 3 lbs. of wood chips for long cooking sessions. With the various types of charcoal and wood chips and chunks available, there is an almost unlimited supply of flavoring options.

All the functions for smoking food with this unit are done manually. However, it does have some features that can help you minimize your time and effort. It has easier control and reading of the temperature, easier control of the amount of smoke and easy access to wood and charcoal trays while cooking. You will find the simplicity makes this smoker easier to control throughout the cooking process.

Cooking Details

This smoker is ideal for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversary or Christmas celebrations, as the 3 divided cooking areas allow for the simultaneous cooking of different types of food. The unit’s warming rack offers added convenience by keeping dishes warm even if they finish cooking at different times.

The unit includes a built-in thermometer for easy reading and accurate monitoring of cooking temperature. The maximum amount of temperature that can be used with the smoker is 280ºF, which is hot enough to smoke almost any type of meat or food. The desired level of temperature can easily be adjusted and controlled using the vents on the sides of the unit.

The unit is outfitted for both slow cooking and the standard grilling process, which offers a wide variety of cooking options and a fair amount of flexibility in your menu options. If you are a turkey lover, you can easily fit a whole turkey onto the cooking grates of the unit. If you are craving for pork barbecue, why not get some pork ribs or pork butt and your favorite barbecue sauce, fire up the smoker and have amazing, moist pork ready in just a few hours?

If you prefer something different, you might want to try cooking your favorite sausage recipe, a crispy chicken burger or just a simple burger with this high quality smoker.

Cleaning and Assembly Process

Manual assembly is required and because the unit is quite large it contains several parts, such as steel locking wheels, cooking grates, firebox, charcoal trays, ashtrays and storage cabinet. all the instructions are explained clearly in the product’s user manual but it will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to fully assemble the unit.

Cleaning the entire unit after cooking is made easier with the help of the large removable ashtrays. These removable ashtrays cover the entire bottom of the unit and catch all the ashes produced while cooking. All you need to do is remove the ashtrays, throw away the ashes, clean the ashtrays with soap and water, then put them back into the smoker.

As for cleaning the other areas and parts of the unit, a heavy duty cleaning brush should be used. The manufacturer of the unit did not recommend any specific brand of cleaning brush and a cleaning brush is not included in the package. However, there are many different brands of heavy duty cleaning brushes that can be purchased at a very affordable price.


Every type of smoker, whether digital or charcoal, has accessories that are available to make the cooking and cleaning process easier. Some of these accessories are intended for longer durability and the protection of your cooking device, while some accessories aim to customize the features of the unit or add extra flavors to your favorite dish. Below is some information about available accessories which will make a good fit for the Landmann smoker.

To properly clean your smoker, you must ensure that you use a heavy duty and high quality cleaning brush. We highly recommend that you use a cleaning brush that has stainless bristles, because it will last for a longer period of time and it will do a better job of cleaning. Two of the companies that produce high quality cleaning brushes are Weber’s and Char Broil. You can buy these cleaning brushes in most local stores or online websites.

One thing that can add extra richness and flavor into your favorite smoked dish is a nice, smooth fruity flavor. In order to add new flavors to your smoked delights, you should try fruity flavored wood chips and wood chunks. Weber’s and Char Broil offer some really excellent wood chips and wood chunks in different flavors like apple, cherry, pecans, hickory and mesquite.

Another accessory that you may want to purchase for your new smoker is something that can protect it from pests and other forces of nature. This means that you need to buy a high quality, heavy duty and strong smoker cover. We recommend that you choose a smoker cover that is made of heavy-duty material because those covers will last for a long time and protect your smoker better. You may want to check out the Bravo Charcoal Grill Cover or Weber’s Smoker Cover.


This product has a one year limited warranty. If your smoker has any defects or serious damage, during that one-year period, you just need to bring it to the store where you bought it and show them the receipt.

The store is required to replace the defective parts, repair minor damage or replace the entire unit if needed. You may also contact Landmann directly if you have any problems or questions regarding the unit or warranty problems. We recommend you always contact the local store or online store where you purchased the item first as they can most often help you in a satisfactory manner.


The Landmann Bravo Premium Smoker is ideal for people who love cooking large quantities of food and love that rich smoky flavor. The ease of use and durability of the unit top our list of advantages with this unit but it also offers a wide range of cooking choices. The large capacity with separate cooking racks, let you cook several types of smoked food at the same time without sacrificing on the quality of the results.

We also like that this smoker is a charcoal fueled unit. Charcoal and wood-fueled units tend to be a little more work as far as cleaning and getting the smoker prepared for a cook. However, we find it gives that traditional smoker feel, taste and experience that you sometimes do not get with an electric unit. Part of the smoker experience is often times the process of preparing the food, the smoker and the entire smoking process over several hours.

We fell this smoker will give you a good value for your money and offers experienced and beginner chefs enough flexibility to cook pretty much whatever type of food you desire. The large capacity of the smoker makes it ideal if you are looking for a unit that will handle cookouts for special occasions and large social gatherings.

So get your apron on, get your charcoal and check out this Landmann smoker. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the durability, capacity and cooking quality that this smoker has to offer.