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What’s the Best Children’s Kitchen Playset



Prepare for those tea parties in a fun kitchen playset!
Prepare for those tea parties in a fun kitchen playset!

When it comes to children’s kitchen playsets, there’s a world of choice. A lot of it will come down to the child’s preference. Do they want a modern, sleek and professional looking kitchen? Are they en route to becoming the next Gordon Ramsay? Or, do they prefer a rustic kitchen, where one might bake some delicious homemade cookies with a favorite rolling pin?

These are the vital details you must consider. Let’s also remember the kitchen is not exclusively a female realm anymore. Boys are just as likely as girls to be found cooking up a beef bourguignon these days!

KidKraft Uptown Wooden Play Kitchen (Espresso)

This playset, despite being wooden, looks like the penultimate modern kitchen. It has a four-piece stove that’s perfect for the busy young chef. He can boil up some mud while simultaneously keeping an eye on the fried worms he’s picked fresh from the garden.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen – Amazon Exclusive, Multi, 43 x 18 x 41

The refrigerator, complete with ice dispenser, has a chalkboard so he can write down his weekly shopping list as he works. The two-tiered oven will allow him to roast plastic chicken and bake cookies at the same time. An oven timer ensures he leaves no margin for error! Reheat last night’s mudpies with a high-tech microwave. There’s also plenty of storage space for his elegant Angry Birds plates and cutlery.

See the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen at Amazon

This is surely one awesome kitchen for the boys. The technology involved will keep him excited and develop his culinary prowess to no end.

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KidKraft Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen (Pink)

Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink

For the little miss, there’s the KidKraft play kitchen in Pink. It’s absolutely beautiful and tastefully-designed. The sleek pink surfaces match the silver taps and lining, and compliment the purple tinted windows of the microwave and oven.

See the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink at Amazon

Slightly smaller than the boy’s model, this set only has two stoves. This saves space and keeps the kitchen ergonomically-designed. Everything is within reach of the sink basin and stove area. The baby pink refrigerator features an ice dispenser and thermometer to ensure the temperature is maintained at a consistent level. No pretend dinners will go bad in there!

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Little Stone Cozy Comfort Kitchen

This blue and white model will delight boys and girls alike. The kitchen is conveniently small and will fit into just about any room, maybe even a closet. It has a one-piece stove and grill, along with an over beneath. The small fridge holds enough space for a humble weekly grocery shop, and so this kitchen might be one for a single child, rather than a couple providing for the entire family.

CUTE STONE 93PCS Kids Kitchen Playset,Play Kitchen Toy with Realistic Lights & Sounds,Pretend Steam,Play Sink & Oven,Color Changing Play Food,Menu Board & Other Kitchen Accessories Set for Toddlers

See the Little Stone Cozy Comfort Kitchen at Amazon

Perhaps the best feature of this model is that it comes fully stocked with cutlery and utensils, from forks to spatulas. You even get a complimentary plastic iPhone, though Apple, Inc. may not have approved this specific model.

Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen

This beautifully rustic kitchen offers a stone-covered stove with tasteful wooden cupboards. Suitable for the modern, environmentally-conscious child, it also comes with a recycling drawer.

Step2 Heart Of The Home Kitchen Playset

See the Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen at Amazon

All storage units fit neatly alongside the over and above the stove, so everything is within reach. After all, convenience is key when your child is busy preparing for a dinner party or book club!

Tools for the Budding Chef

Time to serve up some grub! No, not the bug kind, Timmy!
Time to serve up some grub! No, not the bug kind, Timmy!

Each of these beautiful kitchen sets has their own merits. For you, it’s just a matter of finding out what kind of chef your child is. Is she a high entertainer, or is he simply looking for something functional for his cooking endeavors? Either way, these sets and their accompanying accessories are sure to impress future cooks everywhere!

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