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KnifeDock: Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Block Review



A great solution to storing knives and clearing up counter space…

KnifeDock offers a line of ingenious Bamboo knife storage systems that let you safely tuck away your entire collection of kitchen cutlery in a drawer, freeing up your valuable counter space.

KnifeDock products can be found at Williams-Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Container Store and Amazon.

Knifedock - In-drawer Kitchen Knife Storage - The Cork Composite Material Never Dulls Your Blades. Great Gift for Any Chef! Enables you to Easily Identify Your Knives At a Glance.

See the Knifedock Bamboo In-drawer Knife Storage at Amazon.

Today we’re going to take a look at their Bamboo in-drawer knife block as featured at Amazon.com.

Knife Block Dimensions

Measuring 15 inches in length, 6 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall, the Bamboo tray fits comfortably inside any standard kitchen drawer. The knife block weighs 1.8 pounds and can hold up to 6 knives in the slots with blades as long as 12 inches.

The tray is large enough to accommodate even chef knives and cleavers within its flexible grooves. Each knife will have its own unique edge angle.

Construction, Durability and Cleaning

Knifedock - In-drawer Kitchen Knife Storage - The Cork Composite Material Never Dulls Your Blades. Great Gift for Any Chef! Enables you to Easily Identify Your Knives At a Glance.

The KnifeDock in-drawer knife block is made out of durable Bamboo and features the unique patent pending SlabStab technology.

The flexible dividers of the knife tray are made up of layers of food safe cork and rubber composite that can adjust to accommodate most blades and increases the life of your kitchen cutlery. Because the cork is not cut to specific measurements for specific knives you are able to store a variety of knives. For example if your kitchen has 3 chef knives or 2 bread knives you won’t be struggling to find a correct sized slot, you can place them wherever you like. And it is your kitchen so shouldn’t they be where you want them to be? Yes!

Other than Bamboo, the materials used in this knife tray are sustainable and from recycled materials.

KnifeDock offers free shipping on products ordered through Amazon and a customer satisfaction guarantee. This Bamboo in-drawer knife block offers a safe and convenient alternative to storing your kitchen cutlery on the counter top.

Unlike other in-drawer knife blocks, the unique nesting of the blades in the KnifeDock’s tray dividers allow for easy visibility when choosing a blade.

Clean up is quick and easy, simply lift the block out of your drawer with the knives still nesting inside and wipe out your drawer.

Using just a damp cloth, you can wipe down your knife block to keep it tidy. Your knives rest inside the cork free of dust, bacteria and protected from dulling and nicks from other sharp blades.

What owners think

This product works well for organizing and securely storing your knives in a drawer along with keeping knives sharper longer. Be conscious of how many knives you would like to store, if you have a large quantity of knives you may need to purchase two to accommodate all of them safely. Occasionally the cork will began to piece off as the sharp knives are taken out and placed back in, but this was found to be a acceptable trade off for the benefit of the cork keeping the knives sharp and secure.

Best knife storage for RV’s and Camper trailers

Owners of RV’s, camper trailers and pop-up campers will find this knife storage system to be extremely beneficial. The block sits securely in a drawer and gives easy access to the knives while cooking and food prep is taking place. Then while the RV or camper trailer is on route to its’ next destination the knives are held firmly in place by the cork and the whole board is secure in a drawer. Keeping them not only sharp, but safe from flying around a moving RV or camper trailer.