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Chicago Cutlery Magnetic Knife Storage Strip Review



Magnetic Knife Storage

Chicago Cutlery 14-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

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Chicago Cutlery started out as a knife conditioning service for professional butchers and packing plants in the 1930s. As the market for sharp knives increased in demand, the company began manufacturing knives for the packing plants and butchers.

In 1969 Chicago Cutlery finally entered the retail market with a brand new line of cutlery. Today, they remain well known and one of the most trusted names in the cutlery business. The focus of this review is their magnetic knife storage strip.

Knife Strip Dimensions and Capacity

The magnetic knife storage strip offers a safe and convenient way to store your knives. It weighs 1 pound upon shipping and only 11.2 ounces out of the box. The knife strip measures 15 x 1 x2 inches and is long enough to store several knives.

This magnetic strip can even be used to store other metal cooking utensils such as whisks and ladles within easy reach of your stove.

Construction and Clean-Up

This knife storage strip is made from pro aluminum and features super-strong neodymium magnets. The magnetic attraction is a far safer option for storing your cutlery than helter-skelter inside a drawer and offers a more sanitary option than a knife block.

Clean up is a breeze; simply wipe the strip off with a cloth and a cleaner. There’s no worry about bacteria or debris building up on your knives or utensils.

See the Chicago Cutlery Magnetic Knife Storage Strip at Amazon.

Mounting and Warranty

With the polished wall mounts, you can mount this strip anywhere within easy reach to store all of your knives whether you’re a professional chef or cooking at home. I would recommend installing it in a high place out of the reach of small children in the home until they are aware of knife safety.

The strip comes with all the needed hardware for quick and easy installation. Chicago Cutlery offers a lifetime guarantee for their craftsmanship and will replace defective parts for the life of the product.

See the Chicago Cutlery Magnetic Knife Storage Strip at Amazon.

Amazon Reviews

Being a leader in the industry, it is not surprising that the Chicago Cutlery magnetic knife strip has an overall rating at Amazon of 4.5 out of 5. Many of the reviews by satisfied customers detail the ease of installation and use. David Hemphill raves, “. . . clever mounting system that allows full use of the entire strip length.”

Several of the reviews state that the knife storage strip did not come with installation instructions, but with all the needed materials provided and such an easy mounting process, it was self-explanatory and easily figured out.

E Chan comments about one of the magnets falling off of their product, and adds credence to the lifetime guarantee in this review, “The good thing is that I called Chicago Cutlery and they replaced it free of charge. I didn’t even have to mail the broken one back.”

D Fisher shares her innovative way of using the knife strip for other uses in the home, “however I don’t use it for knives. I use it in my sewing room to keep all my scissors at my fingertips!”