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Best Water Ionizer (without breaking the bank)



Pure healthy water. Right in your own home.
Pure healthy water. Right in your own home.

Water Ionizers are also known as “alkaline ionizers,” and they are used to bring up the pH (potential Hydrogen) levels in your tap water so that the water will be more healthy. As a bonus, your water will taste better too.

But you might be wondering:

How do water ionizers work?

If you were to purchase a water ionizer, the people would come out and hook up a machine to your tap or sink. Once you turn the water faucet on, an electrical current divides the water into its Hydrogen and its Oxygen parts. Once that happens, the ionizer kicks in and takes the rest of the remaining minerals and keeps them separate from the now purely alkaline water.

What does ionized water do?

This is said to help slow down the aging process, boost your immune system, keep you better hydrated, raise energy levels, and the benefits go on. Of course, it does taste better as well.

Unfortunately, water ionizers can cost you quite a bit of money. But today I want to discuss a couple of product that will do the job. Here are 2 that I believe are good purchases that won’t leave you with buyers remorse.

Air Water Life Aqua-ionizer Deluxe 7.0

This product just squeaks in without being too expensive, but the benefits of this one are worth the price.

Seven water options

The name is 7.0 for a pretty solid reason. It has seven different health water options that let you determine the alkaline variables that you want to use (most ionizers do not have this option). It also has platinum coated titanium, electroplate technology, energy-efficient plates, and it is a durable, long lasting product that should last you quite a few years.

Check out the Air Water Life Ionizer at Amazon.

Replaceable filter

This product has an easily replaceable active carbon water filter. It can purify more than 1585 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. Plus it will last at least a year before a replacement is necessary.


Maybe the best part of this device is that it has a self-cleaning feature. It is able to accomplish that by reversing the polarity after every individual use, and it will also wash after every 10.5 gallons.

Don't spend money on bottled alkaline water again. Get your own ionizer.
Don’t spend money on bottled alkaline water again. Get your own ionizer.

Should you purchase this ionizer?

While this is one of the more expensive units on the market, I do believe it is worth the money. Not having to worry about replacing a water filter every six months is huge. And you will certainly love the auto cleaning capability.

If you don’t mind investing, you’ll most likely be quite happy with this product. If are looking for a lower price, or don’t need all the water option settings, then you would be okay if you skipped this one.

Intel Gadgets New Alkaline Water Ionizer

This water ionizer seems to fly off the shelf rather quickly, and that is a good sign for anybody who is thinking about buying one of these. (Minus the inconvenience of having to wait for one.) This alkaline water ionizer also has seven presets that you can use to select the pH levels when pouring yourself a glass of water.

This machine has a ceramic ion membrane that is temperature-resistant and non-toxic. It also has platinum-titanium electrolysis plates (these are all made in Japan). The pH value range of the Intel Gadgets ionizer goes from 4.5 to 11.


For me, the biggest selling point here, outside of the improved water taste, is the automatic ten-second electrolysis chamber cleanse that is performed after each time you use it.

Make your coffee with alkaline water.
Here’s the best single cup coffee maker.

Should you get this water ionizer?

This one sells for a bit less than the previous one we looked at, but it is still a comparable product. Of course, with less money spent, you won’t get as many bells and whistles as the Air Water branded ionizer. But what you will get, is great value, great water, and certain satisfaction.

The item is a bit bulkier so it may be more intrusive than the other. If you aren’t pressed for space, then this will probably be a good product for you.

If you are looking for something less bulky and a little bit sleeker, then you may not like this one.

Wrap – Up

Purchasing a new water ionizer is a very big step. But if you’re finding yourself buying bottled alkaline water at the store, a home ionizer might end up saving you money.

Once you have tasted the purity of the water and felt the benefits that go along with that purity, you will find it very hard to believe that you ever enjoyed the water from your faucet or refrigerator before.

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