Best Tablecloths for Everyday Use

Protect your dining table with a beautiful, simple, everyday tablecloth.

Protect your dining table with a beautiful, simple, everyday tablecloth. The DII Tablecloth at Amazon. 

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A tablecloth is much more than a piece of fabric you put on your dining table. Think about it, we spend several hundred to thousands of dollars on our dining room tables, yet we still cover it up as though it were something we are ashamed of.

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But surely we aren’t ashamed of the way our dining table looks. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place right?

The fact that we use tablecloths on something we have invested so much money into (most likely because we loved the way it looks) lets you know that there is a deeper reason for covering it.

The dining room is the place where everybody gathers. When family comes over for the holidays, we eat at the table. When friends come over for the football games, we place our platters of wings, chips and any other finger food you can think of on it. Looking for some easy appetizer recipes? I’ve got a few for you.

Outside of your living room furniture, our dining set is the center of our homes, the hub in which we gather at to refuel. So it’s no wonder that we place so much emphasis on our dining set. And the tablecloth is a part of that.

I’ve spent countless hours looking at, gathering information, and researching some of the most popular tablecloths of today. Finally, we came up with a list of tablecloths that serve the function of protecting our investment, while still adding some much-needed flair to our homes. Want to add extra flair with a classic tea kettle for your kitchen? Find my top picks here.

So without further ado, let’s introduce our favorite everyday tablecloths.

Benson Mills Flow Heavyweight

The Benson Mills tablecloth made this list because of the wide array of vibrant colors it comes in, as well as the simple pattern it has. You can purchase this in colors like brick, chocolate, gray, ivory/gold, ruby, sage, and taupe.

It is a heavyweight cloth made of 100 percent polyester, and block all liquids from seeping onto your tabletop. Not to mention they won’t stain this cloth either.

The contemporary design makes it a wonderful accent piece for the whole year, and the vibrant colors create an aura of luxury around your dining table. Find it here at Amazon.

Pros of the Benson Mills:

  • Comes in 6 different sizes and you can purchase an additional napkin set
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Waterproof
  • Will not stain
Tablecloths come in all shapes and sizes, but sticking to the classics can be the easiest option.

Tablecloths come in all shapes and sizes, but sticking to the classics can be the easiest option.


If you’d like to add some flair to your home decorations, this tablecloth is probably going to be one that you would like to take a look at. It is very durable and looks magnificent while protecting your dining room table.

DII Square Cotton Tablecloth

A black and white tablecloth that looks similar to a picnic tablecloth, but has so much more style with the different color patterns you can get. It may not be something you put in your dining room (unless you want the chess board look), but it is great for tables in the sun room or on the patio.

DII Checkered Collection Tabletop, Tablecloth, 52x52, Black

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Pros of the DII Square:

  • It is made of 100 percent cotton and machine washable
  • Adds a nice touch of outdoor furniture
  • Can mix and match colors to make your own unique design
  • Comes in seven different sizes (one round) and has an option for napkins as well as table runners


Cotton tablecloths don’t fit every situation, but they are great for outdoor use. The DII is an excellent tablecloth in the right environments.

Lenox Laurel Leaf

The Lenox Laurel Leaf is a beautiful tablecloth that goes well with any setting. It’s made of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, giving it added durability and making it stain resistant as well as water resistant.

It has an exquisite solid woven damask texture, adding a sense of luxury along with its contemporary design. You can purchase it in 6 different colors. This collection includes the tablecloth, place mats, napkins, and a runner.

Lenox Laurel Leaf 70"x144" Oblong Tablecloth, Platinum

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Pros of the Lenox Laurel:

  • Water and stain resistant
  • Beautiful texture
  • Includes the tablecloth, placemats, napkins, and a table runner
  • Several different color options


The Lenox Laurel looks luxurious without setting you back the amount of money luxury items tend to do. We love the size and color options available, and the fact that you don’t have to purchase everything separately is a huge plus. 

Leevan Vinyl Square Table Cover

Perhaps my favorite on this list, the Leevan tablecloth has a gorgeous finish and fits right in with the rest of your home decorations. There are 5 different styles and colors to chose from with 5 different sizes that you can get.

It is made of 100 percent PVC grade A vinyl making it unbelievably durable. Liquid will not penetrate or stain this tablecloth, and it is even resistant to oil.

LEEVAN Heavy Weight Vinyl Rectangle Table Cover Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth Oil-proof/Waterproof Stain-resistant- 54 x 54 Inch(Stylish Plaid)

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Pros of the Leevan:

  • 100 percent PVC vinyl
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Resistant to oil
  • Different color options to fit your style preferences
  • Machine washable


If you have kids, who can’t help but spill every beverage they get their hands on, then this is a perfect tablecloth for you. 

Wrap – Up

Considering the investment we make in our dining room furniture, it’s not surprising that we choose to protect it. But if you aren’t getting a quality tablecloth, all you are really doing is covering up the beautiful craftsmanship. What you need is a quality tablecloth, that can be used on an everyday basis, and will protect your dining set from whatever your guests and children can throw at it. Further protect all of your table surfaces with a nice set of coasters, too.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: S Demmer and Quinn D.

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