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What is the Best Pizza Stone for Kamado Grills



Pizza stones are very impressive features in their own right. They’re often beautifully crafted, drawing attention from friends, not to mention they make super delicious pizza.

Traditionally, pizza stones are used in big, old-timey, clay pizza ovens… but let’s be honest. Ain’t nobody got time (or enough clay) to build a giant pizza oven.

For a more convenient, economical alternative, allow me to introduce the Kamado grill! Kamado grills are perfect for cooking many different types of foods, including, but not limited to, pizza.

And the best way to make pizza on a Kamado Grill is using – you guessed it! – a pizza stone. They work on the same principle as a traditional clay pizza oven, so you get the same rich flavor and crisp crust (say that five times fast) texture in less than half the time it takes to let huge amounts of clay dry or travel to Italy.

Kamado grill
Kamado grill

Why Kamado?

First and foremost, Kamado is the best of the best. The inventors would buy the “best ceramic grill” on the market, only to notice cracks (literally and metaphorically) in its appearance, as well as performance. They soon became frustrated and designed their own, pulling out all the stops. Most importantly for pizza, Kamado grills feature easy-to-use temperature controls for even the most novice of grillers. While you can cook pizzas directly on the grate, a pizza stone will allow for more controlled cooking and ultimately a superior end product.

Pizza Stones

There are many types of pizza stones that will do the job. The simplest form, a terracotta garden tile, will suffice, but be wary. They do have a dangerous habit of cracking and even exploding when subjected to rapid changes in temperature. You can also check out clay, cast iron, and steel pizza stones. Each has their own set of pros and cons, ranging in price, durability, and techniques for use, so it’s best to do a little research to get the one that works for your needs.

Here is the Primo 340 Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking Stone, one of my favorites:

Primo 340 Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking Stone for Primo Oval Junior Grill

It looks like no other – see it at Amazon.

Pizza stones work great in the oven too! Here’s my guide on how to use one.

Baker’s Stones

These stones do need to be heated for an hour or so before use. The advantage of this is that you can have more control over your pizza’s crust. Forty-five minutes in a hot oven prior to cooking will give a nice, rustic, slightly charred base. Fifteen minutes will give a softer, chewier crust. Due to their size and weight, baker’s stones are extremely durable and have a very consistent surface temperature. This, however, makes them quite heavy, and may not be best for smaller Kamado grills.

Grilling on a pizza stone = perfect pizza every time.
Grilling on a pizza stone = perfect pizza every time.

Practice makes perfect

Like most adventures in cooking, your pizza may not come out perfect the first time. It’s well worth experimenting with cooking times, temperatures, maybe even brands and materials, before expecting a great result. With Kamado grills, this process is a pleasure. The ceramic dome allows for a consistent temperature which is comparable to any wood-fired pizza oven. Whether you make your own dough (you really should, it’s fun and easy) pick up some from your local supermarket, the time spent grilling a pizza is time well spent.

Some of the options

Primo is a well-respected company that makes a “no-frills” quality pizza stone, which works very well with most Kamado grills. They are a little pricey, but the solid construction should ensure many years of hassle-free use. Why not compliment a quality grill with quality products?

Aura Outdoor Products makes a more affordable stone, but they do need to be heated gradually. Some reviews do mention these cracking, but that may be due to improper use. It’s the most affordable one that’s built for kamados.

Aura Outdoor Products Pizza Stone

See it at Amazon.

Big Green Egg, a company that also prides itself on quality products, has a wonderful pizza stone. Their product is designed for grills like the Kamado, and I highly recommend it.

Which one is best for you

The Ultimate Pizza Stone for Oven & Grill. 16 inch Round Baking Stone with Exclusive ThermaShock Protection & Core Convection Tech for the Perfect Crispy Crust on Pizzas & Bread. No-Spill Stopper

I highly recommend the 16″ Round Cordierite Pizza Stone. See the stone at Amazon.

In my opinion, it is the best on the market, and smart to invest in a high-quality pizza stone when you have already invested in a grill with comparable value.

But do what is best for you! Everyone has different taste, especially when it comes to pizza. There are a variety of pizza stones to choose from, so take your time in making your personal pizza perfect (lol, now say that five times fast)!

Check out my guide on using your pizza stone pan to whip up the perfect pizza.

If you have another style of charcoal grill, check out this post for recommendations on which pizza stone to use.